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The 14th Annual Ian James Eaccarino Memorial 9-Mile Race, July 28, 2012


Tip of the Month

Keep Your Kids Drug Free This Summer

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Sunny’s Story: How to Save a Young Life From Drugs


Parent tells of son’s struggle with drug abuse

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Ginger Katz has delivered approximately 1000 prevention presentations nationwide
to schools (elementary through college), parents, civic organizations, law enforcement forums, medical forums, provider and prevention organizations, corporations, conventions, conferences and other forums throughout the country.

A testimony from a student at Conard High School: “Honestly, I didn’t think that I could ever in my life find somebody that I can relate to. This assembly today will always stick with me throughout my journey in life. It’s a reminder of what I have, what I need, and what I love in my life”.

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On September 10, 1996, Ginger Katz’s son Ian lost his battle with drug addiction.

He was 19. In the 16 years since Ian’s death, she and her husband have operated

the Courage to Speak Foundation with a single goal:

to do everything in our power to spare other families this tragedy.

We invite you to join us in this important work.

On Saturday, July 28, 2012 at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, CT,

we will celebrate Ian’s life and the work of the Courage to Speak Foundation at

the 14th Annual Ian James Eaccarino Memorial 9-Mile Race.


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Tip of the Month

“Keep Your Kids Drug Free This Summer”

Every summer while many parents are still part of the workforce kids are left unsupervised and more likely to try drugs or alcohol in their absence. Here are a few tips to keep them on the right track:

  • Encourage teens to volunteer at local organizations or find a summer job so they can gain knowledge as well real life experience
  • Signing them up for summer camp or a sport they love allows them to engage in fun, but age appropriate activities with peers
  • Be conscious of what’s in your home. Teens abuse substances that are readily available and often times found in the home. Store chemicals and household cleaning products in locations only you know where and be certain to properly secure, remove, or dispose any medications in your medicine cabinet.
  • Open Door Policy: Make teens feel comfortable approaching you and encourage them to talk about their feelings and what they do on a daily basis.

Sunny’s Story
A compelling drug prevention story for children, parents and educators, narrated by Sunny, the family beagle who needlessly lost his best friend, Ian, to drug abuse. SS New Cover

Sunny’s Story is read at many dinner tables across the country, in schools, libraries, as part of the Courage to Speak® Drug Prevention Curricula

and as a stand alone book for children of all ages, parents, grandparents, teachers and professionals in the field of treatment and prevention.


Parent tells of son’s struggle
with drug abuse


Written by Eleanor Joyce

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Colchester- Ginger Katz talks about her son, Ian, at “The Courage to Speak” May 9 at Bacon Academy


As Ginger Katz spoke, pictures of her son, Ian, playing sports and attending his prom were projected onto a screen May 9 at Bacon Academy.

Katz said Ian “was captain of the soccer team, and girls just wouldn’t leave him alone.”
Ian, a college student, died in 1996 from an accidental drug overdose at home in Norwalk at the age of 20.
“His doctor told us to tell people Ian died of a heart attack, but that was a lie,” Katz said. “If this is happening to us, this is happening to other families.”

To read the entire article, click here.

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Courage to Speak- Courageous Parenting101®

Calling ALL Socials Workers, Drug Prevention Specialists, Health Class Teachers, Law Enforcement, Guidance Counselors, Youth and Family Services Directors,

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Courage to Speak- Courageous Parenting 101: Offered free of charge, this multi-session substance abuse prevention education program (English and Spanish) is designed to help parents understand the impact of drug abuse on youth and give them the knowledge required to communicate more effectively with their children about the dangers of drugs and other risky behaviors.

This course covers:

-Teen drug use trends and party culture

-Protective factors and developmental assets

-Communication and listening strategies

-Why kids use drugs

-How to help your child handle stress

-Parenting styles and enabling

-The adolescent brain

-Setting boundaries

-Practical steps if use or abuse is suspected

-Warning signs

-Sources of help and more

Evaluated by the Yale University School of Medicine:

According to the evaluation performed by Yale University, parents who have taken this course reported statistically significant increases in:

* General communication with their child

* Communication with their child about drugs

* Their knowledge about their children’s lives

* Their knowledge and ability to recognize warning signs and reported that they were fairly confident in their knowledge of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs


1400 WSTC 1350 WNLK

LISTEN to Ginger Katz, CEO & Founder, and

Larry Katz, M.S. Nutrition & B.S. Psychology,

discuss Courage to Speak- Courageous Parenting 101 with Radio Personality, Wendy Corey.


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