Are You a Prisoner to CO-DEPENDENCY?


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Are You a Prisoner to CO-DEPENDENCY?

Codependent adults bring their family-of-origin survival skills into their personal and professional relationships, where they only serve to perpetuate the all-too-familiar dramas of childhood.

Characteristics of codependency include the following:

• Difficulty identifying and communicating emotions

• Confusion with roles and rules in personal and professional relationships

• Discomfort in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries with others

• Extremes of trust and control in interactions with others

• Compulsive need for approval and affirmation

• Avoidance or pursuit of conflict

Visible symptoms of codependency may include stress-related illnesses, depression, anxiety, rigidity, and a pattern of dysfunctional relationships.

Codependency can manifest as occupational instability, and it may also produce secondary addictive and compulsive behaviors.

Effective treatment of codependency begins with the alleviation of current physical and psychological symptoms, while broadening and strengthening the support system. However, long-term remediation of codependency requires the identification of dysfunctional coping strategies that have persisted from childhood, as well as the recognition and acceptance of healthier choices. Support groups, such as Alanon, and Codependents Anonymous, are effective resources for addressing codependency, as is psychotherapy. Some excellent books on codependency are available as well, including “Codependent No More”, by Melody Beatty.


Listen to Debbie’s true story of codependency and loneliness.

There is Hope.

Get the help you need today.

Don’t let circumstances keep you from living the life you were meant to live.






This video was submitted with the permission from The Journey of Recovery DVD, Copyright 2006 by International Bible Society, All Rights reserved worldwide.


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