Tantric Way to Mind, Body and Spirit Satisfaction, Margo Anand

Loving yourself, doesn’t mean indulging yourself in frequent solitary sexual activity or other indulgences. It means to learn to trust yourself and listen to your inner self. To trust your inner guidance that is your heart. After all, if you don’t trust the messages from your heart, then how can you trust the heart of another? ANCIENT WISDOM – DOWNLOAD

Love from another won’t make you feel whole if you feel empty inside. You will just find reasons why the person who offers you their heart, is lying or trying to deceive you. If you haven’t learned to receive love from your higher source and instead depend on others, you end up feeling possessive and jealous.

One way to open your heart to higher love that I discovered was through the magic of tantric sex. I’m a white tiger tantra practitioner and through years of practice, I have learned to cultivate and direct the subtle energy that is within me to heal my mind body and spirit. Had I not learned white tiger tantra, I would have maybe been intellectually aware of these forces within and without, but never would have I been able to feel them, nor learn to love fully.

I often say that young children naturally love themselves. They are uninhibited, guilt-free and fully accepting of who they are. It is only as they grow older that they start to develop a “personality” based on the approval or disapproval of those around them. Most people continue through life, layering on the thick, protective shield that is their ego, until they develop dis-ease of the body and mind, inevitably resulting in their death. Having forgotten how to experience bliss, the quality of their lives is greatly compromised.

As Jesus said, “Allow little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” This powerful verse has a deep meaning for me as it symbolizes our spiritual growth as adults, in which we shed our “personalities” and ego, becoming free and spontaneous like children. That is our spiritual path and the path to our highest love.

  • But how do you find this spontaneity?
  • How do you become free and learn to love?

There are several ways and many techniques that I share on this about meditation, cultivating sexual energy and white tiger tantra, all of which can help you develop a greater love for yourself and others.

  • You may wonder, how can meditation teach me to love myself?

It does so by providing clarity of mind, which can help you process your thoughts and perceptions that prevent you from experiencing your sensual self fully. As your mind begins to settle, you begin to attune to your feelings and expand your ability to experience pleasure and love.

As the mind settles, through meditation or trance, you can begin to implement ‘tantric techniques‘ that can further help you learn to love yourself. If you have forgotten how to love yourself or have consciously shut down your heart because of heartache, then you are denying yourself the divine right to experience a higher quality of life.

Tantra can help release those resistances from your heart and open you up to loving yourself and others, more deeply and more courageously than ever before.

Sometimes, I will look at people and notice a deep sexual frustration in them, especially in women.

There is a lack of sensuality, fluidity and flow in their movements. Their eyes are often dim and distant. They have an “impenetrable” aura around them, as if it has been put there to ward off emotional intruders. All of these are signals to me that this person isn’t reaching their fullest orgasmic potential.

It’s what Wilhelm Reich referred to as “Body Armoring” or “genital armoring”.

According to Steve P. of White Tiger Tantra, genital armoring is caused by past traumatic and highly emotionally charged experiences becoming lodged inside the body’s tissues. Our bodies, the muscles, the cells and organs are like data collectors, which store information.The kind of information we store and how we process that information will determine the quality of our physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual health.

In “The Art Of Sexual Ecstasy” by Margo Anand, “The male and female sex organs are as prone to armoring as the rest of the body and can function at a reduced level of sensitivity.

In fact because the sexual organs have been subjected to vigorous condemnation from childhood onward, the genital area has become a major storehouse of negative imprints, greatly reducing our capacity for sexual pleasure and preventing full enjoyment of orgasmic release.”

Most women aren’t even aware that they have genital armoring, because they do have orgasms occasionally (some more than others). I considered myself blessed that compared to many of my anorgasmic friends, I could at least have clitoral orgasms. But something always felt like it was missing. I felt incomplete, empty and often unsatisfied after sex and I didn’t know why.

After being initiated into white tiger tantra, I discovered that my ability to have full body orgasms and experience bliss depends on releasing the resistance that disallows orgasms from naturally flowing through.

For those of you who don’t know, White Tiger Tantra is a massage system that uses accupressure points to help release the tension in the muscles and tissues, that block the free flow of sexual energy. In other words, White Tiger Tantra heals genital armoring. The massage can sometimes get uncomfortable, depending on how much tension and resistance you have built up towards sex.

This could be caused by a number of things…

  • Guilty masturbation
  • Forceful male fingering
  • Sexual intercourse without sufficient foreplay
  • Rape and molestation
  • Failing to reach orgasm
  • Abortions
  • Hysterectomy
  • Etc.

Although genital armoring limits the ability to experience sexual/sensual pleasure in both men and women, it can be healed through full body massage and massage of the genital area. With White Tiger Tantra, a lot of women go through pretty intense cathartic experiences when they are releasing their “genital armor” so it’s really important to practice with someone they really love and trust.

Their partner may have to hold them and let them cry or release whatever emotions surface. It sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s truly one of the most liberating feelings in the world when you can let go of your emotional baggage in a big way.

“A small price to pay when the rewards are powerful full body orgasms and sensual bliss”.

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