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A Spiritual Path takes you on a Journey to a deeper knowing of self and a deeper connection with universal life energy

 which is called Ki – (Japanese), Chi – (Chinese), Divine light – (Christian) and Prana – (Hindi).


This universal life energy comes from a Supreme Being or other names that are used are The Absolute – God – Allah – Krishna – Brahman – The Tao – The Universal mind – The Alpha and The Omega – The One – Higher Power. In Hebrew, the name of God can not be written or spoken.

Lighter and Happier

With this holy path you will learn to open your heart to yourself. As you do this you will learn to shed the burden of judgments and old angers you hold about yourself and others. This process will help you feel much lighter and happier.

Your Life is Important

You will understand the richness and beauty of your own life. You are part of a Sacred Dance with pure life force always flowing throughout your whole being. Your life is important – you have special gifts to give and receive in this lifetime.

Life Filled with Richness

As you find a deeper understanding, of the richness of who you are – you will relinquish your need for approval from others, and you will learn to forgive past errors. You cannot grow without taking risks and in those risks there are errors made. That is the human condition. You will become inner directed, not outer directed. This will bring a new freedom into your life.

New Joys

Understanding that you are a sacred being will help you replace rear-motivated behavior with love-motivated behavior. As you become skilled in this, it will bring new joys in your life.

Inner Wisdom

Human beings need time to be silent. You will learn to silence your mind with meditation. You can learn how to quiet your inner dialogue, be guided and learn about your own inner wisdom rather than externally imposed interpretations of what is or is not good for you.

Inner Peace

You will learn to connect to the core of your being. Your soul is that unique part of you that is connected to the Godhead with you. Every human being can develop skills to make the connection. There are skills you learn to make the connection. Meditation is one form to learn to release stress and acquire inner peace.

On a spiritual journey,

you learn that all of life is interconnected and the physical world mirrors the process of your own consciousness.


Five Keys To Healing and Wholeness

When you become ill, it is time to focus on yourself for a while.


The keys are simple to state, but they take great skill and determination to follow:

 1. Self Love – caring for yourself before you care for others…often when you do this your own expression in loving others becomes more pure.

Most of us are not trained to care for ourselves first. This means we do not care for our own personal environment. Things like eating well, getting enough rest, being careful about not being with toxic people and in toxic environments. Taking time for developing spiritually in our lives with meditation, prayer, time in nature, sacred music, and times of silence.

2. Allowing others to be who they are and you to be who you are. This means letting go of your expectations and demands as to what your relationships and life should look like. Learning to let go of others expectations and demands if the are harming you in any way.

Going with the flow” or “Letting go and letting God

are two phrases that speak well to this second step.

3. Forgiving Others FOR HOW YOU PERCEIVE THEY HAVE HARMED YOU. You can forgive the person, but not the act that harmed you. Unforgiveness holds you in bondage. It is for your own health and well-being that you forgive. This also means stopping those who are hurting you now, learning to make strong boundaries for you own protection.

4. Forgiving Yourself for any mistakes you have made. It is own human to make errors. In fact it is impossible to live life without error. We are all constantly evolving, the key is to learn from your errors.  When we look into the difficult situations of our live, we can see we had an important part in creating them. When we look deeply into our lives we see the hardest things we go through also add the most insight, compassion and wisdom to our lives. If you are caught in unforgiveness of self and others, your own energy is not fully available for you life and your healing. Forgive yourself and others in the situations and move on. Living fully in the NOW, not in the past or the future will awaken you to a sense of a new freedom in your life. The NOW moment is all we really have. The past is just a memory, the future is just a vision or a dream.

5. Gratitude – seeing what is rich and good around you and seeing the lessons in what is hard. The greatest time of growth is when things are hard. We often do not look for new ideas and new ways of being if life is good.


Mastery of these 5 Keys to Healing and Wholeness is a lifetime job.   

 Opening to the Spiritual in Your Lifeteacher:

Spirit is something that cannot be seen but can be experienced.

In the poetic words of an anonymous 

 “There is a force that is unfathomable – omnipresent – unnameable – and omniscient.”

