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The Power of your Creator is within you.


It doesn’t matter if you’re facing a situation that seems larger than life

or something that is a small hurdle God want to help you overcome it all!

The Age of Consciousness has dawned.


” I create reality. My reality is your reality. This is my reality and you are all my guests. You are here only because I chose you for a reason. I create my reality and everyone and everything in it.

All interaction is for the purpose of experiencing ourselves. In you I get to see a part of myself, in me you get to see a part of yourself. Relating with me is a chance for you to discover yourself and relating with you is a chance for me to discover myself. We are all mirrors for one another. Everyone and everything you see in your world is a reflection of what goes on within. This is how we experience life.

I, the Higher Self, the inner man creates reality. I disappear, I AM appears. The God entity, the Christ in me, the Holy Spirit. When you are one with the divine, it is the feeling of ultimate power. You are a co-creator with God of reality. God’s spirit and yours are one, there’s no differentiation and no separation.

The main rule of conscious creation is: “You create your own reality.” It is the only absolute rule, and what it means is that everything you have experienced in your life is your own creation, it also means that anything you wish to create in your life is never further away than your own fingertips.

Find something you think of as beautiful. It can be a flower, the sunrise, whatever fills your heart with joy just to look at it or be with it. Now, while you’re observing it, tell yourself, “I created this.” And pay attention to the feelings that come up as you say this.

Other people say things are not their fault, that they are not the cause and are not responsible for it.

Responsibility is power. Taking responsibility is taking control. When you take responsibility, you gain power. When you do not take responsibility, you are giving away your power to something or someone else.” as stated by a young believer, Enoch Tan – Creator of Mind Reality

He is Faithful, Righteous, Good, Honest

and it diminishes the negative problems you are facing.

You have all the Power of Divine Love it is unlimited allow yourself shine. He is the one who with just his voice spoke the world and universe and cosmos into being, yet he is interested in the smallest and most intimate details of Your Life!

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