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is honored to Celebrate the Life of this Woman, living in the Divine Light,

a Woman that has selflessly chosen to spend her Life helping others find the Divine in themselves via healing, sharing, writing and more.

…..definitely a Woman of Action.

Shirlee Hall is here to help Heal the Women of Our World!







Shirlee Hall



The Divine Presence is her constant companion and teacher. Realizing the inner part of us, she knows that we long for understanding and healing. To be free of all illusion, conditions and judgments and to live as our higher Self is to be consciously alive. The desire to be our beautiful and radiant Self forever, without hindrances, inspires her to help others break all bonds and misconceptions, whether physical or mental, hidden or exposed, and be fully healed forever.

Shirlee has a Mission to help others Realize the Divinity within.

Shirlee Hall lives a life that is God-Realized.


Shirlee has been a catalyst for physical, mental and spiritual renewal for thousands of people since a powerful personal healing in 1971 when her life was dramatically changed.



Personal healings led to a life of service where the Gifts of the Spirit became a daily experience. As a direct result of an extraordinary physical healing experienced as a young mother, Shirlee Hall’s life was dramatically transformed. She believed from an early age that women have a right to be free and to fully express their true identity as offspring of God.


When the gifts of the Spirit became a daily experience after her healing, Hall devoted the following twenty-five years in service to others as a healing channel, teacher, author, spiritual consultant and public speaker giving what she had received.

One momentous day, after thirty years of ministering to others, she suddenly left a day job, a successful lecture and workshop career, and an active social life, to honor and fully uncover the Spirit within.

Shirlee has returned to public life after seven years of personal discipline, intense study, contemplation, profound meditation and prayer, to help correct a major identity problem in human consciousness.

Her desire is to inspire Seekers to remember Who they are Spiritually,

and Receive directly from God.


‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

there is a field. I’ll meet you there.’ – Rumi



Rumi could write this because he understood that judgments are a human invention.


~ Yes, we are to learn from our errors so that we can grow and evolve ~



Tao- the Mother of 10,000 Things (6th Verse):

” The Spirit that never dies is called the mysterious feminine.


Although she becomes the whole universe, her immaculate purity is never lost.

Although she assumes countless forms, her true identity remains intact.

The gateway to the mysterious female is called the root of creation.

Listen to her voice, hear it echo through creation.

Without fail, she reveals her presence.

Without fail, she brings us to our own perfection.

Although it is invisible, it endures; it will never end.”


Pure and direct communion with the Holy Spirit has guided her entire life. It is the intuitive knowing process that provides the guiding authority for her work with the healing power.


In Shirlee’s own words,


I am filled with Confidence, Energy and Joy because

I know with a certainty that God is our indwelling Power.”


Through the urgings of those who have experienced her unspeakable joy and inner understanding, this new book, “Be-Embracing the Mystery”, has been written. It is a love that lights her life into a dynamic flame. She seeks to spark that same inner flame of reality within others, inspiring them to recognize their own inner power. In Hall’s latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery, she shares her spiritual experiences and knowledge, suggesting step by step how each one of us can be free and whole.


Unconditional Love is the dominating influence in her life.


Where does all this come from?


It comes from a place of inner authority and love. Shirlee has a mission to help others realize the divinity within. Her intent is to inspire others, particularly women with a low sense of self-esteem, to honor who they are and fully uncover the magnificence of the Spirit within.


“I wrote Be-Embracing the Mystery to fulfill a need in the Soul of Humanity,” says Hall.

When we connect with the Inner Spirit, we heal and receive the joy and truth, beauty and love that befit the soul. Although the message is for everyone, Hall strongly feels that women are the ‘saviors’ of the new cycle.



Women have every Capability

of being

Great Master Teachers.


Shirlee’s offerings of ancient wisdom teachings, healings of body, mind and soul, spiritual guidance and public speaking have helped countless seekers learn mastery of self and mastery of matter.


Shirlee embraces Mother Earth….





New Book: MY OWN TREE , now Available!



BE-Embracing the Mystery by Shirlee Hall

Aham Prema “I AM Divine Love.”

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