This intelligence and loving force stands behind manifestation.


The 7 Levels You will move through to Your healing:

This is not a straight path from number one through number seven but a journey moving back and forth through the steps. Each of us must find our own way. That becomes your unique spiritual journey back to health and wholeness. 

1. Denial – The beginning of emotional, physical, mental or spiritual trauma. Denial is used to forget the experience and provide physical comfort and safety. We become numb. Energy becomes blocked and produces enough pain so we must just close down. There appears to be a direct relationship of numbing out memories and physical pain in the body so that we can survive. Therefore, it appears the first level of healing is to experience (but not yet on a conscious level) what we have buried. It is what is hidden that leave us feeling unstable, weakened and ill.  If we stay at this level it reduces the possibility for our personal growth.

2. Self Blame – The beginning of healing that may last minutes or decades. Self blame produces awareness of the issues and may evoke anger. Energy seems to be moving and is often felt in the body with high levels of intensity. The purpose of this level of healing is to have us notice the pain and to move towards self love and self acceptance and desire to find creative solutions for our lives.

3. Blaming Others – Feeling the victim, bargaining to understand why this experience is in our life. The third level of healing also produces intense pain that comes in patterns associated with the intensity of our fear of becoming a victim. The purpose of this level is to teach us clarity so that we might understand the situation clearly.

4. Indignation – Self righteousness, how dare you!  This level typically creates muscle spasms and unbalanced muscle functions. Because this level creates feeling of depression, we tend to retreat into ourselves. This provides the opportunity to allow us to move towards accepting our relationships and learning to receive and give love at a deeper level.

5. Surviving – allows us to accept the experience and understand that we have survived the event or events. Energy begins to move more freely and we feel a lessening or healing of the pain. The purpose of this experience is to allow us to develop our own personal truth.

6. Integrating the Experience –what can we learn from the experience? The sixth level permits integration of the experience into our wisdom and brings our body to a higher vibration. We feel a new openness and begin to see new possibilities to explore. Many people use this level of healing as a re-birthing of who we are and for finding the purpose for their lives.

7. Understanding the Serendipity of Life – the definition of Serendipity from The American Heritage dictionary is; “The faculty of making fortunate and unexpected discoveries by accident.”

Understanding the serendipity of life moves us from the physical realm of understanding and connects us with the Divine Mind – The Absolute – as we begin to vibrate at the higher frequencies of clear light. It is at this point that we learn how we function within the great patterns of the serendipity of life. This experience allows us to become clear about our part in the perfection of life and how we relate to others. We realize that we have become willing participants in the serendipity of life to teach ourselves and others. We see the wisdom that comes from the consequences of life. Life is perfect – it is only our own belief systems that make that untrue.

Questions to reflect upon to develop your connection to the Divine within you.

1. What gives me life?

2. What lifts us into wholeness?

3. What enhances our being?

4. What introduces us to transcendence?

5. What calls us beyond our limits?

6. What do we ultimately value?


Poet and writer – Marianne Williamson:

“As we become purer channels for God’s light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in the world.

A Miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is, but toward creating the world that could be.” 


As a Woman of our World in Recovery, Taking Action and Responsibility for Self is our Mantra and will also be the Key to the Door of Culture and Character.

Each day, take a moment to review your actions, your thoughts, and your feelings.

If a pebble of Hope could be dropped daily, take two seconds to feel the rippling effect that our world would experience. You are not, nor cannot be responsible for others; yet, being responsible for Self will create positive change in your own world that will ripple globally.




EXCERPTS, Rev. Ann Emerson.  Ann Emerson is the current director of the Sanctuary of Sophia, a peace, justice, and healing center in Mount Dora, Florida.  Ann has been in private practice for over 26 years and has directed or co-directed five different holistic growth centers in both New York and Connecticut. Her newest center is in Mount Dora, Florida.  Before she opened her private practice she spent 14 years teaching in psychiatric hospitals and maximum security prisons in several different states for both men and women.    She has taught thousands of people over her 38 year career.

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