Karina Bagration-Mukhrani, blessings, ‘taking stock and setting 2013 goals’


H.S.H. Princess Karina Bagration-MoukhranskyOn the eve of the New Year would like to take stock of the work done and set new goals, to draw new plans and just dream. .

International Association of Women’s intellectual business clubs Women’s world association, founded in September 2012, in that short time, held:

  • 2 financial analytic seminars
  • 1 practice session for energy systems

– Opened 2 new club: “One True Thing” and “Club chat with wives of millionaires” in a new direction – family, which is run by Tatiana Elfimov.

As part of club meetings were held master classes:

“Revenue wife or how to make her husband a successful and rich” (Leading Tatiana Elfimova);

“Love and Money: When the possibility of harmony?” (Philosophical concept of true love and best practices in the life of the philosopher, Interview by Veronica Tathagata);

“What women want to get these millionaires?” (Live from California Interview by Juliet, founder of dating agency exclusive to men of high society Allure Connections);

“Dream Woman: I want to be like that!” (Practical advice from personal experience socialite Natalia Litogradskoy)

And that’s not all.

imageOn December 20, the next scheduled seminar on “Sacred architecture of the body” – a guest stylist image maker practicing SAT, Olga Sakevich.

Everyone is welcome to register on our website: http://womensworldassociation.jimdo.com to visit this unique class, get to know our women and about myself.

In that short time, we have joined women from many cities in the Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, America, and we dream of opening our offices in all European countries. Our mission is “to unite in order to live,” and we dream to unite their ranks better half of humanity. On the eve of the New Year, these dreams sound very inspiring. Some of our women prominent politicians and public figures, representatives of culture, science, and business.

December 24 (19:00-22:00), we decided to spend New Year’s bachelorette party in a trendy Home Cafe on Kudryashova 20A , on which we want to sum ​​up the festive atmosphere, have fun and get a good impression.

Home Cafe on Kudryashova 20AThe evening we will see a demonstration of a new Christmas collection from member associations, famous Ukrainian designer Vlada Nasik . Its luxurious dresses are designed in the classical style, very feminine and elegant. Especially for the participating associations, Vlad has prepared a gift-like dresses will be to try and get to the New Year at a special price.

A surprise bachelorette party will be a fashion show of the collection of young designer Anna Gavrilyuk, who became the winner of the Academy’s image http://academimage.com.ua.

About: New Fashion Trend “Aristocrat“, her costumes are made ​​in the bohemian style of flying silk, decorated products handmade beads and stones. Background music evening will be a special mix of Christmas songs from DJ Aynada.  As well as guests of the New Year offers entertainment, food, contests and prizes from our partners.

If you want to join us and become a partner to provide a loyalty program from your company, please contact us by e-mail: womensworldassociation@gmail.com , please call: 063 310 88 79 . 063 310 88 79

breast_chek_kit2-300x179 (1)Guest of the evening – Karina Bagration-Mukhrani, honorary president of the international non-governmental organization «Princess Carina Organization», the winner of two prestigious international awards for women («Emissary of Peace» laureate (“Women’s International Coalition for Culture of Peace, Non-Violence and Empowered Women” and “Woman of Action™” Award “(A Celebration of Women, a Global Women’s Advocacy Organization) -2012) for her contribution to the harmonious development of society through international educational projects, supporting The Breast Chek™ Kit.

During the evening will be a charity auction, which will be presented personizirovannaya bottle “Bagrationi 1882” from the collection of sparkling wines Karina.

“Bagrationi 1882″This wine was the manufacture of unique Georgian grape varieties: Aladasturi, Chinuri, Gorulev, Mtsvane Tsitska grown in vineyards, laid by Prince Bagration Mukhrani. Interestingly, in 1900 the noble drink won the Grand Prix at the Paris Exhibition of sparkling wines.

You can participate in the auction and purchase this unique champagne for the New Year: the starting price of 200 grams., funds raised from the auction will be listed for charity: Start the new year with good things!

Karina Bagration-Mukhrani prepared for the participants of the International Association of Women’s Clubs personal congratulation happy New Year 2013:

“Dear Member of the International Association of Women’s Clubs, In anticipation of Nativity sounds a lot of good words and wishes. So let they go to heaven and come back to you small and big joys. I wish that dream come true, to think – was carried out, but on the way we meet interesting people and do”.

Snowmen happy new year 2013 on a white backgroundWe invite all the participants of the International Association of Women’s Clubs, as well as guests and partners to participate in our New Year’s trendy bachelorette party.

Register online HERE.


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