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Karla, a published author, coach, real estate, world reknown speaker and more, is a wonderful woman that devotes her life to educating others….her Calling is Transformation. This amazing woman is here to help the Women of our World and can tranform your life, regain human dignity and self-respect through the teachings of an old age practice, Etiquette and Grace.


Karla M. Davis

Since her early teen years in Toronto, Canada, she shares in her own words: “As the sister to my 11-years younger brother, I took on the responsibility of becoming a second mother to him as my parents were both working full time, while I was in elementary and high school. During that time we moved several times and I was constantly moving from one school to the next, learning to adapt to a new city and overcome various obstacles.

At the same time, I took on extra responsibility, as my Mother suffered from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and later when my parents divorced, the care became almost full-time. Similarly, during college, I ventured out to live on my own and managed a full school course load and a full-time job ,while paying bills and staying extremely organized to maintain my grades.

Financially, I went from earning a great salary in Toronto to moving to Orlando where I started from scratch, to not only build a business but….make new friends, become adjusted and familiar in not only a new state, new country …all the while, navigating through stacks of immigration paperwork to work and live here legally.

This financial challenge actually allowed me to become extremely money-savvy. ‘I endeavored to attain the same lifestyle I had grown accustomed to in Toronto, on a ‘fraction of the income’. ‘ I learned how to use coupons, find creative deals, discount websites forcing me into discovering where I could find quality clothing for a fraction of the cost, quality food for reduced prices, etc. I feel truly blessed by having experienced this time in my life as I learned to do a lot with just a little and enjoy sharing these tips with others.”

Karla has shown a passion for nutrition and wellness by which she had since teenage years…ergo, the health aspect of her life is something that she keeps very much alive today. In the next couple years, she will also be co-authoring a book with her husband on the topic. “Everything that began in my teen years, is still of interest and passion to me today so they are still relevant.”

An eco-enthusiast and Mercy for Animals advocate, Karla not only provides donations to causes close to her heart but she also volunteers her time cleaning up local waterways within her community to reduce the amount of toxins and pollution in our oceans. Karla’s compassion for the environment and desire to see people nourish and heal themselves naturally has also sparked a third upcoming book teaching us how we can live a green and clean lifestyle while saving money and protecting our family.

Karla M. Davis is a life-changing author and inspirational speaker known for her engaging and transformative seminars. Her depth, security and transparency as a woman enables her to speak on a wide array of topics by which she has inspired countless women and been a frequent guest interviewed on radio shows throughout North America. Karla’s soon-to-be-released book is already captivating the attention of women across the world who daily read her blog and follow her writings.

She has enlightened many concerning the stumbling blocks and pathway to optimal health. Karla is a former Certified Personal Trainer (Can-Fit-Pro, 2003) and encourages others to live a healthy lifestyle from the inside out. Embodying her message of health, Karla excelled as a model in Canada by which she was featured in several print ad campaigns and appeared multiple times on the Shopping Channel.

Here she teaches a Lesson of Grace, one that actually can change the complete energy of a home, elevating attitudes, lift Spirits of the Human Soul and is one avenue to manifest Caring and Love, in affordable easy steps. It’s presentation that shows the caring and sets the genre of a moment in time. Karla ‘Empowers Women’ to live their best life now by being elegant, fabulous and classy regardless of age, ethnicity or present financial status!

Ms. Davis’ world travels to 20 countries and several continents give her a unique and fresh perspective about Women and the Lost Art of Being a ‘Classy Lady in today’s Modern Society’. Karla’s writings on Modern Manners and Everyday Etiquette are impacting people throughout the world who recognize a need to regain human dignity and self-respect in our daily social interactions.Her award-winning website, ‘The Classy Woman’ reaches thousands of women worldwide each day showing them how to be graceful, sophisticated and to maintain a grateful heart. In an era where morals have often fallen by the wayside in lieu of revealing clothing, a lack of manners, poor judgment and vulgar language – Karla enlightens Women in the ways of Beauty and Grace. Karla’s Passion and Heartfelt Mission to bring ‘Classy’ back is transcending Socio-economic barriers and Empowering Men and Women to be their personal best.

Karla is a ‘Gifted Communicator’ who quickly connects with Women, while encouraging ladies of all ages to affirm their Womanhood, cultivate self-awareness, embrace their uniqueness, discover their gifts and build on their strengths. She is relatable to many women and mothers because Karla (a.k.a. “the Coupon Queen”) knows how to spot and create deals to stretch a dollar, which has enabled her to live a champagne lifestyle on a tap water budget. Both Karla’s monetary and fiscal excellence coupled with her life skills and experiences make her an extraordinary business woman with a timely message for our generation.

By reason of popular demand, Karla has already begun authoring her second book full of secrets, tricks and tips to saving the most money while having a better quality of life. This masterpiece for wise fiscal management for everyday Women shall be completed and published in 2011.

With a Marketing Degree in hand, an eye for detail and a passion for interior design and all things creative, Karla launched her own design company and is now the successful owner of Florida Home Staging & Redesign, Inc., a company that specializes in revitalizing outdated spaces and transforming unsold houses into inviting, SOLD Homes! Karla consults home stagers worldwide and serves the state of Florida, educating her clients on what buyers are truly looking for in a home. Karla creates timeless spaces that appeal to potential buyers, while allowing homeowners to sell their homes fast and for the highest possible price! Due to her Success in Design, Karla was recently a featured celebrity guest speaker at the Orlando Home Show alongside of several personalities from HGTV and was interviewed on Fox news.

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Blog: http://TheClassyWoman.blogspot.com

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Design: http://FloridaHomeStager.com

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With all that on Karla’s lap, this powerhouse of a warm heart is now taking on another ACT of HUMANITY. Karla has accepted the post of Spokeswoman , WOMAN of ACTION, for A Celebration of Women in our mission to build Awareness of an elusive disease named PML. She will be working with Todd R. Hewitt this coming year, making public appearances on behalf of all Women of our World and the Cause in 2011.

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