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Dr. Joyce Knudsen


Dr. Joyce is a talk show host, author, speaker, trainer, and President of The ImageMaker, Inc.®


Dr. Joyce has been featured in USA Today, Insight Magazine, Glamour Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, The South China Morning Press, Florida Today, and Women’s World. After over twenty-five years in the Image Business, Joyce has trained students to teach her courses worldwide. She has been dubbed as one of the “Top 50 most influential women on Twitter”and has hundreds of thousands of followers.
As a Self-esteem Counselor in both the US and China, Dr. Knudsen’s Practice is in Coaching and Development of all people to include image enhancement, self-esteem and ultimate development.


With Dr. Knudsen’s 4 Step Life-Changing Process, she evaluates people both in corporations and the private sector worldwide on self-esteem personality, behavior (Inscape Publishing (Certified Trainer), values (Hartman Index)(Certified Trainer) and then provides them with Rx CD’s to bring them to an excellence level on over 80 Attributes. She has become known as The Image Resource Company for Image Professionals Worldwide. Dr. Knudsen has written six books and has six certification programs, including an Executive Master Coaching Program from The International Coaching Institute, a subsidiary of The ImageMaker, Inc. For info click on: www.imagemaker1.com/Exec_Master_Coach.htm link above.

Dr. Joyce Knudsen is called theMarketing Guru” of the Image Industry.
She looks, acts, and dresses the part of an Image Professional. Dr. Joyce is at the forefront of her Industry and is the recipient of many awards including the IMMIE Award (Image Makers Merit of Industry Excellence and Award of Excellence for Education). She was the very first CIP (Certified Image Professional and the first recipient of the CIM (Certified Image Master). She has written several books including From Head to Soul For Women.


Dr Joyce is currently in the process of doing her second study on The Effect of Civility in Today’s Society.



She is passionate about enriching the lives of people

from the inside out.


From Head to Soul for WOMEN





Internationally Acclaimed Mentor, Dr. Joyce M. Knudsen received the first recorded AICI CIM Status in July 2000 for Excellent Educational Training.  She also received the first AICI CIP status in 1992.  She is a pioneer having written four approved Home Study Certification Programs Worldwide and two approved onsite courses.  Dr. Knudsen was also awarded the coveted IMMIE (Image Makers Award for Industry Excellence in 2001 and The Award of Excellence for Education in 2004.






Dr. Joyce’s Advice to the 60+



She says “Sassy!”


Dr. Joyce Knudsen on TWITTER
A Celebration of Women is honored to share this lady with the Women of Our World, and invite one and all to connect with Dr. Joyce…..as she is available and pleased to celebrate and help enrich your life …



A Celebration of Women™


celebrates this woman…as she has Life in a ‘nutshell’

If there is one word Joyce represents, that could ‘Change this World’, that word, in our opinion would be: SASSY! 


Brava Dr. Joyce!


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