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She grew past her fears and now devotes her life to the betterment of others; involving her audiences in an entertaining way that gets them all connected, she shares strategies, techniques and skills that allow people to enjoy work, eradicate fear, adapt to change, improve attitude and perceptions, transform relationships, leadership, sales, innovation, and team dynamics.





Amanda Gore

Amanda is what we refer to in the bureau business, “a guaranteed success – each and every time!” – Speakers Bureau in the USA

Amanda Gore is one of Australia’s and America’s most admired experience-creating speakers. She blends principles from ancient wisdom and new research from modern science to wake people up to what really matters — at work and home!

For as long as I can remember I have been talking!


A lifelong friend of mine used to call me motor mouth when I was in my teens!
Little did he know it was prophetic! LOL

I studied physiotherapy and psychology after school and practiced for a few years, then taught at University before a wonderful man called Ron Tacchi saw me speak at a very tiny conference and he said ‘you should be a speaker’ and I said ‘what’s a speaker’!

I had a pretty normal life, with one divorce under my belt before I was taken to the cleaners when I was 48!  The USA came to my rescue! I moved there so I could pay back my debts. And bless them for their graciousness and generosity to me. After 18 years of speaking in Australia I packed everything up and started again.

During eight wonderful years of speaking in the USA I travelled to all sorts of places – some very exotic – and others very remote; spoke to enthusiastic groups of thousands; meet generous and kind people; made new friends and found Godchildren! Not to mention a husband – an Aussie husband – Ken!

With speaking came writing and The Gospel of Joy was an extraordinary journey for me. A time of an enormous shift in my life.

My precious Mum had gone from being with me physically to being with me and helping me in the most amazing ways spiritually. I like to think that together we wrote the book (I am not a space cadet!) so I had a LOT of help! I hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed me!

It triggered a drive in me to create a global joy community – one tribe at a time. With no idea how to do it, but remaining open to any inspiration I could find, I met Sheryl Martin who became my partner in joy! I feel like I was given her as a very precious gift! It was amazing how we met. Her lovely husband Wayne heard of me or found me on the web somehow and still can’t remember how – but they had just moved from Perth to the same tiny part of Australia we had moved to – with no planning! It was as though this was all perfectly orchestrated in perfect timing for the Joy Project to come about. But more of that later in the section “meet us”!

I woke up with a blinding flash!
That the ‘opposite of fear’ is… wait for it… UNDERSTANDING!

Perhaps you are thinking, Well, DUH. But for me it was like a thunderbolt! All those times I have made judgments and rash decisions based on fear because I didn’t really understand the total picture of what was going on, or because I didn’t really understand myself and my motives or drivers.

This is where the fears come in!
We are living lives of habits and patterns ruled unconsciously by fear. Most of us go through each day barely conscious of these patterns or habits until someone (usually a close someone!) points them out to us.

I have been working on this for some years now — well, really my whole adult life. Some of my greatest lessons come from my relationship with that “special” person.

Bless those from the past and my husband now for the gifts of insight they have given me.

My goal with these blogs is to take us all (me included!) on a journey of discovery — to discover the root of all our problems in life: our deepest fears! To understand the source of them and how they influence us every moment of every day — and how they block our joy.

To date, I have discovered three core fears that I believe underpin all our habits, patterns and problems. These emerged after a year or so of thinking about what my own patterns were and why I behaved the way I did.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I have been exploring these ideas for over a year and they seem to resonate with most people.

Here they are!

  • The first big one is a blend of ”I am not good enough,” “I am not worth loving,” and/or “I am not loved.”
  • The second biggie is a fear of being unsafe in some way.
  • The third is a fear of death or separation.

Not sure if one jumps out at you immediately — it took me a while! It all started when I was in a remote-ish town in the U.S., staying with a client who had booked me to speak at a conference. She was lovely, happily married to her second husband and had her mother staying with her at the time.

I found a small black book in the kitchen and picked it up as a conversation starter. Well, it turned out to be the Al Anon bible — the handbook for people affected by alcoholics. Al Anon is closely linked to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).

It was shocking actually, because I recognized myself in so many of the passages. This client’s father had been an alcoholic and so had her first husband, so she was an expert in this area. She recommended that I read a book called Adult Children of Alcoholics, by Janet Woititz… which I did. My life changed!

Suddenly, I understood and could see many of my behavioral patterns: trying to keep everyone happy, being overly concerned about people’s moods, and trying to “fix” things were among a range of realizations.

