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Her prose ROAR, is one that will absolutely make You Smile, find Your Voice, enjoy Being You and roar for the Pure Joy of being Female!





Cinda Stevens Lonsway



Cinda is a native Oregonian….

FUN in SUN, with ‘bestest’ girlfriend.



Loving her Family in }


Oregon State University


Cinda, with two degrees, one in Retail Management from Bassist College and Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Studies from Oregon State University,



she has spent the last 29 years in Sales, Marketing and Merchandising in multiple positions and companies; as well as her own. Eventually, about the ‘burst‘ in this environment…..


...She was Driven to do more.



In addition to this, the last 13 years have also been spent in Volunteer Work in her children’s school,



seven of those on Boards and in Leadership with local PTA’s, as she had married Scott Lonsway and enjoyed the gifts of birthing two Sons, Eric and Ryan.


‘ LadyBug TouchStones –

Spiritual Jewelry with Ritual’.


Following her longing to combine creativity, beauty, health, spirituality, and her desire to make a difference in people’s lives, she created:



Custom designed necklaces, bracelets, worry strands. You pick out the stone for your “power pendant”, then pick out the beads for the rest.



A ritual with a lit candle and of native herbs carries a blessing/wish/prayer having the stone represent what you need it to. It is a very special experience and makes for an incredibly special gift to a loved one in need.



CINDA cares about the Ecology of our World….



Cinda is also Secretary and Co-founder of The VillageEcosystem,


a company doing business NOT as usual.


We are a citizen led, non-profit organization focused on creating village sized GREEN communities to promote a better and healthier mainstream lifestyle for both ourselves and our planet; with the overall Goal BEING ‘taking care of our planet’, since we are all interconnected, therefore taking care of ourselves .


http://villageecosystem.org/ (still under construction)

VIDEO: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=212140793059

BOARD of DIRECTORS: http://villageecosystem.org/?page_id=109


Cinda knows and is teaching about Self Care….

Cinda, also finds time to work in the Beauty Industry working with NuSkin.

“I believe in healthy looking skin, and my hope is to help others want it as well. Skin is our largest organ, and we need to care for it like we do our heart, our lungs, etc.

I have used NuSkin products for over nine years and I can say that my skin is the healthiest it has ever been.”


…almost 30 years later…

At the end of the the day, Cinda realizes that it has been her sons Eric and Ryan Lonsway (16 and 13), who have provided her with her most important education, watching them grow…Motherhood.


LISTENING to them Wonder about the Future!



As my children have grown,

the world around them has grown more frightening…



Things daily have been happening around us as we see friends suffering because of the economy,



prices escalating for higher education,



and corporations not caring about anyone

but themselves and their profit.



And now with the devastation of our planet


and its resources



and the treatment of Women around the World,



my heart just could not function this way any longer.


‘The Awakening…Cinda has changed’


It was just so plainly and painfully obvious to me that NONE of this would be happening if people would just:

Open their Eyes First, their Hearts Second,

and their Minds LAST!

I had been feeling a rumbling under my feet for a few years, and I just thought it was mid life creeping up on me, but it didn’t go away, in fact it became stronger, more desperate.



So in a moment of quiet, I paid close attention to this rumbling and I began to listen to it.


And this is what I heard:


The Answer is in the Goddess,

the Women, the Old Ways, the Feminine, the Divine“.


I can’t tell you how this made my heart race and my body sing with such truth and understanding. The first thing I did was give myself permission to be ME, fully and completely and beautifully ME, and to recognize and welcome the Goddess within.



I can’t tell you how ‘liberating‘ this was and the ‘power‘ it sent through My System and Beyond.

And then I realized, I’m not so different,

if I can feel it, others must be able too.


So, I began to talk to other Women about this rumbling,


and many were feeling the same thing, but not knowing what or where it was coming…



I began to talk to them about the Goddess within each of them, and sometime great tears would be wept as ‘recognition of a self long lost was finally found’.



What if….

