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A Celebration of Women™ 

asks all the Women of our World to welcome Roxanne Williams, our newest writer, videographer and more … 

This wonderful Power of Example has joined A Celebration of Women™’s team of creative contributors, and we are delighted to have her!!  

Video with Heart ~ please enjoy and comment.

Please Welcome Roxanne with open arms and a warm, lion heart, ladies.



I Hope For A World With More Love, More Joy, And Laughter 


This video was inspired by my dear friend Dave who expressed to me his hopes for certain things to change in the world. So I made this video in the hopes of creating a type of ripple of effect. The video embodies the hope to end war, to stop the killing, to end the cycle of domestic violence. It also addresses humanity’s cruelty towards animals. The video wants to address the effect adult behavior has on our children and ultimately the future of our planet.


I’ve taken all of these serious issues and turned them into a heart-full of hope. It is my “hope” that the more people who view it, the more they will join me in the thoughts of a more loving, and more joyful future for us and especially our children. I’m asking everyone to pass this video around so that we can pass around the hope. We need it right now.

I once read...”hope is never wasted.”

So, I Hope…


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{I want to add here a special thank you to Suzan and Kris  Without your love, your support, and your dedication to helping me, this website would not have been possible.}
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