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L’Arche Tahoma Hope is a member of the International Federation of L’Arche. The first L’Arche community was begun in 1964 in Trosly-Breuil, a village north of Paris, France. It began in much the same way that L’Arche Tahoma Hope did – in response to the need for companionship of two men with disabilities. Out of this single response has grown a Federation that is made up of over 135 communities in 36 countries throughout the world.

Although each community functions autonomously, all are committed to a common mission. Individual communities take on the flavor of the culture they are immersed in, yet there is a familar feel to any L’Arche community, regardless of what language is spoken or what religion is practiced….it feels like home.

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  • You have to be willing to pour in everything you have before you can see God’s increase flowing in your life.
  • Believe in yourself, the angels emphasize the value of self-trust.
  • The angels encourage you to give God what you have in your hands today, and as you stay faithful to do your part, God will do His part. When you put action behind your faith and trust God, He will pour wisdom, strength, and creativity into you and help you accomplish the dreams and desires He has placed in your heart.
  • When you trust in God and to trust in your Higher Power, He will help you trust yourself.


The Mission of L’Arche is:

  • To make known the gifts of people
    with developmental disabilities,
    revealed through mutually transforming
  • To foster an environment in community
    that responds to the changing needs of
    our members, while being faithful to the
    core values of our founding story;
  • To engage in our diverse cultures,
    working together toward a more human

Live-In Assistant Role Description

For more information, or to request an application, please e-mail [email protected]

Accountable to: House Leader


Guided by the Mission and Charter of L’Arche, the House Assistant is part of team responsible for creating home and supporting the daily life of core members. Participating in the community’s model of Shared Leadership, the House Assistant shares with the House Leader responsibilities connected with fostering the spirituality of L’Arche and meeting requirements necessary under the Group Home license. House Assistants are full members of the community (after initial probationary period) able to build relationships within the home and in the community as a whole.

  • Quality of Experience for Core Members
  • Respect and be committed to the history of the core members.
  • Promote the personal & spiritual growth of the core member.
  • Develop caring and authentic relationship with core members and support core members desires to develop and maintain relationships with others.
  • Take responsibility for the appearance, hygiene and health of core members.
  • “Do with” core members as much as possible (as opposed to “doing for”).

Community/House Development

  • Know the Charter of L’Arche.
  • Appreciate and be committed to the history of the home, the community and L’Arche.
  • Understand and work within the structures of the home, the community and the region (this includes participating in all required meetings) .

Live by the Rules of Cooperation, to help foster cooperative living.

  • Uphold and share the vision and hope of Tahoma Hope, and to try to live out the simple lifestyle of the community.
  • Be a welcoming presence in home.
  • Foster good relationships with housemates, core members’ families, neighbors, parishioners, professionals, friends outside the community…
  • Help plan and participate in community celebrations – birthdays, community nights, holidays…-while respecting the traditions of others in your home.
  • Take ownership of the cleanliness and maintenance of your home, it’s yard and its automobile.

Personal/Spiritual Development

  • Take responsibility for own personal/spiritual development through an accompanier and/or spiritual director, counselor.
  • Be aware and self-initiating regarding spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and relational needs.
  • Pray for the household, the community, family, friends and other L’Arche communities throughout the world.

Other Responsibilities

  • Work with House Leader and Community Coordinator on completing training and paperwork needed for your Assistant File (CPR/First Aid Cards, Food Handler’s Card, Washington Drivers License, TB Test, Background Clearance, Fingerprints, AIDS Training…).
  • Assist the House Leader in ensuring that Core Members’ files and house records are current. This includes IISP documentation, activity calendars, medical documentation, log journals, medication records, face sheets, fire drills, evacuation plans.

Skills and Qualities Needed:

  • Ability and openness to listen to people – both verbal and non-verbal listening.
  • Able to complete the following trainings: Fundamentals of Caregiving, Nurse Delegation, and others as needed.
  • At least 18 years of age with a GED/High School diploma.
  • Sense of humor about life.
  • Committed to own personal and spiritual growth.



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