Pakistan Independence Day – celebrated on August 14th!


Pakistan Independence Day

Independence Day in Pakistan is a public holiday.


Independence Day Date: August 14th!


Pakistan celebrates Independence Day as a public holiday.



The Independence Day in Pakistan is celebrated as the day when they got independence from the British rule and emerged as a separate nation. This day is also dedicated to all the martyrs, who risked their life so that they live in a free nation. Their Struggle will never be forgotten and the people there pray tribute to them by celebrating Independence Day with full patriotic spirit.


CH History

Pakistan was primarily along with India.



It was only in 1906 that an All India Muslim League was formed by Aga Khan.



Thereafter, in 1930 the creation of a separate country was proposed under the leadership of Muhammad Iqbal. The commission formed to declare India as an independent nation took this proposal by the Muslin League into consideration. And finally after the discussions between Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the idea of an independent Pakistan certified.

The Muslims were late in realising that the independence according to Congress’ conception would reduce them to the status of dependency, even worse than under the British rule. Muslim leadership, after having bitter experience from the Congress and British, decided to form their own political party. Muslim League was then formed in 1906. Innumerable Muslim Leaders, Muslim newspapers, Ulema, Heads of Muslim States, Anjumans and parties like Khilafat Movement and Khaksar played a vital role within their sphere and met controversial treatment with Congress and the British. By 1930 Muslims ceased to regard themselves as minority and advocated that there .are Hindus and Muslims, two nations living in India.



Muslim League emerged as a powerful political party. Allama Iqbal rightly said in his presidential address at League’s Allahabad session in 1930 that ‘Muslim demand for the creation of Muslim India, within India, was therefore perfectly justified’. The name ‘Pakistan’ coined by Ch. Rehmat Ali at Cambridge.

Muslim League held its session at Lahore in1940 and passed the ‘Pakistan Resolution’. From 1940 to 1947 the partition of the sub-continent remained the explosive issue of Indian politics between British, Congress and the League. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Great Muslim Leader (Quaid-e-Azam) led League throughout the negotiations and got Britain and Congress agreed to the partition. Thus the British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act on July 18, 1947, and the independent state of Pakistan came into existence on 14th August, 1947.


It was in August 14, 1947 that Pakistan was declared independent.



Thereafter, this day is celebrated in Pakistan with great patriotic spirits.


CH Traditions and Activities



Independence Day in Pakistan is observed with flag hoisting, homage to the patriots, and firecrackers taking place at the capital. In the capital Islamabad, the President and the Prime minister raise the flag at the Parliamentary and Presidential Buildings then followed by a speech.



They tell about the history of independence, the movement of struggle, the path the nation has tread after independence and also highlights the goals, which they will be striving for in the near future.

Their leaders had thought to build up a bright nation and the new men-in-charge are not going to shatter their hopes. The speech asks every citizen to play his part towards the nation and never give up the patriotic spirit. To prize the nation above all is the only moral that Independence Day greatly signifies.

The celebration is also followed by chanting from the wholly Quran.



In Islamabad (Pakistan’s Capital) and in all the major cities in the country; Government offices alongside skyscrapers get lit up on this day.



There are flag hoisting ceremonies along with cultural programs that take place in every provincial capital. Nazim (Mayor) does the Flag Hoisting Ceremony in their respective cities belonging to the constituency. In most private organizations, senior officers do the Flag Hoisting Ceremony. Schools and colleges are closed on this day. They only run the school to hoist the national flag and make children aware of the importance of this day.



The flag hoisting is done by senior persons then followed by a speech making the students once again reminded of the great sacrifices made. It also refreshes memories about the turmoil undergone by our leaders so that we live in an independent state. The students salute the national flag and also perform March past as a homage. There are also cultural events held.

Independence day of Pakistan is celebrated with great enthusiasm not only in Pakistan, but it is also done with the same vigor in Beijing, China, European countrymen and many others.

Pakistan in 2010 is facing the extreme challenge of the survival of storms that equated to more flooding, human loss and suffering that both Katrina and the sumani combined.



Karachi—Commissioner Karachi and Administrator KMC Muhammad Hussain Syed has announced that the celebration of Independence Day of Pakistan will continue from August 8 to 14, 2011.

Addressing a high level meeting in his office on Thursday, he gave the details of the programmes scheduled to be held during the week long celebrations of Pakistan’s Independence, said a statement.

Various seminars, conferences, stage dramas, books and paintings exhibitions, debates and general knowledge contests will be held on this occasion with a tree plantation and greenery campaign.

The meeting was attended by Municipal Commissioner KMC Altaf G. Memon, Deputy Commissioner Central Matanat Ali Khan, DC West Ghanwer Ali Leghari, DC South Mohammad Raisi, DC Malir Qazi Jan Mohammad, DG Parks Liaquat Ali Khan, EDO E&IP Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman, EDO Community Development Rehana Saif, representatives of Pakistan Army, Rangers, KWSB, KDA,MDA, DMCs, Sports, Education, Works and Services Department and the President of Arts Council of Pakistan.

On the occasion, the Commissioner Karachi stressed the need of celebrating Independence day with a national spirit.

He said it is first time in Karachi that more than 300 poles have been erected at major thoroughfares with the national flag being hoisted on them.

He directed Works and Services Department to complete the road carpeting and cleaning work around Quaid-e-Azam’s mausoleum where national flag hoisting ceremony will be held at 9 am on Independence Day. —APP



Nawabshah — The Independence Day would be celebrated with deep fervour and national spirit on August 14, 2011. It was decided in meeting chaired by Deputy Commissioner Jamal Mustafa Syed. According to program the day would dawn with special prayers in mosques for the integrity, solidarity and development of Pakistan. The fain function of day would be held at the lawns of Deputy Commissioner Office where the National Flag would be hoisted and a smart contingent of police would present salute.

During the day fruits and food would be distributed among prisoners in district jail and to patients at hospitals. National songs and speeches contest would be held at different schools and prizes would be distributed among winners.

Meanwhile More than a 100 employees of Special Education Department Government of Sindh District Shaheed Benazir Abad were deprived of their salaries for the month of July in the absence of annual budget. It may be mentioned that following the 18th amendment, the employees of Special Education were merged with Special Education Department Sindh.

Pakistan is facing difficulties from last few years and the economic problem and electricity is big problem in Pakistan. This year Pakistan People will be celebrate 14th August 2012 with new dreams and success in every field in Pakistan.

Indeed Pakistan will solve all these problems with the passage of time!




Let us all pray for the people of Pakistan, today.



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God Bless Freedom!


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