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Every endeavor or enterprise already has a strategy. These range from some vague sense of the desires of the owner to massive, overly sophisticated master plans. So the question is not whether every company needs a strategy, but rather whether the company’s strategy needs to be well-thought-out, sound, appropriate and do-able. The answer is self-evident.

Here We Are

I have had a vast array of experiences and realizations on the long road of my life that have led me to this moment. The greatest joy I have experienced happily coincides with the particular service I’ve given to others that they most value.

Giving Back To The World

The planning process that I have facilitated professionally for businesses, groups and individuals for the last fifteen years I am now doing “Free of Charge”.

Here’s The Plan

This magical process involves taking people into their successful future, then retracing the steps that got them there back to the present. The result is a focussed action plan. This is the document that so many have been delighted to walk away with over the years.

Perhaps most surprising is that the whole process only takes an hour or two.

What I Love To Do

It would be my pleasure to do this for you, or anyone you know that could use a little more focus, direction, success, or peace of mind. I’m looking forward to reconnecting and receiving the satisfaction that comes from contributing to your success.


Warmest regards,

Ron Tabachnick


“Strategy” is the leadership’s sense of vision as to the overall course and direction of any endeavor or enterprise, be it war, government, a profit-seeking business, a non-profit organization, sports, one’s personal or one’s family life.

The term “strategic planning” refers to a coordinated and systematic process for developing a plan for the overall course and direction of the endeavor or enterprise for the purpose of optimizing future potential.

For a profit-making business this will involve questions as to “what shall we sell”, “to whom shall we sell it” and “how shall we beat or avoid competition?” It may well involve other questions, such as; ownership and capital structure.

The central purpose of this process is to assure that the course and direction is well-thought-out, sound and appropriate and to assure that the limited resources of the enterprise (time and capital) are sharply focused in support of that course and direction. The process encompasses both strategy formulation and implementation.

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