WOMAN of ACTION™ – Laura Farago

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A Celebration of Women™

is elated to Celebrate the Life of this powerhouse of a woman, leading the way for all women to Take Action with their health, as she rises above all the challenges of CANCER.   This woman leader is now devoting her life to the health of all the women of our world.





Laura Farago


 Battling her Bone Cancer put a new focus on Friendship!

This is Her Story, in her Own Words………..


 “It was a tough fight but”, Laura Farago says,

“one she would have had a tough time winning without tried-and-true supporters”.


 “When I walked into the medical center, a feeling of dread overcame me.


A nurse guided us into an exam room, and I changed into a hospital gown.”


The doctor’s words were calm:

The sample of bone and tissue removed from your leg is malignant. Laura, the bone biopsy came back positive.

 You have bone Cancer.”



 My 21st birthday was just around the corner…

Everything that followed was a fog.


I remember the start of 11 months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments: the nurse inserting an IV needle into each arm, telling me that the doctor would soon surgically implant a Port-a-Cath into my chest. I remember watching as she slipped on a protective gown and latex gloves.


These chemicals eat skin,” she explained.


The chemicals worked like a forest fire. They scorched everything in their path, but the healthy stuff would eventually grow back.  Through those months of chemotherapy, at times I was sicker than I ever thought possible without dying. Most days I was too ill to get out of bed to stretch my legs or take a walk down the hall.

At one point, I lost my appetite and was down to 85 pounds. I was put on steroids, which helped me gain weight. They also bloated my abdomen. One of the worst side effects were the mouth sores. I needed heavy painkillers just to be able to talk and swallow. But the scariest thing for me was when my blood cell count dropped to a severe low, which made my immune system extremely weak and left me susceptible to catching anything.

“My lowest point came during my last round of chemotherapy, when I contemplated whether it was worth going through all this. I felt like just unplugging the IV and giving up. The day I got my Port-a-Cath surgically removed was a big deal.That meant the doctors thought I was really done. But as I entered the maintenance phase of my treatment — daily chemotherapy pills for two years — another deep, dark depression set in.”

 My life stopped, while the lives of my friends went on normally.


Loving Parents { Mom & Dad} that Never lose Faith…..

My relationships with my girlfriends and boyfriend were obviously not the same, and I was unsure of what to expect.

My amazing oncologist in Stanford Dr. Yuen worked closely with Dr. Cajee and Dr. Dighe Prasad


 I learned really quickly who my real friends were.



“Laura’s love, Craig

was so supportive when she was at her lowest, during her deepest depression.”


laura cancer free

I am now, praise God, in remission, and they say that five years cancer-free is a big deal, so I am blessed to be past that marker. Because of this ordeal, my life was changed — never again would a day go by without the word “Cancer” being openly discussed or, at a minimum, passing through the back of my mind.

More important, I was permanently changed.

I’d like to think that I am a little wiser, able to speak out.

Thankful to be cancer free.

When I have really bad days, I think back to the years of misery during my cancer ordeal. Here is the only photo from when I was bald and living on the oncology floor for daily chemo. My best friend Amber from San Diego flew all the way out to see me and give me a facial.

I will never forget her kindness when it mattered the most.

 “Primarily, I learned that I have a tremendous amount of Faith–in God, of course.

He was not a great influence in my life then, but He is now.”


The Healing Power of Action..!

Live your dream. Create your life. Live with intention. I love seeing how happy everyone is for summer break but it also makes me a little bit sad. There was a point in my life that I LIVED FOR weekends, holidays, vacations. I counted down the days and minutes of “work” so that I could get to my “life.” Then God opened my eyes to this opportunity and showed me that I really could have it all. Everyday feels like a vacation day for me. I thank God daily for that opportunity and all these posts from people so excited for a break reminds me to not take my life for granted. Blossom.

For nearly 15 years I have constructed a life of purpose and freedom. Rich in relationships, travel and even residual income. I was up for a promotion, breaking records, my business was actually booming in 7 different countries with hundreds of personal customers and I didn’t even see it coming. You never know why things happen at the time, but I believe there must be a reason. I ended up losing everything. I felt like my purpose had been taken away. I thought I was the ONLY ONE and I was in pure shock and went through a serious depression. The good news is that when thousands of Facebook friends and 10,000+ followers started reached out to me to find out if I was ok, and why I was no longer posting on Social Media, I learned I was not the only one! Many other leaders at the top experienced a very similar situation. Many of them lost even more than I had, and I had no idea!

