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is honored to Celebrate the Life of this perseverent woman that Rose Above her Challenges with a potentially deadly health issue, persevering through years of recovery; and is now here to help the Women of our World. Today, she is the publisher of a a syndicated weekly column and so much more…. 

Now, if that is not Rising Above Challenges?

If you are seeking to find Your Niche in Life, this is the Woman to talk to.





Ingrid Elfver


Originally from Sweden, Ingrid has been coaching entrepreneurs around the world (from celebrities to startups), for more than 20 years.



She’s helped thousands of people (in dozens of different industries) get more aligned with their unique MISSION, implement more effective MARKETING strategies, and develop the MINDSET that they need to be a celebrity in their industry.


Although she was born in Sweden, Ingrid has spent much of her time in the United States… living in places like Malibu, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood Hills… where many of neighbors, clients, and friends were household names (her first neighbors were Burt Reynolds and Rod Stewart).


Ingrid has been a professional model (appearing in print, on runways, in commercials, and in music videos); served as Scout, Coach, Master of Ceremonies, and Judge for Miss Europe; and been interviewed as a mindset expert for a feature film documentary.



Ingrid’s life turned upside down though, in 2002, when she was bitten by a poisonous brown recluse spider on her neck. That bite eventually led to an unusual neurological condition, leaving Ingrid bedridden… unable to work or even walk for several years.

Brown Recluse Spider: http://www.brownreclusespider.org/

During her long and painfully difficult recovery, Ingrid realized (even more) the importance of a positive mindset… but also the need for systems and structure in business (including multiple streams of income), so your whole world isn’t destroyed when “life happens.”



Ingrid’s personal Blog:



INGRID shares a few words with the Women of our World….

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Ingrid is now the publisher of Celebrity Success Secrets (a syndicated weekly column), and founder of the newly formed Celebrity Secret Society.

She also hosts a small number of live events and offers private consulting to an elite group of entrepreneurs.

You can learn about Ingrid’s work at  www.ingridelfver.com  .

Mindset Expert Ingrid Elfver will teach you the importance of taking “Mini Mind Breaks” to improve your productivity and focus each day. Learn how to change the focus of your mind’s thoughts, and become a empowered bystander with your thoughts: learn this and you will be tapping into the secret power of your mind, knowing what to think,and what not to think.

A Celebration of Women™

sends our blessings and gratitude

and welcomes this Woman into our World.

Brava, Ingrid!

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