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Turning the adversity in her life into the stepping stone for her to Take Action, switch to find her own Spirituality.
This woman today, healed from severe illness, devotes her life to others through speaking, writing and holistic therapies.




One Woman’s Quest for the Living Grail

~ Madeleine Marentette ~

This amazing woman is the founder and creator of Canada’s leading holistic health and wellness retreat centre, educator, spiritual guide, speaker, producer and bestselling author. Madeleine continues to evolve as a passionate visionary and relentless actionist for environmental sustainability, social justice and animal welfare, dedicated to personal and planetary transformation.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Madeleine began her career in hospitality while studying art history and architectural design in college. Her innate passion and appreciation for Mother Nature and creation, design and beautiful spaces, were fueled by rigorous adventures with her effervescent grandparents while living in Germany.

Revered is the Great Church that sets my soul free each morning.
Running in the early morning mist today was no exception…”

Hikes deep into the canopies of the Black Forest and other mystical places such as mountaintop fortresses, castles and medieval monasteries fueled her relentless quest to uncover the Mystery of Life.

Endless story telling of secret passageways, hidden treasures, magicians and noble knights; and the fundamental human journey to seek restoration, justice and will to do good, are now the foundation of the centres wellness programs and retreats including the awe-inspiring interiors and exteriors of the Grail property today.

A Story of Healing: A ‘girl interrupted’ with career plans in her last months of completing college, an illness that became a serious health crisis, pushed her towards a life journey in self-discovery and self-healing. The changing day in her life came in 1988 when she attended a discourse given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the University of Toronto.

Inner revelations about the mind and it’s profound connection as the in-between mediator between cell and Spirit led her to immerse herself in the study of meditation, metaphysics and the ancient yoga practice called Raja, known as the ‘Royal Path’ or ‘King’s Way’, meaning the crown chakra or head chakra. Today not only has she become a knowledgeable practitioner and teacher in the mind and soul sciences, she is completely healed from her previous illness.

One more experience worthy of sharing that truly had an impact on the path chosen for Madeleine,

was her travels to and life with the Women of Machu Picchu.



A dedicated life of service towards people, planet and our sacred animal kingdom that we share it with, has her working relentlessly both at home and on the global front dedicating her time to taking action, speaking, co-creating with others, creating green forums and spiritual retreats to raise awareness on environmental sustainability, social justice, spiritual fulfillment, and the protection of animals and their welfare worldwide. Madeleine holds a series of lectures and retreats throughout the year both at the Grail retreat centre and abroad. She is presently working on her next books, a spiritual cookbook for planetary healing, the science of the soul and book about women of destiny.


Awakening the

Madeleine is presently enjoying the success of the ‘Awaken the Dreamer Symposium’ hosting international transformational leaders as well as the Grail Lady Faire, Canada’s first ever summerfestival for women empowering women going into its second year. She is presently producing ‘The 100 Women of Destiny’ online event in honour of the 100th year anniversary of International Women’s Day, a platform for women seekers to fulfill their own inner calling to find the peace, healing, and vocation to serve others.

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In closing , Madeleine says that she would walk 1000 miles to live this life again.


Madeleine’s first book ‘Grail Springs.Holistic Detox: For Body, Mind & Spirit’ launched in January 08 and in a few short months became a Canadian
Best Seller. Details Grail Lifestyle philosophy, the success behind Grail Springs Health Spa & Wellness Centre.

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sends our blessings and prayer for Madeleine to continue her Journey,

helping others to find their own path and purpose in this life.

Brava Madeleine!

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