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A Celebration of Women™

is elated to Celebrate the Life of this amazing creative woman that had a dream, not only dreamed the dream, she lived it.

In honor of our Feature on Chocolate, with the Fact that our Founder owns the book:

 The CHOCOLATE Connoisseur-for Everyone with a Passion for Chocolate,

is is our pleasure to share with the Women of our World and celebrate the Life of another amazing WOMAN of ACTION. This woman has maintained her dreams and loyalty to her belief of “Chocolate” throughout her career, always having chocolate as her Passion!


Yes, I have followed my dream,

I could even say I built a dream and made it happen.”

(my job did not exist before “as a job”)



Le Chocolat….as you read this, Enjoy!”





Chloe Doutre-Roussel



CHLOE DOUTRE-ROUSSEL is a former chocolate buyer at Fortnum & Mason,




and author of the book The Chocolate Connoisseur.


Before that she spent 12 years working in different fields, in many different countries, film and advertising,


United Nations,








During this time she led a double life.


All her spare time was devoted to chocolate. As a child, the only sweet food she enjoyed was chocolate.



All her life she has been eager to learn more, and to open more chocolate horizons.




When she moved aged 14 from South America to






and she discovered the enormous range

of chocolate bars available in the supermarket

and decided to taste all of them, comparing them and taking notes.

She has visited plantations,


and tasted everything from bean to bar, from bar to filled chocolates.


Her unique cocktail of dedication and energy, her uncompromising attitude to quality and her almost religious devotion to chocolate allowed her to become a self-taught ‘choco’-expert. Her biggest joy has been to share the rich dimension that chocolate has brought into her life.


In Paris,

she organised monthly chocolate-evenings for a wide public.


In 1999,

she founded the Association Carrement Chocolat,

allowing her to formalise her various professional activities: consultancy, seminars, conferences, tasting courses, and training of sales teams from different chocolate brands.’


When Chloe responded A Celebration of Women’s comment of following dreams, she confirmed,


“Yes, I have followed my dream, I could even say I built a dream and made it happen.

(my job did not exist before “as a job”)

So far I have managed to follow my values, learn more every day, and bring my way, a try to share with others, a small contribution for a better (choco!) world.

“It is not a peaceful path: I question the world and myself every day, doubts, challenges, risks, wonderful encounters, a daily cocktail that makes life so interesting. I follow an energy from inside myself, not always aware where I am going, but somehow convinced the path, full of wisdom and truth, free, is not a bad one. … and is a very enriching one!”

Thank you again, I hope to be able to meet you and many other women that followed their dream in the future… a bientot?”



Joining the AOC is a natural extension of her choco-mission. Along with other members, she is delighted to widen the scope at a time of a real global revolution.

Academy of Chocolate:


Chloe Books: www.chloechocolat.com/centre2b.html

Chloe Website: www.chloechocolat.com


What is your book: The Chocolate Connoisseur: For Everyone With a Passion for Chocolate

about and what motivated you to write it?




“Early 20o3, I started to work at Fortnum & Mason, a renowned department store in London as chocolate & confectionery buyer. I was recruited among 3000 candidates and when I started to work the media was present to show who was the lucky winner. I became choco famous from one day to another doing nothing. A couple of months later a publisher approached me suggesting to take advantage of this fame to write a book about chocolate. I was not interested at the beginning, there are already thousands of books about chocolate out there. But then I remembered how frustrated I was that most of these books were all telling the same things: recipes, shops, history /health. So I proposed to the publisher to write about real chocolate (the bar, not the cakes or filled chocolates), the different styles of chocolate, the people behind those styles, the art of tasting, and the basic knowledge anybody needs on how not to be manipulated by the marketing. The publisher decided to edit a lot and added information “like all the other books”. “

The Japanese version, released April 09, is the most complete and updated of all versions.




A Celebration of Women™

has thoroughly enjoyed this mouth watering experience


Celebrating the Life of a Woman devoted to the ‘Food of the Gods’….CHOCOLATE!





Brava, Chloe!



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