“Equality of Women Among Women”

A Celebration of Women™

Let us begin by saying that our vision includes the following solution to all gender issues:

“Equality of Women Among Women” .

A Celebration of Women™ is the first global forum where Women Leaders are being ‘celebrated’ for spearheading positive action that betters the live of all women. Through the creation of our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION™, a butterfly effect has begun, creating positive change for the Women of our World. We are advocating for, centralizing, platforming and celebrating all the ‘unsung heroes’ among women leaders, the female trail blazers in this millennium pioneering a ‘new woman’s movement’ philosophy, “Equality of Women among Women”; working to create a sustainable socio-economic equality and independence for all women.

Aimed to create a “pay-it-forward” ripple of positive action, our sister charitable operation named, A Celebration of Women ™ Foundation Inc., was born to shape a better world through building residential homes to be managed by our alumni members, namely Celebration House™. These homes are mandated to enable the education of young women, graduating future women leaders.

As Founder of this organization, I can say that my vision includes the opinion that for our planet to enjoy a sustainable ‘gender equality’, the women of our world must lead the way. Having worked with women from all walks of life for over 5 years now, I have noticed that the commonality through all demographics of the women I meet seems to be an existence of a confusion in the definition of a woman’s understanding in areas of ‘respect, rights and roles’.

This state is affecting the expansion of the female mind and many women today are struggling for their own ‘knowing‘ of what they ‘deserve to receive, what they are expected to give’; and how to find balance their leadership role in our society without creating a massacre on tradition.

Women must Take Action to achieve a balance among women first.

Self propagated fear and confused state of self value are major factors affecting accomplishment in the women’s movement. Anything stemmed in confusion manifests anger, exploitation, frustration, unhealthy competition, enabling only negative responses. Only through a true state of living whereby all women are equal to each other a whole, can anyone hope for a unified approach to equity issues with any other living form; especially with that of the male gender. *There is no further room in these modern times to blame anyone for the malady of a woman’s life, as women do have the power to unite and expedite Positive Global Change.

Women, the time is Now to be fearless and Take Action!

When ‘all women’ treat ‘all women’ as equals, there will be hope for universal gender equality, building a future genderless society. “I personally like to envision our world defined by only the terms ADULTS and CHILDREN, leading the way to a new paradigm of thinking, one that will promote team-work among the genders; and a protection of innocence for our children”.
There is an old saying that goes: ” When Mama has a cold, baby gets pneumonia.” This is the state of our world, and until Mama gets rid of her cold, our world will suffer serious consequences, as we are seeing globally at this time. The one example that has knocked me off my chair is that of the Human Trafficking of Children. As a Canadian based organization, I have a need to share this information with the world.
    • Were you aware that Canada holds the #1 position in the world for the transitional trafficking of children?
    • Do you realize that the large percentage of the lead workers and managers of these syndicates are WOMEN.

YES, Women!

We have women grabbing kids from the streets, at shelters, women running the houses, women selling children to men for sexual favors, etc. etc. Our very own WOMAN of ACTION TM – Dr. Loretta Chen is the global Ambassador for the Body Shop’s Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign, and she recently confirmed some of these numbers at our last summit here in Toronto on March 24, 2012.

This one primary area of life is holding my passion the deepest, as my heart tells me, if the women would JUST SAY NO to SELLING OUR CHILDREN, there would be a decrease in this one global atrocity, increasing a sense of self value among women, making a start on Positive Change and building HOPE for our Youth, as they are the future of our world!

International Human Trafficking in Canada



A Celebration of Women TM is working to change the paradigm of the women’s movement through our creation of a central global platform that will collectively feature the work of all women leaders globally that are bettering the lives of all women and children, that in turn betters the lives for all. Through this creation of our global Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION™, , powerful trail blazing women that are making positive change in their respective countries rippling positive change for all.

As a firm believer that as soon as the women of our world are at peace with themselves; most ‘issues’ involving the men of our world will dissipate into thin air, to a great degree. There is a powerful shift of energy taking course in these times, and perhaps during this new wave of energy, technology, instant information et al, the only avenue to walk on is that of the open heart and open mind, seeking to build a new world through the eyes of LOVE.

The women’s movement in these modern times needs to focus on the ‘Equality of Women Among Women’ first; and then work on all the physical issues. The developed countries have achieved standards of living that include laws to include women as rightful equals in all areas of living; and in our opinion, the women themselves need to start acting like leaders, take responsibility for their own actions and no longer work from a ‘separated victim mindset’. Be the heroine in your life and the lives all all women. As equals, we are one.

In closing, I will synopsize by saying that our mission is to globally lead the way through a new path so that the western woman automatically thinks of the eastern woman as equal; the developed country woman thinks of the developing country woman as equal; regardess of demographic, education, color or creed. As equals, we are one.

This platform will accomplish its goals through the creation of our global Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION™ and the Celebration of their respective Positive Action. Our online presence offers resources for the education of women about women for women, so to enlighten all women to the fact that we are all equal, all feel pain, all feel joy, all are ONE. As equals, we are one.

World reknown women’s activist and Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies at City University of New York, WOMAN of ACTION™ – Dr. Phyllis Chesler says: “ … if Women don’t get united & start caring for all Women, where will ‘We’ ever end up?“
We must lead the way and expand our thinking, open our hearts and care for each other, as WOMEN. As equals, we are one.

True to its advocacy mandate, A Celebration of Women™ is the world hub for all to celebrate NGO founders, their missions, visions; including supporters. Through our celebration of positive action, members are attracting more women globally, inspiring them Take Action in partnership with us and assist in the creation of Celebration House™. * Our Foundation will issues Tax Receipts for Donations.


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