Fast forward to when I was having some health challenges and contacted someone I respected in the health, wellness and fitness industry. This person used to be someone who took the products I offered before, and he was actually under me as one of my distributors. It was because of that relationship that I trusted him because he had a huge heart and was a wildly successful gym chain owner. My friend Carl was hardcore about ingredients–Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Non-Dairy, Non-Soy, Plant-Based, Anti-Inflammatory, Zero Sugar, and above all ALKALINE. It was very affordable and this all got my attention. Here is this leader in the industry choosing not to sell out and have all kinds of gimmicks or marketing-based products representing his gyms, but chose one company to share with his clients and put in all his gyms. It wasn’t just my friend who I trusted. It was also third party validation from so many experts in the medical field that were in my circles who I asked to evaluate it. I took my experience and passion to this company and can still bless others in an even better way. I am now under my friend as one of his distributors, and I’ve never been happier. I feel supported, valued, and deeply appreciated.

Prior to this path I was a teacher and loved it for awhile but it left me feeling lost and stuck; taking more than it gave. I probably could not survive for long on my teachers income, especially with changes with my husbands career!

When I was first introduced to this, I had several health challenges that very few people even knew I was wrestling with. I am now, thank God, symptom free. I feel like I have my life back and I feel better than ever…we have so many family and friends who already feel the same.
April 1, 2016, my husband Craig and I started sharing this Alkaline message because for the first time ever we truly felt a difference in our health within 24 hours–and we were not expecting that! We became a product of the product. Craig had breakthrough as someone who really takes care of himself everyday and still saw incredible results at the gym–he was setting records. He had better sleep at night, was not so sore, his acidic issues were no longer an issue, and he felt and looked 10 years younger–This July he turns 55! These kinds of feelings weren’t something we even felt while on so many other products. It’s one thing to be on something that is good for you like we were for more than a decade, but how powerful is it to feel better so fast? To KNOW something is going on in your body because you feel a positive effect is truly amazing. That is something we never experienced before.
We were blessed to be able to attend a regional training where we met some incredible human beings. We learned about how the acid-alkaline balance affects our cells, our health, and how we respond when you’re sick, how we recover, how we fight disease, and how we thrive. More than filling in the gaps, the body responds when it’s in balance just like it doesn’t respond when it’s out of balance, and that just made the pieces of the puzzle come together for us.

If you’ve ever flown you know Airplane️ you must secure YOURSELF before you can help others. Why do we so often come last? Give to everyone but leave little for our own health or happiness? Is that the legacy we want to leave for our kids? Not me! So when I found this “job opportunity” to build a health and wellness business, I ran with it. I liked the sound of working for myself, making my own hours ALL WHILE EMPOWERING HEALTH & FREEDOM FOR OTHERS. Glowing star
Now, I am back in the game with my husband as my partner! We have the pleasure of being a mentor and leading/helping others. My personal brand has always been wellness and whole food nutrition so that part has not changed. I am still helping to change lives, but now I get flooded with calls and emails of people with results from only hours, days or weeks on the products. I love how there is a money back guarantee in case people don’t love it as much as we know they will!
I get to help folks reach their goals via incredible transformations while partnering with great people AND I have a beautiful tribe of life changers and leaders I call my friends. I am only four people below the top of our company which is unreal. We enjoyed getting to know the SVP Philip Townsend. The CEO Jason Boreyko flew in and met with us in Sacramento, and we were very impressed with what he shared with us. His wife Tara is such a lovely person too! I’m so grateful to be working with a product developed by a world class Dr. Howard Cohn, who was so engaging to watch and made us laugh too. I am building a wonderful residual income that continually growsWhite up pointing backhand index and has freed up my Heavy black heart️ to pursue HIS audacious goals too! How’s that for a painful situation turned into something good?

Even though our focus is on a different level, we are doing incredible results and breakthroughs for people with health challenges like I’ve never experienced in my entire career! They’re fellow dreamers and crusaders in the fight to end obesity and other diseases that I have had and those I love have had and died from — from ALL walks to life!! Heavy black heart
Now I pay it forward by mentoring. I share the blessings of this opportunity that’s changed my life, body & heart on every level to others who know they’re called to do something bigger in this life. Who will value the freedom and life by design this business affords and choose to DO GOOD with this platform! So I invite YOU to learn more about SevenPoint2! I want to help you craft a life of your DREAMS by sharing your own health and fitness journey to inspire others! Sky is the limit!

