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Life is meant to be an adventure. We have been given a truly amazing gift — the capacity to co-create with God. This is our birthright and our highest purpose for being. Yet, often our lives do not reflect this truth. Our experiences seem more hit and miss, accidental, without rhyme or reason, sometimes in control, sometimes not.

What we need is Inner Self Management, which requires:

  • Conduct a thorough self investigation so that we may know ourselves as completely as possible, including our shadow side and our addictions.
  • Free ourselves from these addictions and default responses so we are able to respond creatively, originally to every moment in life. How our life unfolds becomes our choice, not the result of subconscious conditioning.
  • Awaken to our true purpose or Essence, moving from a “me” to a “we” orientation to living. Instead of asking “what can I get out of life”, we ask “what is life asking us to become?”

When we achieve Inner Self Management, we will be free to co-create with God. We will let God show up through and as us…in a unique way in which God has never before manifested! What could be a more exciting and meaningful adventure than that?

There is a wise saying that goes:a problem well stated is a problem half solved”.

To solve a personal predicament, we must first know the exact details of the predicament we are in. To free ourselves from habitual, addictive, dysfunctional behavior patterns, we must first see these patterns clearly. What is the false belief system that operates within us, causing us to be the less than fully functional human being we wish to be?

The Enneagram personality mapping system is one place to turn for answers. Enneagram postulates that all human behavior can be grouped into nine different archetypes or personality types. These personality types were formed in our early childhood, and they become our primarily mode of operating in the world. Based on various childhood experiences, we come to believe the world is not a totally safe place and we must camouflage ourselves with a protective cover or costume to avoid being vulnerable to the verbal slings and arrows of disapproval, criticism and blame. These early survival decisions become habitual over time until, as adults, our Enneagram type is deeply embedded in our psyche and operates almost completely on auto-pilot. We actually come to believe it is who we are and that we have no choice over the matter.

Through Inner Self Management, we can learn to move from old, repetitive ways of thinking, to original and conscious responses to any outer event or circumstance. To do this requires that we move through a field of chaos and uncertainty. Because our brains have been hard wired by our current habitual thinking, we will actually experience chemical withdrawal as we give up our old, addictive ways of being. So, like any grand adventure, this spiritual adventure is not for the faint of heart. Our intention and commitment must be impeccable.

It is helpful to remember,

God does not call the qualified, God qualifies the called.”

Content, thanks to Prof. Marilyn Kent @Life of the Spirit: 


Marilyn is a teacher, educator and certified Religious Science Practitioner (RScP) and has an active private counseling practice.  She is trained to help individuals, couples and families use mediation, contemplation, reflection, deep self awareness, and affirmation to resolve conflicts and manifest heart-felt desires in their lives.

Many people choose to meet with her when faced with a specific challenge. Others work with her regularly to grow and deepen in their spiritual and psychological awareness and maturity. Sessions with Marilyn can help you understand your challenge and its possible cause, helping you understand the human condition, while at the same time, seeing the wholeness in each situation and the perfection in us all.

Based on her years of spiritual practice, teaching, tutoring, Marilyn creates a sacred space where healing can occur by knowing and revealing a spiritual Truth which is greater than any physical condition or situation. Miracles take place through affirmative prayer.

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