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A Celebration of Women™

is elated to Celebrate the Life of this powerhouse of a woman, leading the way for all women to Take Action with their health, as she rises above all the challenges of CANCER.   This woman leader is now devoting her life to the health of all the women of our world.





Laura Farago


 Battling her Bone Cancer put a new focus on Friendship!

This is Her Story, in her Own Words………..


 “It was a tough fight but”, Laura Farago says,

“one she would have had a tough time winning without tried-and-true supporters”.


 “When I walked into the medical center, a feeling of dread overcame me.


A nurse guided us into an exam room, and I changed into a hospital gown.”


The doctor’s words were calm:

The sample of bone and tissue removed from your leg is malignant. Laura, the bone biopsy came back positive.

 You have bone Cancer.”



 My 21st birthday was just around the corner…

Everything that followed was a fog.


I remember the start of 11 months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments: the nurse inserting an IV needle into each arm, telling me that the doctor would soon surgically implant a Port-a-Cath into my chest. I remember watching as she slipped on a protective gown and latex gloves.


These chemicals eat skin,” she explained.


The chemicals worked like a forest fire. They scorched everything in their path, but the healthy stuff would eventually grow back.  Through those months of chemotherapy, at times I was sicker than I ever thought possible without dying. Most days I was too ill to get out of bed to stretch my legs or take a walk down the hall.

At one point, I lost my appetite and was down to 85 pounds. I was put on steroids, which helped me gain weight. They also bloated my abdomen. One of the worst side effects were the mouth sores. I needed heavy painkillers just to be able to talk and swallow. But the scariest thing for me was when my blood cell count dropped to a severe low, which made my immune system extremely weak and left me susceptible to catching anything.

“My lowest point came during my last round of chemotherapy, when I contemplated whether it was worth going through all this. I felt like just unplugging the IV and giving up. The day I got my Port-a-Cath surgically removed was a big deal.That meant the doctors thought I was really done. But as I entered the maintenance phase of my treatment — daily chemotherapy pills for two years — another deep, dark depression set in.”

 My life stopped, while the lives of my friends went on normally.


Loving Parents { Mom & Dad} that Never lose Faith…..

My relationships with my girlfriends and boyfriend were obviously not the same, and I was unsure of what to expect.

My amazing oncologist in Stanford Dr. Yuen worked closely with Dr. Cajee and Dr. Dighe Prasad


 I learned really quickly who my real friends were.



“Laura’s love, Craig

was so supportive when she was at her lowest, during her deepest depression.”


laura cancer free

I am now, praise God, in remission, and they say that five years cancer-free is a big deal, so I am blessed to be past that marker. Because of this ordeal, my life was changed — never again would a day go by without the word “Cancer” being openly discussed or, at a minimum, passing through the back of my mind.

More important, I was permanently changed.

I’d like to think that I am a little wiser, able to speak out.

Thankful to be cancer free.

When I have really bad days, I think back to the years of misery during my cancer ordeal. Here is the only photo from when I was bald and living on the oncology floor for daily chemo. My best friend Amber from San Diego flew all the way out to see me and give me a facial.

I will never forget her kindness when it mattered the most.

 “Primarily, I learned that I have a tremendous amount of Faith–in God, of course.

He was not a great influence in my life then, but He is now.”


The Healing Power of Action..!

Live your dream. Create your life. Live with intention. I love seeing how happy everyone is for summer break but it also makes me a little bit sad. There was a point in my life that I LIVED FOR weekends, holidays, vacations. I counted down the days and minutes of “work” so that I could get to my “life.” Then God opened my eyes to this opportunity and showed me that I really could have it all. Everyday feels like a vacation day for me. I thank God daily for that opportunity and all these posts from people so excited for a break reminds me to not take my life for granted. Blossom.

For nearly 15 years I have constructed a life of purpose and freedom. Rich in relationships, travel and even residual income. I was up for a promotion, breaking records, my business was actually booming in 7 different countries with hundreds of personal customers and I didn’t even see it coming. You never know why things happen at the time, but I believe there must be a reason. I ended up losing everything. I felt like my purpose had been taken away. I thought I was the ONLY ONE and I was in pure shock and went through a serious depression. The good news is that when thousands of Facebook friends and 10,000+ followers started reached out to me to find out if I was ok, and why I was no longer posting on Social Media, I learned I was not the only one! Many other leaders at the top experienced a very similar situation. Many of them lost even more than I had, and I had no idea!

