7 Year Old Foster Boy Hung Himself leaving Anti-Prozac Note

The excellent short video (below) of news programs coverage about the commonality of proscribing psychotropic medications to very young children (in Florida, over 1000 children 6 or under) clearly articulates the greed & criminality (3 billion dollar fine for Glaxo Smith Kline, Criminal and civil settlements for lying and hiding information) driving the over-medication of children in child protection systems and an overall horrifically negligent approach to children’s mental health in America.

My own experience includes a very concerned judge sharing with me the sheer volume of psychotropic meds proscribed to the children in her Hennepin County courtroom, a very large number of children in my caseload proscribed multiple psychotropics simultaneously, and the bizarre, sad, and frightening personal experiences I’ve had with children and these drugs.

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