I knew that my father had been an alcoholic, but as my parents divorced when I was 5 and I had no memory at all of any of my early years (a clue!) and only remembered a mother who adored me, I really thought I’d had a great childhood. I always believed I was unaffected by his drinking.

As it turns out, I did pick up many of those adult-children-of-alcoholics traits and had an “inner toddler” who looked at the world now as if it was the same world it was when she was 3 or 4. This inner toddler had no idea of what was really going on in her life, she just knew that Daddy was erratic and Mummy had gone away (I found that out later as well) but it must have been her fault.

Without that ability to understand the whole picture of what was going on, my inner toddler, as all toddlers do, believed she was at the center of and the cause of everything! She felt unsafe and not worthy of love.

Of course, I didn’t know any of this until I was about 50. I am 58 now. My mother has passed; I found out she had been ill and gone away for a year. I read this book and started to work on myself.

So that’s a little of my story, and I hope you continue to read my blog as I talk about the things I have learned along the way that have given me more control over my fears, life and relationships — and to flourish.

There are so many layers for us to understand in order for our “inner toddler” to feel loved and safe and connected. We have lots of material!

If you have any comments or thoughts on these thoughts, I would love to “hear” them! Do the fears I’ve talked about resonate with you?

Can you see how they might be affecting you on a daily basis?

Think defensive, protective, or controlling behaviors… are they criticisms your loved ones offer you consistently?, Zooties



Amanda Gore on FEAR



A communications and performance expert, Amanda Gore uses latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, epigenetics, and emotional intelligence, to help business leaders achieve the results they need by getting people engaged in, enthusiastic about and aligned with conference and corporate goals and vision. And by creating joyful workplaces that lead to better performance.


The January 2012 edition of The Harvard Business Review is entitled:

 “The Value of Happiness – how employee well being drives profits”.

It is the latest focus for corporations and countries worldwide – how to create flourishing workplaces.

If you want better leadership, change management, team performance, customer service, sales or bottom line, Amanda’s focus on:

• How to change people’s behaviours,
• How to create environments in which people can be the best they can be and
• How to help people believe in themselves, presented in an entertaining way that has the whole group interacting and involved will create an experience and skill base that changes the whole group dynamics of your conference and people remember for years.



For too long business has been paralysed by its over analysis of data. People are 80% emotional and 20% rational – if we want them to change we have to tell them stories that touch their hearts! Facts and figures don’t work – as Lou Gerstner found out as he turned IBM around.

Amanda will help people reconnect to what really matters – the energy and emotional layers that really drive performance, innovation,relationships, engagement and creativity in business and life. Within a few short minutes, Amanda breaks down the barriers that separate people, and from that moment forward it’s fun, invigorating, action packed ride towards self discovery and ultimately, real and lasting change.

Through funny, energizing presentations, based on decades of scientific discovery and personal experience, Amanda will both entertain, facilitate changes in behaviour and move your audience to action.

Her programs change the tone of your conference, whether by kick-starting it with laughter and connecting people by breaking down barriers, or sending your attendees off on an emotional and inspired high.

Amanda believes success in business is always about feelings – the way we feel about ourselves, something or someone determines how we behave – and whether we do business with them or not – and the way we interact.

Our perceptions determine our feelings which directly affect our behaviour. Until we change our perceptions, we won’t change our behaviour.


Amanda changes perceptions. And feelings.


 Our mission is to eradicate the matrix of fear in which we all live and replace it with a matrix of Joy!

To do this we have to firstly realise we live in a matrix of fear! And become aware of how much fear rules our lives unconsciously! Too many of us walk around oblivious to the fears that were embedded when we were little or younger; and the effect that those fears have on our behaviours and lives today. I know it took me 50 years to find out I had a fear of abandonment! DUH!

Her latest venture is to create a global joy movement!

Having written a book on JOY, she created The Joy Project,

a movement aimed at eradicating fear, so people rediscover their joy.


The Joy Spot – Part 1 – Gratitude


Author of five books and several DVD and audio training programs, she researches for 2 months every year and has a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, a major in psychology, is a master practitioner of neurolinguistics, expertise in neuroscience, ergonomics, positive psychology, group dynamics, stress management, and emotional intelligence. 


A Celebration of Women

welcomes this positive force of energy with opens are into our global Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION™,

celebrating the work that she does for our world.



Brava Amanda!



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