What if, We could Awaken all Women

to this Calling,

this Calling of Healing a Planet together?

Would Women respond to the need to rise up and begin to ROAR their deepest desires to heal not only themselves but others and the planet?



So I decided, I could and would no longer look outside of me for that answer, for it was going to start with me…. So I began to ROAR, my first major and now public ROAR began May of this year when I wrote “ROAR!” shared it on FB and the article went viral in under a week!



It is speaking to so many women, and men and I can feel a shift coming on, we just need to continue to ROAR and RUMBLE and Scream ENOUGH, until things finally do change and we don’t stop until they do!

…for when We – Women are

‘One with the Divine Feminine’,

there is nothing We can’t do;

especially if We work together.



@ Cinda Stevens Lonsway

It began as a whisper, of one woman leaning into the ear of another, “Do you feel it?” she asked.

Then whispered to another, “Do you feel it?” and it began to spread, this whisper, from one woman to another, to another, whispering, “Do you feel it? Do you feel it?”

The question was asked, once, then twice, then ten hundred whispers around the world; women wondering what it was they were feeling. The whispering pulsed as the need for the answer grew. ”Do you feel it?”

The rhythm became stronger, bolder, as it spread to their hearts; knowing not which was the whisper and which was the heartbeat, for the two became one. More and more women began to feel the pounding of a need, not yet understood, and the rumbling began to stir the earth under their feet.

One woman stood, planting her feet firmly to the soil, raising her voice from a whisper and shouting, “Enough!”. “Enough!”, yelled the woman standing next to her with her fists pumping the sky.

“Enough, Enough!!” shouted another and another; women holding firm in their stance, arms above their heads, “Enough!” But it wasn’t enough to stop the growing whisper, it is never enough when you are a woman, for women aren’t always heard, they are taken for granted, too much is expected, too much is asked. We give, we cry, and we shout, but it is never enough to be noticed, appreciated, worshiped.

And the rhythm continued, it did not slow down, the pounding expounded, and the hearts of the women grew more restless.

Their whispering was the beginning, their individual shouts were not enough. Then one woman clasped the hands of her sister, who clasped the hands of her mother, who clasped the hands of her friend. One solid sounding clasp after another, to another. A sound of women bonding themselves together, united with the rhythm already sounding in their souls. Hand to hand, heart to heart, and then something happened in the comfort of unity, in the safety of numbers, another moment for another sound, but it came not from one, but from the consciousness of all women.

The sound came from the women of the now – mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters.
It came from the women of the ancients.
And it came from the ultimate mother, the Mother Earth.

For the sound resonated with each and every woman, who had planted her feet into the soil to yell “Enough!”.

And the women realized the rhythm they felt was not to be stopped, the rhythm was their calling, waking them up to their time. Their time to yell, “Enough!” but not to stop the rhythm of their newly awakened hearts, but to the atrocities done to their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, their ancestors and their planet.


This understanding, this awakening, began to make their feet stomp, and in unison their voices raised, and what was once a whisper became a rumble, the rumble and grumble turned into a gentle roar. But a roar is not meant to be gentle, a roar is meant to be fierce and powerful, and it grew in tones of base and treble, lows and highs, young and old throats creating a sound not heard in centuries of battle cries lead by priestesses and queens. Until it no longer could be contained or ignored, and they roared, “N0 MORE!” “NO MOREO …!” and one by one, by tens, by thousands, they roared their loyalty to each other, to their families, to their sisters, their brothers, and to their Mother Earth.

“NO MORE!” said the Roar, “will I see myself as nothing worthy, of nothing beautiful, as less than more!”
“NO MORE!” said the Roar, “will I walk by hungry children and not feed them!”
“NO MORE!” said the Roar, “will I ignore a bruised and battered woman and not invite her into my home.”
“NO MORE! Will I send our children off to fight a war where there is no cause!”
“NO MORE! Will I tolerate the social injustice of toxic waste being thrown out where only the poor can live.”
“NO MORE, NO MORE!” the women roared, “will I stand by and watch children and women being sold into slavery, or tortured, or uneducated!”
“NO MORE, will we stand by and let our oceans, our mountains, our air, our forests, and our fields be raped of their natural beauty and riches or polluted by poison!”

