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Human trafficking victims may be able to recover if provided with appropriate social, medical, and mental health services from individuals and organizations experienced in human trafficking issues. Many human trafficking victims suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and co-morbid conditions such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. They may likewise suffer from physical illnesses and injuries that require medical attention.

Victims may have significant difficulty navigating what resources are available to them due to problems of social stigma, having a criminal record, as well as immigration issues.Many experts believe that it is essential for human trafficking victims to have access to specialized services that focus on their specific history and needs.

Vulnerable groups of people, including the poor, ethnic minorities, and children, can be primary targets for those engaged in human trafficking. These victims may be sold into slavery. Some human trafficking victims are both sexually and financially exploited.

As human trafficking can be hard to detect, the plight of many victims may be ignored, as they are perceived even by law enforcement and government agencies as criminals or as undocumented immigrants who are unworthy of aid.

Even native citizens who are victims of human trafficking may not get the help they need if the social services in their area lack the expertise or the funds to address their situation.

When working with human trafficking victims, it is important to acknowledge their specific needs. Teenage girls, for example, who are trafficked as prostitutes after running away from home may be reluctant to get help for fear of being returned to an unpleasant family situation.

These girls will need some form of residential care, which can be difficult to find outside of standard group homes, foster homes, or juvenile prisons.


In some areas, however, residential treatment facilities for human trafficking victims exist, providing a safe shelter for victims in recovery.

Depending on the length of the victim’s exploitation, counseling or psychotherapy can be very useful in not only processing the experience but also in addressing ongoing mental health issues.

For some human trafficking victims, vocational training may be an important part of their recovery, as it can help them to earn a living in a dignified and safe way. As such, a comprehensive approach is key in both facilitating recovery and stopping trafficking through discouraging trafficking victims from returning to their exploiters.

If we can educate that any violence against women is unacceptable, then the Human Trafficking forces in our world will lose their clients.

WHY a man would want to ‘TAKE’ intimacy of this nature from a woman and not enjoy the gift of love, is the SICK part of all of this problem.

These men that steal sex, innocence and the like perhaps have no idea as to how sick they are.

We/they are not animals … when these men realize that they are human beings?

One approach that has not been publicized is the care, rehabilitation and training of these men that are just so ignorant to their own behavior, they may truly have no comprehension that the Act of Rape, Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking is wrong.

  • Is there any campaign on this planet to ‘educate’ men?
  • Is there any hope that the majority of these ‘self loathing men’ have hope for rehabilitation?
  • This is a CRIME that is happening ‘everywhere’ on this planet…these men are YOUR brothers, fathers, nephews, sons, …. has that ever crossed you mind?
  • Where does such spiritual dis-ease come from?
  • Why is this such a growing exercise in our world?
  • Where does this behavior stem from?
  • Who is doing the research on the WHY and not on the WHAT? 

The source of this pandemic social behavior must be researched and cured; as until a cause is found, the effect will never change.  There is no human decency in ‘armed theft’, regardless of what is being stolen. Stealing sexual favors from a child, or a helpless NON – WILLING woman under the threat of death, is ‘armed robbery’; and that in itself is a CRIME in any country.

Email our CONTACT PAGE, if you are a victim to this CRIME, you are afraid and feel like you have nowhere to go.

* In some countries, ‘theft’ is still punishable by serious sentences, including death.

I.E. “Crime subject to the death sentence included murder, apostasy from Islam, adultery, drug smuggling, and sabotage. Under certain conditions, rape and armed robbery could also lead to execution.

Executions could be carried out by beheading, firing squad, or stoning of the convicted person in a drugged state. All seventeen executions carried out in 1990 were by beheading. “



If you suspect someone has been trafficked, call the Department of Health and Human Services -sponsored, toll-free, 24 hour

NATIONAL HOTLINE: +1-888-3737-888


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