Fast forward to when I was having some health challenges and contacted someone I respected in the health, wellness and fitness industry. This person used to be someone who took the products I offered before, and he was actually under me as one of my distributors. It was because of that relationship that I trusted him because he had a huge heart and was a wildly successful gym chain owner. My friend Carl was hardcore about ingredients–Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Non-Dairy, Non-Soy, Plant-Based, Anti-Inflammatory, Zero Sugar, and above all ALKALINE. It was very affordable and this all got my attention. Here is this leader in the industry choosing not to sell out and have all kinds of gimmicks or marketing-based products representing his gyms, but chose one company to share with his clients and put in all his gyms. It wasn’t just my friend who I trusted. It was also third party validation from so many experts in the medical field that were in my circles who I asked to evaluate it. I took my experience and passion to this company and can still bless others in an even better way. I am now under my friend as one of his distributors, and I’ve never been happier. I feel supported, valued, and deeply appreciated.

Prior to this path I was a teacher and loved it for awhile but it left me feeling lost and stuck; taking more than it gave. I probably could not survive for long on my teachers income, especially with changes with my husbands career!

When I was first introduced to this, I had several health challenges that very few people even knew I was wrestling with. I am now, thank God, symptom free. I feel like I have my life back and I feel better than ever…we have so many family and friends who already feel the same.
April 1, 2016, my husband Craig and I started sharing this Alkaline message because for the first time ever we truly felt a difference in our health within 24 hours–and we were not expecting that! We became a product of the product. Craig had breakthrough as someone who really takes care of himself everyday and still saw incredible results at the gym–he was setting records. He had better sleep at night, was not so sore, his acidic issues were no longer an issue, and he felt and looked 10 years younger–This July he turns 55! These kinds of feelings weren’t something we even felt while on so many other products. It’s one thing to be on something that is good for you like we were for more than a decade, but how powerful is it to feel better so fast? To KNOW something is going on in your body because you feel a positive effect is truly amazing. That is something we never experienced before.
We were blessed to be able to attend a regional training where we met some incredible human beings. We learned about how the acid-alkaline balance affects our cells, our health, and how we respond when you’re sick, how we recover, how we fight disease, and how we thrive. More than filling in the gaps, the body responds when it’s in balance just like it doesn’t respond when it’s out of balance, and that just made the pieces of the puzzle come together for us.

If you’ve ever flown you know Airplane️ you must secure YOURSELF before you can help others. Why do we so often come last? Give to everyone but leave little for our own health or happiness? Is that the legacy we want to leave for our kids? Not me! So when I found this “job opportunity” to build a health and wellness business, I ran with it. I liked the sound of working for myself, making my own hours ALL WHILE EMPOWERING HEALTH & FREEDOM FOR OTHERS. Glowing star
Now, I am back in the game with my husband as my partner! We have the pleasure of being a mentor and leading/helping others. My personal brand has always been wellness and whole food nutrition so that part has not changed. I am still helping to change lives, but now I get flooded with calls and emails of people with results from only hours, days or weeks on the products. I love how there is a money back guarantee in case people don’t love it as much as we know they will!
I get to help folks reach their goals via incredible transformations while partnering with great people AND I have a beautiful tribe of life changers and leaders I call my friends. I am only four people below the top of our company which is unreal. We enjoyed getting to know the SVP Philip Townsend. The CEO Jason Boreyko flew in and met with us in Sacramento, and we were very impressed with what he shared with us. His wife Tara is such a lovely person too! I’m so grateful to be working with a product developed by a world class Dr. Howard Cohn, who was so engaging to watch and made us laugh too. I am building a wonderful residual income that continually growsWhite up pointing backhand index and has freed up my Heavy black heart️ to pursue HIS audacious goals too! How’s that for a painful situation turned into something good?

Even though our focus is on a different level, we are doing incredible results and breakthroughs for people with health challenges like I’ve never experienced in my entire career! They’re fellow dreamers and crusaders in the fight to end obesity and other diseases that I have had and those I love have had and died from — from ALL walks to life!! Heavy black heart
Now I pay it forward by mentoring. I share the blessings of this opportunity that’s changed my life, body & heart on every level to others who know they’re called to do something bigger in this life. Who will value the freedom and life by design this business affords and choose to DO GOOD with this platform! So I invite YOU to learn more about SevenPoint2! I want to help you craft a life of your DREAMS by sharing your own health and fitness journey to inspire others! Sky is the limit!

Please learn more about a life changing product called 7.2: www.HealthRegeneration.SevenPoint2.com or email Laura [email protected] or call 858-922-6770 if you know anyone with health challenges who would like to talk…I’m here for them to help in any way I can.


… with so much healing, Laura is now Celebrating her very own BRIDAL SHOWER in 2012



Craig is going to love the Honeymoon,

and Laura says: ‘Ya gotta love the white lace bra and undies!’


..after all the healing,

a new stage in life begins for this WOMAN of ACTION,

Brava Laura!




Laura with her friends these days …





A Celebration of Women™

is honored and supports this Amazing Women in all her Efforts to Educate Cancer Survivors !



Godspeed, Laura!


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