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“There should be a balance between material and spiritual progress,

a balance achieved through the principles based on love and compassion.”
– Dalai Lama

The word for “shame” in this verse is the Greek entrope, meaning “turning inward” or “inversion.”

Biblically, it is used only one other time, in I Corinthians 15:34:

“Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame.”

Evidently, this special variety of shame is associated with taking controversies between Christian brethren to ungodly judges and also with failing to witness to the non-Christian community. Instead of bringing the true wisdom of God to the ungodly, such “entropic Christians” were turning to worldly wisdom to resolve their own spiritual problems.

This inverted behavior was nothing less than spiritual confusion!

The modern scientific term “entropy” is essentially this same Greek word. In science, entropy is a measure of disorder in any given system. The universal law of increasing entropy states that every system tends to disintegrate into disorder, or confusion, if left to itself. This tendency can only be reversed if ordering energy is applied to it effectively from a source outside the system.

This universal scientific law has a striking parallel in the spiritual realm.

A person turning inward to draw on his own bank of power, or seeking power from an ineffective outside source, will inevitably deteriorate eventually into utter spiritual confusion and death. But when Christ enters the life, that person becomes a new creation in Christ Jesus (II Corinthians 5:17).

Through the Holy Spirit and through the Holy Scriptures, “His divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness” (II Peter 1:3). The law of spiritual entropy is transformed into the “law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:2). HMM

To keep this simple, Women of our World, remember:

‘We are Spirits living a human experience, not bodies with a spirit.’

DO NOT look to the world for answers, as they are all inside of YOU!


‘Spiritual Entropy begins by explaining, using common everyday experiences, the concept of entropy and its pervasive influences. But while other books have considered particular aspects of entropy, none has extended its concepts and developed its implications as this book has. It goes after answers to some of the ultimate questions of our existence. In addition to the physical, it explores what entropy may be able to reveal to us about the social, the moral, and the spiritual.’

It dares to ask, what can entropy tell us about God?

Book: http://www.spiritualentropy.com/
Reference: http://www.icr.org/
Photo: http://joshuastarlight.posterous.com/anastasiya-markovich-effect-of-butterfly
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