World Pulse, Ending Violence Against Women Campaign Update

The Power of Your Stories


“While there is breath in this body I will speak the truth.”
Aoife | Ireland

It has been two weeks since we announced our Ending Violence Against Women Digital Action Campaign, and we have already received over 240 community submissions from all over the world. From a witness to the horrors of acid violence in Bangladesh, to a South African man determined to redefine masculinity and address the root causes of violence, to a journalist grappling with the concept of “professional objectivity” in the face of human devastation, these visionary voices are ushering in a more peaceful world. Join the vocal uprising against gender-based violence and submit your story today.

A reminder that the most powerful testimonies include:

1. Your personal perspective

How have you been touched by violence in your community and in your world? Whether you are a survivor of violence or a witness to the violence in your community, YOU have an important story to tell.

2. Context

  • What is the situation in your country and community?
  • Are there cultural, political, or other factors that are essential to understanding the larger problem of gender-based violence?

3. A way forward

  • What can the international community do to support women in your community?
  • What small and big steps can people take to begin changing the dialogue around violence against women?


It takes courage to speak out on an issue that is shrouded in silence, shame, and fear. Emerging from darkness to shed light on what we as a society can do to end the violence and support survivors can start a revolution. At the conclusion of our digital action campaign, we will be channeling your stories and recommendations to global decision-makers.

The world is listening …


Speak up and be heard!



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