A New Message From VERONICA – Loss of Pets


 A New Message From VERONICA


Loss of Pets

“The physical environment offers an intense participation of energy not felt anywhere else.
Often the lightness of one’s spirit becomes entangled in all of the drama, making one feel burdened and isolated.
The representation of energy in physical form has great impact upon others whether it is arriving or leaving.
The ones left behind, so to speak, feel the absence of energy and respond to it often dramatically.
Enter the animal with its unique ability to remain unconditional in the worst of circumstances.
Pets as well survive the end of physical life, move into spiritual arenas, and reincarnate.
Know that these experiences are valid and important just as those of the human nature.
A dog or a cat are different vibrations of energy participation in their own evolution.
Often they are more advanced then their human counterparts.
The same animal may reincarnate repeatedly with the same human to assist in their ascension.
One only need to look deeply into a pet’s eyes to know that this is true.
 Be assured that reconnection is in place regardless of circumstance.
You will participate again with them.
 The connection is stronger, sometimes more profound, than a human one.
Animals lack the ability to be judgemental, selfish, or unloving.
All of the drama is meaningless to them.
It is only the connection with you that is meaningful.
 They allow themselves to be tortured, abused, and rescued so that humans will get the lesson.
They will return.
Without doubt.”

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