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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this powerhouse of example for female empowerment, offering her life to helping other women learn, as her Mother taught her: “You have to be twice as good.”

In her own words,

“I would empower women, because the empowerment of women has a powerful effect on any society, because if women are empowered in a society, it is a proxy for every positiveness going on in that society.”





Abby Osoba



1) What inspired me to start BGIA?
I have seen that a lot of women and young girls lack information, knowledge and opportunities. If these were present, most women today will use their gifts and make changes around them, they would influence positive changes and raise true role models in their homes, workplace or even in the lives of their children and families. If I could wave one wand, I would empower women, because the empowerment of women has a powerful effect on any society, because if women are empowered in a society, it is a proxy for every positiveness going on in that society.

Women’s empowerment is not just a nice thing to do, but a necessity.

2) My vision and goals for women in this generation
To help create and search for role models which other girls and women can look up to and people who take the responsibility to mentor, support and help create a healthy development for girls and women in various communities. But here’s an important warning for girls and women; “they don’t have to have mentors who look like them”.

Had I been waiting for a black, female African specialist mentor, I would still be waiting. Most of my mentors have been older black men, because they were the ones who were raised by strong women and that made them see and help create a future for women like me. Never let anybody define what you are going to be by how you look. They have no right to do it!
3) Challenges in my personal life that drove me to start BGIA
Growing up in West Africa, my mother insisted that I not think of myself as a victim because of the circumstances surrounding my birth. Her mantra was: “You have to be twice as good.” And it wasn’t said as a matter of debate; it was said as a matter of fact.

I say to my peers, many of whom come from good privileges, “you have to be twice as good” is not a bad mantra for anybody. Because if you’ve worked hard enough to believe you are twice as good, then you are not going to be thrown off course by almost anything. There have to be multiple messages.

The village is located at Elekuru, the outsketch of Moniya Oyo-state.

Our mision also discovered 50 widows in the village during our findings .30 of them are believers between the age of 50- 60 and above, while 20 of them are from other traditional religion. Most of their needs are clothing and food stuffs.Some want to start small scale business.

Over five hundred children there are denied the basic standard education. They are been taught under the mango tree. Livingstar Mission have been giving this village a monthly support by sending money to them and helping their childrens’ education

As the programme continues, the president of Living Star Mission addressed the whole villagers with his wonderful speech, prayers and words of encouragement. After the whole lot, the president explained to them about the partnership relationship with Black-Girls Ignite-Africa. More than 400 (four hundred) people were well feed with Jollof rice and Fried Turkey with Viju Milk and Bubo drinks (a kind of milkish drink made in Nigeria). The food was confirmed great and they all enjoyed it. The numbers of children were 200; women were 150, while men were 61 0r more than that.

Young women need to find mentors to recognize their talent. But [women also must] recognize that sometimes you have to take certain steps into your own hands; you can’t wait for someone to solve the battles for you.

I had made many mistakes in my life and I became open to the fact that I had made many. Then I decide what I was going to do about it. But most importantly – once I had realized my mistakes, I couldn’t dwell on them. If I spend all of my time looking back, then I will not focus on what I need to do moving forward.


As a woman leader, I empower other girls and women when they’ve made a mistake, to talk about it. If I create an environment in which people are afraid to say, ‘I’ve made a mistake here,’ then I am not a very good leader.


Come an experience a life-changing step by step approach to becoming transformed into an individual, a group and organization that inspires its community and beyond. This event will be from September 29th-30th 2012.The 2-days Fundraising Event is to raise funds for ongoing and new projects at Black Girls Ignite Africa.
To learn more about these projects, visit

The cost per participant is $250 and this offers you access to the 2-days seminar and workshop, community outreach activity, a Business Enterprise Networking Forum and the fundraising and awards dinner. The other cost available per participant is $150 and this gives access to the 2-DAYS WORKSHOP AND SEMINAR ONLY!!!

Location: Avenue Banquet
1600 Steeles Avenue West
Concord, On L4K 4M2

CONTACT: Abby Osoba
Founder & CEO Black Girls Ignite Africa
1 647 467-2195





A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this true woman of leadership into our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION™ with open arms.




Brava Abby!



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