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The number 40 in the Bible is symbolic of a period of testing.  Just as Noah’s faith was put to the test of 40 days and nights of rain, the children of Israel being tested in the wilderness for 40 years, and Jesus fasting of 40 days before he began his public ministry. The examples are many …



Some of the stories shared regarding the number 40 apply to people like you and me. The number 40 is often a symbol for a time of trial or testing, a period to see if we will keep our promises made to Self, improving character and being faithful to our soul’s purpose. The 40th year of your life could be the year that you emerge from your cocoon or experience an amazing healing. Perhaps, a blinding mystical vision will appear expanding your conscious awareness of the subtle worlds of Light. A blessing in some form usually arrives after a period of forty whether it is days or years. The inner lantern turns on and it feels like we are born anew. We are different, life is different and it is a new beginning that has presented itself to us as a direct result of our leap of faith.

TRANSFORMATION is directly related to Consciousness …

Here is my story. I had just given birth to a son on January 25, 1971. While in the hospital, I opted for a simple elective surgery. Everything went beautifully. After I was home for several days, I noticed red streaks, swelling and discomfort in the area of the elective surgery. A high fever soon developed. I made a decision not to tell anyone. Part of the decision involved surrendering my life to a ‘Higher Power’.

You see, I studied the situation telling myself that I did not wish to go back in the hospital and have the stitches opened, drained and repaired again. The only alternative to normal action was to surrender my will to a Higher Will. Although the choice was an amazing success, I would never suggest another soul follow this particular example. An inner readiness and deep trust must be in place within consciousness.

It was 10:00 A.M. I had given the baby his feeding and decided to go back to bed instead of calling an ambulance. Lying on my back, with both hands placed on the swollen, infected and painful area, I fell unconscious. One hour later I awakened to a sticky substance spreading over the skin of the lower abdomen. Two small holes had been created on each end of the four-inch area. The infection was draining. When I realized that Unseen help had removed the infection, I immediately put rubbing alcohol over the area and slapped on a bandage. I was healed physically.

But…something much greater had happened to me.

Although I had seen angels periodically since early youth, I was not a religious person. After I was touched by holiness, comforted and healed, I was a totally different woman. To experience a miracle in any form is definitely transforming. I fell in love with the Divine, the Holy Spirit. Experiencing the energy of unconditional love, real compassion and the power of the Light is difficult to describe. What I can express is the intense gratitude that I feel until this day 40 years later. The sublime energy of the angels, luminous beings, whatever it was that transformed my body,mind, soul and heart became my best friend.

My personality abruptly changed. Family members kept remarking that I was not the same person. I will tell you how I interpret the instant change in interests, attitude, people and activities. When a dramatic transformation naturally occurs in consciousness, a greater luminous light comes to live as us. An eternal presence overshadows the feeling, thinking and physical nature.


‘ A heightened awareness begins to guide, speak, understand, discern, create and heal with compassion, wisdom and a genuine love for life regardless of form.’


It quickly became evident to my self and others that a healing and transforming love was correcting other people’s disabilities, illnesses, attitudes and much more when they asked me for help. Being a private and quiet person, the healing gift was only shared with family, friends and friends of friends when they asked. Many new gifts of Spirit were given and continue to be given as hope, love, understanding and inuitive knowing showing participants that infinite possibilities orchestrated by a Higher and loving Intelligence is available to us.

The transformation is ongoing; it is not fixed. We are like an ever-rising cake. The only essence fixed is the spirit, our individual God part. Even then, our Higher Nature needs a balanced body and a mind with pure intent to fully express its power, presence and wisdom.

Some people assume that once blessed with the gifts of spirit that life is easy. Not so. The more we are given, the greater our responsibility to be true to the Divine and do our to be pure in thought, word and deed. Receiving valuable gifts from a higher power or super consciousness presents one challenge after another. In many ways, the last forty years have been years living in the wilderness. Tests of patience, trust, humility, faithfulness, temptation, passion, fame, honoring the divine within, learning discernment and respecting the needs of the body and nature all came into the equation.

Eyes that see are a gift that is not in any man’s power. It is the spirit of truth within that is wise, sees and does the work. Yes, I have been tried and tested for forty years. There has been no transgression in the form of doubt, fear or a sense of separation…only an indescribable peace that lives within.


A covenant was established forty years ago and as a result,

 Grace Rules.


Hopefully, I have passed a probationary period and an expansive life of greater service will present itself in magical ways during the next forty years. I know with all my heart that the new and heightened waves of light energy will increase hope, harmony and the stability that arrives with deeper understanding. Whatever is presented will have the mark of authenticity because it is dedicated to the evolution of the collective as well as individual soul.

Was there a particular incident, person, book or a special something that opened your eyes creating a personal spiritual transformation?

I would love to hear your story.


Thank you for being who you are~







Love, Light and Laughter,




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