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A Celebration of Women


is absolutely tickled to Celebrate the Life of this Courageous and Formidable WOMAN of ACTION.


Her Calling in Life is one that could be the most important and one that all of us should Seek out and Follow….Spirituality.


This Woman has taken this facet of Life’s Grace and has managed to create a wonderful sense of playfulness and attractive intrigue through her seemingly outragious description…..SPIRITUALITY is SEXY!


WE, A Celebration of Women, welcomes this Force to be Reckoned With, with open arms!





PamelaJo McQuade

In Pamela’s Own Words shares with the Women of our World how she just up and left her career in the Corporate World to Follow her Heart and Soul to develop her Spirit, as a Believer that we are a ‘Spirit in a Body’; not a ‘Body with a Spirit’:


~Spiritually Sexy Ones~



At the prompting of my heart and soul, several years ago,

I quit a long held corporate career to follow the journey and pleadings of my soul.


Never could I have imagined back then the Beauty, Truth and Light which was about to unfold in my life.



The thought ‘Spirituality is Sexyhad been in my mind for a long time and I knew that it was to be the name of my company. However, it took me some time to come to a place of realization about what this catch phrase held as its Core Truth.



Much to my surprise, unwittingly, I realized I had opened up a Pandora’s box somewhere in all of this. Many absolutely loved the title and seemed to “get it” while others cringed at the very sound of the words.


My instincts were to forge ahead with this unique name and as my own awareness started blooming, so too did I begin understanding the Wisdom of the Words.


For starters, allow me to highlight the Mission Statement.


Spirituality is Sexy’s Mission is to…

‘Bring Spirituality into the mainstream, thus giving people the Courage to seek the Truth about their Destiny’.


Pamela is passionate that every individual has the Divine responsibility to bring healing to their body, open their mind to a Higher Consciousness, and fill their heart with loving intentions.



To do so, is to polish the diamond that lies within, and uncover the rich Spiritual Inheritance you were born with.



Her deepest desire is to help Brighten the Spark for those seeking Change,
so that Humanity may move forward collectively conscious, richly radiant and perfectly whole.



I now understand that to see the word ‘Sexy’ is to invoke an emotion within many of either deep seated fear or unbridled Joy. Couple that with Spirituality and therein lies a remedy for either a deep truth or the sound of an inner door slamming shut and locking with a deadbolt.



If you are the person that is hiding behind the locked door, I dare say open it to a new truth and set yourself free. We are in a time like no other, in that we must Empower Ourselves to Take Responsibility of all of our Personal Fears. It is time to break down the doors within until you get to the Truth that is hiding behind the Illusions. We each hold the keys to unconditional love, perfect peace and oneness with all things.



To be Spiritually Sexy,


is to be Fearlessly Free of everything that holds you back from recognizing your Divine Heritage, that you are a…. Soul living in a Physical Body.



it is our Soul Job to bring this about in our Own Lives.


The first step to unlocking the dark door to our heart is to step forth courageously in healing any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that are still holding you bound down in negativity. To continue to hide behind the mask of anger, resentment, jealousy and negativity is to abandon the truth of your own magnificence. Claim your spiritual inheritance by bringing to the surface the dangerous lava that bubbles deep in your subconscious for cleansing and releasing versus letting it fester until it erupts and causes a meltdown you were not anticipating.


Are you ready to find your Inner Beauty and Richness?


Do you desire to live your life in Freedom from Fears and Doubts?


Are you Courageous enough to look into the Eyes of your Shadows so that you may come to peace with every aspect of yourself?



My sincerest Joy is to help you discover and align to your unique golden road of truth, light and love. Utilizing my experience as a Reiki Master, holographic energy healer and studies in A Course in Light, I have created a CD dedicated to this purpose.



Spirituality is Sexy~ Mindful Meditations: is delighted to present to you two guided meditations that will take you on a brilliant journey of transformation. The Chakra Cleanse and Balance will take you on a graceful stroll through your seven sacred chakra centers. These multifaceted hues of the rainbow will clear, open and perfectly balance your spiritual power centers so that you may move forward self assured in your quest to uncover your inner beauty and richness.

In the second mediation you will embark upon a journey into the Garden of Eden where you will be aligned to the rose hewn road of the golden realms and venture into a sacred sanctuary of enlightenment where you will be introduced to your spiritual guides, receive healing and messages of next steps so that you may proceed forward in life with ease and grace.


I invite you to realize your radiance and uncover the rich spiritual inheritance that you were born with so that you may move forward clearly, consciously and with great love in your heart. “





“Let Spirituality be Sexy in your Life.”


‘My Crown is in my Heart, not in my head, nor decked with diamonds and Indian stones, nor to be seen; my Crown is called Contentment; a crown it is, that seldom Kings enjoy.’


~William Shakespeare



If you wish to purchase Pamela’s Mindful Meditation CD or MP3 download, please go to:


Spirituality is Sexy



Mindful Meditations CD


Welcome to your Life of Enchantment

SPIRITUALLY RICH and SEXY: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming

Infinitely Attractive


Are you enchanted with the beauty of your life–the beauty of you?

Or like many women, do you think you need to be thinner, look younger, drive a luxury car, or attain a lofty position on the corporate ladder to be happy and complete?


This book, which is dedicated to the heart and soul of every woman,

lights your way, step by step, to the spiritual understanding that beauty, abundance, love, joy and freedom are your birthrights.



In SPIRITUALLY RICH and SEXY, Pamela McQuade lets the secret out of the designer bag:

You already possess everything you seek–and more–just by being who you are!

Every one of the Women of our World should try to obtain a copy of this little Guide; and find Your Own way to “Welcome in Your Life of Enchantment“.


A Celebration of Women


thoroughly Relates and Salutes this philosophy

and feels absolutely Alive and Connected,

following the words of this Sexy Spirit…


Brava, PamelaJo!


A Celebration of Women

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