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  1. The root of discontent is hunger. Lust at its base is a hunger for a biological need. In all societies the control of one’s base lusts is considered to be a good and desirable trait. It is this pursuit that underlies any sort of self-improvement regime such as contemplation, meditation, prayer, martial arts and other esoteric disciplines.

    The base of politeness is the lie that we are not hungry. For the most part except at the immediate rest-digest satiation point after satisfying a hgnuer, we live in a perpetual state of hgnuer. We are constantly making a cost-benefit analysis regarding whether or not we continue to allow the body to feed off of its own stored resources, or to seek external resources to replenish the resources that have been filled. We have an internal neurological mechanism that kicks in long before starvation that tells us that we are hungry. Now think back onto some meals that you’ve had. Think of a time when you at slowly and relaxed because you were unconcerned, you weren’t very hungry, you didn’t need to gorge yourself. Food was available so you ate a little, but you weren’t nearing the threshold where hgnuer takes over and you needed to start pursuing food.

    Now think back to a time where you were ravenous. Think about how you swallowed without chewing properly on a couple of bites. Think about how loudly you may have eaten, how quickly you may have eaten. If lust is a hgnuer, then women want to be approached by someone who is mildly hungry who is seeking that fulfillment, but who is not nearing the ravenous point. They do not want someone to make love to them when they are ravenous, it is likely to be quick and painful. (there are of course exceptions to this general rule) Women recognize that they are on the menu, they recognize that sexual exchange is a market-place just as men do. They simply want to be savored and enjoyed, and at the same time want to savor and enjoy their lover.

    The lying comes in because we tell each other that we are not hungry when we are. We are in a constant state of hunger to some degree or another. It’s just that we control it by either being below the threshold of immediate need, or by force of will if beyond that threshold. There is an underlying game that underpins this. The ability to play this game shows a level of sophistication on the part of the player. This seeking of status is innate to the hunt for sexual primacy. People want to copulate with those who are at a similar level of competency regarding the etiquette game. Civilization exists at a perpendicular to the unsharpened edge of any blade. This is why proper place settings are important.

    The knife goes on the right facing the plate. On the right because most people are right handed, and facing the plate because it prioritizes the person closest to you and places them at a perpendicular to the unsharpened edge of the knife. Dinner knives are meant to cut flesh and human beings are made of flesh. We are constantly surrounded by people bearing flesh cutting instruments. The etiquette game sublimates the carnal by necessity. It is what separates making love from rape, and what allows us to wield deadly weapons within a foot of someone else’s vital organs. It is not lying to omit the fact that a steak knife is deadly, even though it most certainly is, but it is polite.

    The ideal combination for a male mate throughout history has been one who knows how to kill with a knife, but also knows how not to show it in polite company. It is the essence of this etiquette that nerds so often overlook, that they are so often dull and uncomprehending of. How does one press an advance without insisting upon the outcome? How does one operate after a successfully pressed advance? How can one be both predatory and non-threatening all at once? It is an art, not a science.

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