… to BE a Friend is to HAVE a Friend!



… to BE a Friend is to HAVE a Friend!



I Have a Friend, so Patient, Kind, Forbearing
I have a friend, so patient, kind, forbearing,
Of all my friends this friend doth love me best;
Though I am weak and sinful, yet when sharing
His love and mercy I am ever blest.He is my Lord, my friend, yea, He’s my brother;
And Jesus Christ is His most blessèd name.
He loves more tenderly than any mother;
To rest in Him is more than wealth and fame.My poor and wretched soul He bought so dearly,
And freed from condemnation, death, and hell;
The old and bitter foe He crushed completely;
My soul, rejoice and sing, for all is well!Thus I’m redeemed; no more the law prevaileth,
For Christ, the Lord, is my redeemer’s name;
His precious blood more than my sins availeth;
And cleanseth me from all my guilt and shame.With hallelujahs here I’d tell the story,
My Lord to praise, to laud and magnify;
And praise His name forevermore in glory,
Before His throne with all the saints on high. 


Words: Gustaf Palmqvist, 1851, & Carl O. Rosinius, (1816-1868)

Translated from Swedish to English by John Jesperson, (1858-1943)



FRIENDSHIP is a choice,

one that each human being on this planet has the privilege to make.


The one greatest misnomer to the word ‘friend’ is that most people seem to think that friends are something the we attrack i.e. through popularity among piers, appearances, etc. This is a fallicy that is misguiding so many of our youth today. The missing ingredient in our society , especially in the teaching of our young, is that friendship is a Gift that we receive in return for our labors put forth. This awakening must come to the forefront of our child rearing techniques, for the purpose of establishing healthy self esteem, self respect and in turn, dignity and respect of others.


If you are seeking paparazzi to follow you around and cater to your every wish,

 then you need to go out and hire a staff; not go out and seek people pleasing targets that you call ‘friends’.


Once one comprehends that ‘friendship’ takes work, there will exist so many less false ‘friendships’. This will lead to a healthier life for all involved, less people will hurting from disappointments caused by misguided expectations and less people will be getting abused from lonely, controlling and ‘ignorant to the meaning of true friendship’ types.


The winning side of this coin is the Joy you’ll experince when YOU become a true friend to someone;

for YOU will be amazed as to how much ‘they’ have changed!


Take Action!  

Do the work, BE a friend; and see how much YOUR LIFE changes.


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