The Dragonfly Whisperer ~ This New Year, ‘Light a Light for Change’



This New Year Light A Light for Change

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It was inspired by A Celebration of Women, whose tireless efforts to to serve humanity has created a ripple effect of change for many people around the world.

Through this creation of our world’s first central global platform,, all women are enabled to educate themselves about their sisters on the other side of the planet, be informed about world issues affecting all women, get inspired by the positive actions happening in areas of our world they may have not even known existed; and get motivated to Take Action inside their own communities, unifying the lives of all women, recognizing ‘Equality of Women Among Women‘!

Using the song “Light A Light” by Melissa Etheridge it is our hope that in this New Year we will have a New Beginning as well It is our hope that this video ignites the Light within you to go out and do what you can to change the world.

As Mother Teresa once said,

“Never worry about numbers.

Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.”

Shine your compassion, your kindness, your service, your comfort, your love upon everyone one you encounter and you too will be part of the ripple effect of world change. Remember it is your Light that will transform the darkness, so please go out there and let it shine upon the world.


This video would not be possible without the benevolent support of A Celebration of Women™, a non-profit organization that is metamorphosing the world by creating a ripple effect of positive change. I’m grateful for their support and and ask that you please visit them at:

Respecting the privacy of those who contact me, please know all emails and other communications are completely confidential. My prayers, support, and advice are not a substitutes for psychological, or medical advice. I am a Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master, and Ordained Minister who aspires to support others on their pathway towards healing.

May You Be Blessed,

“Dragonfly Whisperer”

Be confident that the higher your flame of altruistic action burns, the more its light will suffuse your life with happiness. Those who possess an altruistic spirit are the happiest people of all.” ~The Buddha

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