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In Less Than One Week the World will RISE!

EVE obr-globeWe are less than five weeks away from ONE BILLION RISING on 14 February 2013!

As we dance upon the path to ONE BILLION RISING, our email boxes are full of amazing stories, beautiful photos and messages of solidarity to RISE.

Facebook is on fire with reasons to rise, and twitter is abuzz with thousands of tweets from South Africa to India.

If you have not signed up to start a RISING in your community, or have not joined an existing RISING, then please do so today!

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At 182, we are just 14 countries away from having One Billion Rising events in every country on the planet on 14 February 2013.

SEE our event map >

Here’s a sampling of ONE BILLION RISING activities happening around the world now and on 14 February:

EVE obr-taiwanActivist Janelle Chung is currently cycling around Taiwan to get people dancing for One Billion Rising and to raise money for Garden of Hope women’s shelters, call centers, counseling programs & advocacy campaigns in Taiwan, the U.S., Cambodia, and South Africa!

ONE BILLION RISING Amsterdam activists tailored the One Billion Rising short film to make a Netherlands TV spot!

Check it out here >

Singer Maya Azucena released a “behind the scenes” video for her new ONE BILLION RISING song and music video set to be released next week!

Take a sneak peak here >

EVEobrhp-ssOn 14 February, Australian Aboriginal Women in Urban Society will be hosting an event titled “Rites of Passage to a Violent Free Life.” The Event will be held at National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, Redfern Sydney.

The European Women’s Lobby is rising on 14 February with its European and Belgian members and will be holding a Flashmob in the heart of the City center of Bruxelles!

20,000 women in Norwich, UK (roughly 1 in 3 of the female population) will be conducting a mass dance to BREAK THE CHAIN in the city center. Check out their site!

So now that you are inspired, how will you be rising? We want to hear from you!

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Submit an ‘I Am Rising…” Video or a photo documenting your campaign activities!

EVE 2013

NEW Eve Commentary in The Guardian: “The Delhi rape, Savile, Ohio – the violence will no longer be tolerated”

Check out this new piece written by Eve for The Guardian about the extreme acts of violence being committed around the world today, and the RISING that is happening to end it:

There seems to be two types of risings on the planet right now. One is a sexual violence typhoon that is impacting most countries in the world. It’s been happening forever but, like climate change, it’s suddenly impossible to ignore. I first noticed more ominous waves during the US elections, the extreme and ignorant anti-women policies perpetrated by the Republicans. Then, like climate storms, floods and fires, specific extreme manifestations began to gain attention. A group of boys allegedly raping a girl in Steubenville, Ohio; a 14-year-old girl shot in the head for insisting girls have the right to learn in Pakistan; the gang rape and murder of a girl on a bus in Delhi; and in Britain the revelations that Jimmy Savile was able to abuse hundreds of girls over six decades, while British institutions from the BBC to Broadmoor turned a blind eye.

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