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is honored to Celebrate the Life of this Amazing Woman that has “Seen the Light” and has decided to devote her Life to sharing this experience with others; so to help in the Healing and in the search for One Purpose in Life, and she is now available to the Women of our World…


Jackie Paulson

Jackie Paulson is a qualified Paralegal

and holds a two year degree from Kaplan University in Chicago, Illinois as a Paralegal.

Jackie Paulson is no stranger to Cosmetology, having spent 12 years as a Barber and an Entrepreneur, which taught her the importance of customer service. Jackie Paulson has more than 20 years of the Hair Care Industry and experience in Management.

Jackie Paulson helps disorganized clients manage their time, energy, money and environment.

“I was born highly sensitive to people’s thoughts and feelings…”

It presented me with certain tests, learning and challenges. Having gone through many challenges, while possessing an underlying intuitive, psychological and spiritual approach to life and relationships, I have developed an understanding of human nature and empathy towards those in pain or suffering. For some reason, I have a gift around relationships, dreams and emotions. That’s what people tend to gravitate to me for.

Some of its intuition, some of its psychology,

some of its understanding because I can often place myself in others shoes.

In my dealings with people in my life, in general, “What did I find out? To have a Real Friend, one must BE a Real Friend…and, that I had only two Real Friends, Samantha and Iris.”

“What a Wake-up Call for me…”

In the past three years, I have had to move in and out of places that I lived at.
Until my last move, it was just me and one other person.
My last move, I am so grateful to my family for helping me….
What a Joy and Relief that was….

“I can proudly say my Best Friends are my Family.”

I also am on the internet a lot and networking, not to sell anything but to learn from others. I have Cheril, Deb, and Bobbi to be ever grateful for my new-found friendships…”

“Real friends are hard to come by…You can count them on one hand.”

‘You go through the Motions of your Daily Activities and suddenly realize one day that you are Not really Living the Life you Want to live.

“Do you sometimes feel like …

You do Not have any Control of the Direction of your Life? “

…Stop Looking Back, stay in the Moment and enjoy the Ride….”

Once you realize this, you may begin to think of ways of changing things; then, after a while, you may decide that some things are just too much trouble and that perhaps your life is not so bad after all the way it is. With that sense of relief, the energy to Follow others Dreams is allowed in.’

So, you may go back to some of your old routines again…

Jackie’s Awakening!


Your Day-To-Day Living:

This is a Perfect Recipe for future Happiness and NO Regrets…..

“Take better Control of your Destiny does not simply mean setting New Goals for Yourself, ones that you may or may not achieve…”

“…it means living your life in such a way that you do on a Day-to-Day Basis that
Plan things that bring you Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Fulfillment. “

That is because, when you really think about it, Life is really composed of things that you have experienced along the way… = CLARITY.

By ‘deciding upfront the direction you want your life to go’
and by walking in that direction every day, you will realize that you have already
Achieved the Ultimate Goal; that of Living a Joyful and Purposeful Life.

What Things Can You Control:

One of the ways you can begin to take Control of your Destiny is by deciding to Focus Your Energy on things that you can directly control or influence.

What you can easily control depends to some extent on your environment.
If for example, you live in a little town that has just one factory as the means of employment, but you have dreamt of becoming an airhostess, the Chances of Achieving your Goals and Controlling your Destiny, may at first seem virtually impossible.

You cannot single handedly change your town into a city with better opportunities or change the factory into an airline so that your job changes. Now you can stay where you are feeling sorry for yourself or you can decide take Control of your Destiny and move to a city where you can more easily follow your Goals.
Once you decide to Take Action in areas where you have some control, the Solutions to help you get on your way, will begin to Materialize.

Courage To Take Control:

I remember the day that I got really mad at myself when I realized that most of the things I had feared as a young adult never really materialized, and I was saddened by the lost opportunities I imagined. I allowed myself to feel this way for a while because, quite frankly, it sometimes feels good and is easier to be angry at something.

Then I remembered that everything in life ‘happens for a reason’ and that I could choose to gain from my experience or suffer from it. As I thought further, I realized that my having had fears and now realizing that they were mostly not real, gave me a great opportunity to be able to help other people that I knew that were going through difficult and challenging times in their lives.

The Amazing thing is that, looking back at experiences I have had, I now realize that I actually had a lot more control over things than I thought I did. Once you realize that you can have more Control of your Destiny, you will ‘Develop the Courage to Change your Life’ more to the life you have always wanted.

For example, as stated on: Staying Positive2010’sBlog,
Jackie Paulson has a life calling to help others become more aware of their Mission and inspire others to Stay Positive, with Courage and Strength.”

Jackie has this Extra Little Message for the Women of our World:
When you are down and struggle most is when God is up to Something!

God will arrange people, events, and situations to benefit, just you…so hang in there.
Live in the Moment knowing that opportunities and doors will be opened to, just you.
I am living proof.”
Jacqueline A Paulson

Be the Change you want to See in the World Ghandi

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