A difference of opinion has clouded your thoughts, Shirlee Hall


Strife Be Gone….!



A difference of opinion has clouded your thoughts …

Humanity is suffering from a severe spiritual identity crisis.

I decided long ago that seekers need more than listening to lectures; they need firsthand experiences with the Divine. This is my intention.

Advanced Classes, Workshops, books, CD’s and DVD’s that are proven as purifying, awakening and healing energy tools that consciously support student’s realizing the truth of who they really are.

Once the light switch is turned on, the next step is how to apply a deeper reality into a world or collective consciousness that has not ‘caught’ up to the higher understanding lived through rare individuals here and there scattered across the globe in time and space.

Many people are good but they are still not fully aware or accepting the individual spirit identity as light/intelligence/God living as them in individualized form. The teachings are from firsthand experience and are nothing new. There is nothing new. It only feels that way if we are just now remembering what our souls have temporary forgotten. The journey is about realization, application and BEing. It is an amazing journey~

My role as a time proven healer of body, mind and soul is to suggest proven guidance to seekers who are ready for an authentic and lasting experience with the inner loving Presence and the Supreme Designer of Life.

You are far grander than you let on. You are far grander than what you currently accept as your reality. As a natural born healer, I know that we must make a persistent effort to wipe away all falsity.

Our Success infuses the Soul-mind with the fresh air of Spirit-Light.

I have had the great privilege of helping people through spiritual healing and a powerful heart connection all my adult life. Knowing who we are and the amazing possibilities available to us is an ongoing journey of passion, love, and science. I am convinced that anything is possible. If we remain steadfast in our dream, it will materialize. The Good is waiting to bless us.

I believe in our inherent love, beauty and light. As a successful healer and the wisdom gained, the science of transformation is shared through writing, meditation, music, spiritual healing and energy healing, sacred breath workshops and specialty classes.

Many of the acts in the visible world are outrageous. Simultaneously, there is a radiant beauty, hope, love and Light behind the scenes. We are here for the purpose of raising life to a higher level of expression. To be our true Self is to be alive in the deepest meaning of the word. It is a gift. The more we gift others with what we have embraced, the less life will be a mystery.

To fall in love is to be who we really are. To be who we are is beyond mere words. It is an aliveness, an energy that heals and inspires. We are the mystery. Unveil, accept and BE and the riddle is solved.


If you visit the inner page, ‘Links of Light’, you will note a global women’s advocacy organization called “A Celebration of Women™.

I am on the advisory board.

  • Our intent is to celebrate an awakening, the awakening of our God part. As a species, we already have within a code of balance and perfection desiring to emerge.

Through social networking and all forms of media, we recognize and encourage individuals to joyfully connect through the heart center and consciously create a new design for humanity.

  • We each have a gift to give to the birth of an awakened global consciousness.

Join us as a communicator of compassion, hope and knowledge. Let us remember our inner spirit and evolve as a genuine community healing ourselves and sharing our gifts with each other.

I offer you my love,


MY OWN TREE ~ A Healing Experience:



  • If you Change your focus and look for the Common ground of Peace, you can bring Harmony into your Relationships again.
  • You know that one of the most Powerful ways you can fight for your Relationships is to be a Peacemaker?
  • Beloved Child of God, you are a Peace-lover at HeartYou are bringing unity into your relationships.
  • Focus and look for the Common Ground of Peaceyou can bring Harmony into your relationships againyou become an Earth Angel.

MY OWN TREE ~ A Healing Experience:



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