Wendy Ladd says Thank You: There Come a Time

It is the day after the launch of my published poem – There Comes A Time, and I just wanted to send a thank you to each and every one of you for your support and inspiration.

Whether it was an email, phone call or text message it made a difference .

We were actually able to sell out of tickets the morning of the event so the room was full of inspiration, celebration and friendship.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of the film production. You made it very special.

This is one of my favorite lines that ties into the Greeting Card Poem “There Comes A Time”.

“Never Put Your Belief In Someone Else Ahead of the Belief You Have in Yourself.”

I know not all of you were able to attend, so I am sharing this video so you can watch it and share it with your friends if it inspires you to do so.

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