INSPIRATIONAL WINDOW – What caused Angels to Fall?


Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men

Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter, c 1525-1569)

Fall of the Rebel Angels 1562 detail.



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  1. Zaiusfinally lost it.Anyway, I have personal experience – explained in a moment – of this and I can confirm the idea that these women are, as the rev huatou and pastorius pointed out, essentially and existentially lost and alone. Collectively, Sweden has rebelled against it’s lutheran past, and the church has adopted a softer role in an attempt to win them back. In the process, they’ve lost sight of the meaning of God’s love and God’s discipline.

    This is the great irony of the church today. People see our god as a distant and cold figure who smites people without care, but thorughout the bible he’s portrayed as a close and loving god who disciplines because he loves. In contrast, the islamic god allah is cold and distant, and apparently very angry all the time. That god seems to hate people for no reason. The irony that I just spoke of is that these women are running from the “bad parent” who loves them in to the arms of a slightly creepy uncle who wants to abuse them. Now the pernasol experience.

    A few years ago, before we were married, my wife was determined to become a muslim. She seemed to think that she was dirty and impure and needed to be covered up, and I suspect it’s from reading too much early greek literature that she’s got this idea (the atheniens were as misogyninistic as the muslims in a lot of ways and it comes through very subtly in all their writings). If it had simply been a want to dress modestly I wouldn’t have minded, but she had it in her head that nothing less than a full bhurka would do. Screwed up…

    Anyway, here’s the kicker. She kept pushing at me. She’d do and say things that were designed to provoke me in to acting like an “evil” male, because she’d managed to absorb a lot of post-feminist feminist clap-trap as well. These two things combined to create something of a monster, psychologically speaking. When I didn’t treat her like a woman – according to what she knew of islam and greek poetry – she got angry and tried to force me to by treating me like crap. I kept pointing out to her that this wasn’t a healthy way to act and that women in islam are subjugated and treated like dirt; her reply was always “they should be!”.We’ve since managed to sort it out and now everything’s almost hunky dory, as it were.

    My undestanding of events is that she’s just an extreme version of how a lot of swedes think. They’re screwed up. They’re infantile in so many ways, because theyr government treats them as spoiled infants. And so they rebel, and rebel, and never grow up properly.The thing about children is, ultimately, they need an authority figure in their lives. They know this, instinctively, and seek it out all the time. Infantilised adults will act no differently, except they’ll be able to rationalise this need away as a need for security and companionship. Ultimately it’s a need for someone to set boundaries. Children need boundaries, as they give them a secure environment in which to learn and grow. Without boundaries, a child (adult or otherwise) will become lost in a wilderness and never mature.

  2. i like it INSPIRATIONAL PHOTO – PEACE ON temporal things — A Celebration of Women since im your rss reader

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