WOMEN in RECOVERY – Spiritual Cleansing is Key



Spiritual Cleansing….begin now.


There are a several different methods of spiritual healing you can try.

One of such methods is spiritual healing through tantra massage.


This technique will relax your mind and body …


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Releasing emotions that have been buried is the ongoing work of a lifetime for each of us. We can do this for ourselves and we can help others by facilitating the release of emotional blocks for them and by helping them to develop tools that they can apply to resolve emotional blocks from their own past.

We came into this world with a perfect blueprint- it is our true nature and it is registered in our DNA as light frequency. That means our feelings are registered in our DNA as frequency-both positive and negative.

Every time we experience a negative thought or emotion-it acts like a short circuit to our system-it dims our light and conversely, every time we experience a positive feeling or emotion it brightens our light. Repressed, hidden or buried emotions block us from accessing our cellular record of God’s perfection.

Repressed, hidden or buried emotions block us from accessing our cellular record of God’s perfection. Releasing these stored emotions from when they were first locked into our cells-un-covers the memory of perfection throughout our bodies.  It restores our light!

That means we need to get to the original wound to unlock the cascade of feelings that have continued to dim our brightness. Carolyn Myss says as much in her work on “woundology.”


What Can Help?

Spiritual healing-specifically Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry, Healing Touch or Reiki are all forms of spiritual healing. All of these modalities involve the practitioner centering, connecting to their Higher Source, to God, and willing to be a conduit for God’s energy to flow through them for the highest good of the person before them. As a practitioner, I combine this work with aromatherapy to help unlock stuck emotions that are preventing the client from moving on in productive ways in their life.





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