The Roar grew, and the women grew stronger, and those who couldn’t hear it before began to be stirred, altered, nervous, scared; for what did this mean, these powerful women roaring, demanding, pledging to change the world and the people around them? It couldn’t be good, this roaring, right?

WRONG! For now, nothing could stop the ROAR of NO MORE. And the women swayed, and the women stomped, and the women continued to Roar. Men, good men, began to step into the circles and they too began to roar. The youth, who once thought there was no hope for their future took to the circle, clasped hands with their parents, their teachers, their friends, and in the innocence of a new adventure, joined in the harmony of millions. And the Roar of NO MORE, now one solid vibration, surrounded the world, and the earth began to rumble under their feet.

The planet began to shake, she began to quake, she shuddered and sputtered, she stretched and she pulled, she groaned and moaned, and then it happened. Never before in the history of recorded events has the world ever shifted on it axis, in one bit of final shoulder shake, Atlas turned this wonderful planet to the light. To the light of nurture, of nature, to the light of bravery, of truth, the light of change, of hope, to the light Love and Spirit, but it was to the LIGHT of WOMEN that the earth moved, to a new moon in the sky shining among the masses of committed souls around the world.

Then all fell silent…. … as parents brought their children home from the streets and from war, as books were delivered to schools and girls entered their doors, fists and threats were no longer raised, and meals were shared with families. Waste dumps were cleaned up, trees were planted, and oceans cleansed.

The power of the feminine moon shined equal in the sky to the masculine sun, and just like that, peace was formed, balance restored. For when there is peace, there is room for Spirit, and when Spirit is with women, there is nothing we can’t do… … like rock the world on its axis or feel a whisper coming on. “Do you feel it?”

If you do, and I know you do, if you are woman alive today, you do… I ask you to feel it, to unite with it, to help spread this whisper, create a stirring, and begin your ROAR of NO MORE!

Join me, please, I whisper to you now……

Cinda Stevens Lonsway
© May 2010.



ROAR!-Empowering Women to Give Voice to Their Truth, Mom and I toasting wine at the set of earth2world — with Linda Patterson and Cinda Stevens Lonsway.



FIND CINDA: cinda@villageecosystem.org


So much has happened since A Celebration of Women™ published this article of mine!!

I was asked to have my own Internet Radio/TV Show, but they wanted to own the rights to the show and the show was based on ROAR!, which the world owns now, so I couldn’t justify their contract. BUT just then, an opportunity to write for Wild Sister Magazine (on online sisterhood) came up. I contribute monthly to the magazine, and I also started a blog. Plus, a ROAR! Facebook page!!
Here are the links:
Subscribe to Wild Sister Magazine here: To visit my blog: http://roarwithcinda.blogspot.com/
ROAR Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/roarwithcinda

Come join my ROAR!!! The more voice we have, the more powerful we are! Nameste, Cinda


A Celebration of Women™

welcomes you into our , sends our


ROAR and Divine Love



Brava, Cinda!



  1. Susanne D.P. Witte says

    Love it and like to ROAR as well. thank you for doing what you been doing Cindia. looking forward to meet you in person. Susanne 🙂

  2. Cinda Lonsway says

    So much has happened since Celebration published this article of mine!!

    I was asked to have my own Internet Radio/TV Show, but they wanted to own the rights to the show and the show was based on ROAR!, which the world owns now, so I couldn’t justify their contract. BUT just then, an opportunity to write for Wild Sister Magazine (on online sisterhood) came up. I contribute monthly to the magazine, and I also started a blog. Plus, a ROAR! Facebook page!!

