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  1. Stephanie says

    I have been a single mom most of my rearing my daughter who is a beautiful young lady. I’ve been advised that she continues to ruin my character from my past. I have no feelings inside because she won’t let go of the past.
    Oddly enough she’s moved, goes to college, is rearing two daughters & does not want me to succeed. What to do, I am numb in my soul!

    • Dearest Stephanie,

      First of all, what is your daughter’s first name and age? She needs to go into a Prayer List.

      Secondly, being the Mother of 3 daughters, 1 adopted daughter and 1 grand-daughter; all living with me, once again….I can tell you this much: there are days that these Little Women will ‘manipulate‘ anything and anyone to get what it is that they ‘think they need’ at the moment. Children, especially those of parents in RECOVERY, whether it be Cancer or Drugs, seem to have an ‘inner battle field of resentments’ . The only advice for you in this area is to Pray for Your Daughter; as she still needs to Heal.

      Last, perhaps your daughter’s behaviour is motivated by Guilt; for she may be repeating history, and doesn’t want to be close to you for she knows that you will try to Guide her away from such living…..a thought.

      As for living in the past, Stephanie my Dear, the only one NOT LETTING GO of your past, is YOU!

      LET IT GO!

      Seriously, before you die. The Spiritual Energy that You project, being stuck in the past, is a very ‘self centred’ activity. It distracts you ability to truly contribute to this moment in time.

      There is an only saying: “What You think of Me is None of My Business.”

      Stephanie, I have an exercise for YOU: Everyday, for the next 90 days, I am requesting that you BLOG a Reply; through our SPEAK OUT COMMENT BOX, to every WOMAN in RECOVERY post. This exercise will keep You, for a few moments a day, OUTSIDE of YOU; and A Celebration of Women WILL keep in mind that posting will be REPLIED by Stephanie. Stephanie and A Celebration of Women will work as a TEAM, so to help other WOMEN Let Go & Let God, hopefully growing to a stage of awareness that ‘EVERY SINGLE EXPERIENCE ‘ in our Lives happen NOT by ACCIDENT.

      QUOTE OF THE DAY, for Stephanie:

      ‘We would worry less about what others think of us if we realized how seldom they do’. Ethel Barrett

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