Nothing frees up your time like being told you have to stay on bed rest for the remainder of your pregnancy, and if you don’t have enough distractions you can quickly find yourself bored out of your mind. Of course you can play your favorite games like Words with Friends or Wheel of Fortune, but after a while even those will lose their luster, and you’ll need something else to occupy your hours. Here are 10 iPhone applications that will help take up some time and answer any questions you may have regarding concerns about the baby that may pop into your head while you are lying in bed.

There’s an app for everything from saving for college to listening to the baby’s heartbeat; there are also a few others to help you get through this time a little easier, like an application to help with the grocery shopping and one for finding the best deals on baby gear.

CollegeSave This application allows you to do the calculations to determine how much per month you will need to save in order to pay for your child’s college tuition. If you start early then you will have the advantage of compounding interest and you won’t have to put as much away each month versus starting when your child is 10.

Soundhound Ever been bored and start humming a song and wish you knew what the song was? With this application you can hum a few bars and it will use its vast library of over a million tunes to identify the song. Want to come up with a bunch of lullabies for your baby? This application can help with that.

WootWatch Just because you’re stuck in bed doesn’t mean that you don’t still like to find a great deal. WootWatch keeps track of various sites and sends you an alert if a new deal has been posted so you can be the first one to capitalize on the savings.

iPregnancy Want to know what’s going on inside your body at this very moment? iPregnancy tells you how big the baby should be, what’s going on physically with the baby, keeps track of appointments and has a great baby name function to help you figure out what you are going to name your little peanut when the time comes.

ZipList You may be on bed rest, but the rest of the family still needs to eat. Don’t feel like you have to rely on your partner to handle everything with this application. Now you can look up recipes, create a grocery list, sort the items on the list by aisle in the store, and then text everything to someone else to run to the store for you. If your family runs out of anything they can scan the barcode using this application and it will automatically be added to the list.

Parenting Ages and Stages A useful application that will help answer all of your burning pregnancy and parenting questions while on bed rest. It will also be a great tool over the coming years as you raise your new bundle of joy.

Baby Time Pregnancy Contraction Timer This great application is a tool for you to keep track of your contractions and their intensity. The application will analyze the data and let you know what phase of labor you’re in. The timer will continue to work even if your phone rings and you answer a call. Other applications don’t have this feature.

Prenatal Smart Knowing what to eat and what not to eat while you are pregnant can be confusing. This application gives you foods that are healthy and will let you know which ones to avoid.

Baby Motion An especially smart application, Baby Motion allows you to tap the screen every time you feel the baby move. Thus keeping track of how many times the baby has moved in an hour. You can text or e-mail this information to your doctor or to yourself so you will have it when you go to your next appointment.

My Baby’s Beat With this application you can actually use the microphone on your iPhone to hear your baby’s heart beat and your own. You can record the heart beat and e-mail it to your family and friends. This application also lets you store numerous recordings so that you can compare the heart beat at different stages of the pregnancy. This application works best during the last trimester.

After Baby is born: BabyTimer This application allows you to keep track of the number of wet and dirty diapers your baby has each day. It also keeps track of feedings so that you can report all of this information back to your pediatrician.


Information thanks to Kaitlyn Johnson,

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