    Here are the links:

    Subscribe to Wild Sister Magazine here: <Click here to visit Wild Sister.
    To visit my blog: http://roarwithcinda.blogspot.com/
    ROAR Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/roarwithcinda

    Come join my ROAR!!! The more voice we have, the more powerful we are! Nameste, Cinda

  3. Please please please, follow up this article with more information.

  4. You have a great article here, truly informative. Very well written I shall be bookmarking your website and subscribing to your feed so i can always read content of this quality.

  5. Cinda,
    As all stories featured here on this incredible site, yours is one that enriches the souls and spirits of women around the World! Many blessings I send your way and wishing you continued success!

  6. Julie Wilkinson Silberberger Fisher says

    YES YES YES ….. a SCREAM is a ROAR, a PRAYER is a ROAR, Compassion, Empathy, Peace, Namaste, “I see you”, is a ROAR. Whenever two or more gather in the power of LOVE…..love spreads. ~ Keep up the good work, Cinda. I am honored that we are friends and companions on this journey.

  7. Cinda Stevens Lonsway commented :

    “Hey, ROAR is still spreading and activating women around the globe, thank you so much Catherine!!!”

  8. Carole Lamont-Moore


  9. Armaan Sadhoe commented :

    “<3 Thank you Catherine, for bringing this day in the Light of the Divine in Woman

    Today, I commemorate the last day of my mother on Earth

    So today, my Love, blessings and prayers goes to All Mothers..

    You are the Ones who hold the future of humanity in your hands,A"

  10. Thank you Angela, and all my other friends for your belief and your support in the fact that we women all need to stand and unite and gather, in our truth, our power and not settle for anything less than change!

  11. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Cinda!! Just like the “100th Monkey” , some how, we need to get this spread out to
    ENOUGH! people…and then…simultaneously, WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD! ROAR!! I Love and honor you my dear friend 🙂 Karin

  12. Angela DeMontigny commented :

    “Cinda is most definitely a woman of inspiration – I completely understand what she’s feeling 🙂

    So wonderful to see such a caring, thoughtful and powerful woman gathering and uniting the goddesses…she is absolutely right on!”

  13. mavis Nickels says

    You envelop us with your love, my Friend.

  14. Leisha Wharfield


    Cinda, I think you’d like this video:


  15. Teresa McCormick

    Inspiring indeed!


  16. Leanne Te Karu

    What an inpiration you are Cinda!

  17. Nancy Stevens

    Wonderful Cinda.

    Your right on, one small action done by multitudes can change the world.

    Our world needs inspiration like yours.

    love you Nancy

  18. Diane Gans

    Absolutely AMAZING!! Are you feeling the power grow and expand!?

    There is so much hope in your message that we can/will heal our Earth!

  19. Melissa Lee Bianchi

    You’re a Rock Star Cinda! I’m really enjoying watching your ROAR grow and be heard!

  20. Leisha Wharfield

    Beautiful, Cinda. I think you might be interested in an event the Lane County Darfur Coalition is organizing for this October, to coincide with a lecture by Sheryl WuDunn, co-author of Half the Sky. We’re looking to create an open space for raising and sharing power and resources among organizations agitating for change for women worldwide, … See Moreparticularly in Africa, which is our focus. Happily, the University of Oregon’s Center for the Study of Women in Society (where I used to work), pushed for us to include local women-centered organizations also, like WomenSpace, the Relief Nursery, Birth To Three, etc. It’s really shaping up. If you’re interested and send contact info, I can add you to our list.

  21. My intention is clear, I feel so strongly that the world needs to heal through the feminine (men and women) therefore women need to be activated into standing up and ROARing.

    If one woman can help a child, the ocean’s will begin to clean; if another woman can pick up litter, a man will stop beating his wife; if a woman can feed the hungry, the air will become clearer.

    It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we do something and that something has to be from our heart, it has to be authentic, because it is in the energy of the action that all things are affected, not just the one we touch. ROAR!! 😉

    At least this is what I believe to my core! Please consider sharing! With Gratitude, Cinda

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