VERONICA – Walking a New Path

A New Message From VERONICA

‘Walking A New Path’

“Many times we have encountered those in the linear who are tired of walking down familiar paths. They are often ones where the outcome is predictable and the energy ever devolving into greater negativity.


Physical life is full of opportunity to change direction. One has to be full of courage to do so. A belief system in your ability to choose is also needed.

Whatever has occurred you do have the ability to change it. All of the drama surrounding the change may appear to be difficult but only if you enable it to do so. The confusion arises when allowing inappropriate drama to continue. It begins to feel very commonplace. Those in that energy space usually feel unable to change their course.

Spirit will assist you in your quest to walk a new path. Feeling like a victim of circumstance only enables the negativity to stay.
Choose to change direction.

At first it may feel awkward or lonely. However, put one foot in front of the other as you walk the new path.

Your soul will accompany you on the journey.

A new path is a new life which brings the probability of happiness and connection.
Take the first step.”

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