Please learn more about a life changing product called 7.2: www.HealthRegeneration.SevenPoint2.com or email Laura Farago@yahoo.com or call 858-922-6770 if you know anyone with health challenges who would like to talk…I’m here for them to help in any way I can.


… with so much healing, Laura is now Celebrating her very own BRIDAL SHOWER in 2012



Craig is going to love the Honeymoon,

and Laura says: ‘Ya gotta love the white lace bra and undies!’


..after all the healing,

a new stage in life begins for this WOMAN of ACTION,

Brava Laura!




Laura with her friends these days …





A Celebration of Women™

is honored and supports this Amazing Women in all her Efforts to Educate Cancer Survivors !



Godspeed, Laura!


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  1. Greetings! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally
    got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Tx!
    Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you so much for rushing my order through today Laura, I was horrified upon returning for holiday to find that I had no shakes left!! I cannot live without them. They keep me on the straight and narrow.. and the kids beg me on a daily basis to make them. Seriously, they give me so much energy and I don’t crave sweet things, as they taste so good. I have lost 4kg in the past month effortlessly by replacing 1/2 meals per day. It’s a win win! xo

  3. Erika Majors says

    If you want a real life testimony I have one for you. I used to get colds about 3 times a year and would always catch the flu during the cold season. No matter what I did Juiced, Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacha I still would get sick. A friend in San Diego introduced me and my family to Juice plus in the summer of 2010… We are pretty health conscious and it sounded beneficial so we signed up… That very next cold season I didn’t catch a cold, didn’t have the flu and even though friends and co-workers around me went through and passed on rounds of the sickness, I was great. This went on for two years until I left my job and had a short stint of not knowing how I was going to pay my bills. I cut all extra spending which included my juice plus… Worst mistake I ever made the following cold/flu season I was sick as a dog.. with all the meds and days of laying in the bed I could have easily kept up with the payments.. But you live and you learn. Juice Plus really works.. It’s power packed, and worth every penny!

  4. So after a lovely conference call with the Italians the other night sharing my background and journey with them, its inspired me to write out my story on here to share with the world and hopefully it may inspire you in some way.

    In 2011 my brother, Rick, took it upon himself to improve his fitness for his Ice Hockey career. He came across a personal trainer in Bury named John Holowaty. Little did Rick know he was about to change his life. John, explaining the importance of Fruits, vegetables and berries in his diet was vital for recovery, improvement and best of all- health. Rick, being the 21yr old party animal didn’t care much about nutrition and so took John’s advice to start using Juice Plus.

    After roughly 4 weeks of Rick using Juice Plus, little to our knowledge what was going on, his behavior towards food changed naturally. He reached for the vegetable at dinner time, the families facial expression was one of they had seen a ghost!! We was all in shock, Rick hadn’t touched greens for 10 yrs. and we all wanted to know why the change now. He explained to us all about Juice Plus and me especially didn’t believe what he was showing me in his hands, 3 little pills one containing fruit powder, one veg and one berry. I refused to believe that had changed his health and nutrition. Rick took me to an event, pretty much kicking and screaming, but I went for him to support his new nutritional direction. At this point Rick was now involved in the business, which I didn’t know of at the time. I sat in the meeting listening to John speak about how Juice Plus can change peoples health and wealth. At the end of it I was really excited what this could bring to people and I was dying to get involved!!

    I started in the business, very excited to help people get healthier as well as improve my own. Back then nobody knew about Juice Plus and what it could do so getting the word out there was difficult but I was determined to make it work. Not many people aged between 18-30yrs old cared about what they put into their bodies and it was a real struggle to invite people to the possibilities of what it could bring. I pretty much bobbled along with the business and by this time Rick dropped out with his hockey taking over leaving me in the capable hands of John Holowaty. John persistently invited me to events and meetings which I turned down knowing people weren’t listening what I had to offer.

    I went along to a training day in Crewe with some amazing people. Susie Mitchell was there Lynda Clarke and lots of older much wiser people who were in some sort of superior position. Far greater than what I was, and I wondered how the hell I was going to do this business. We all went around the table sharing what we want from Juice Plus. I wanted it to help me be able to afford my own house whatever shape or form. It was a great day but I came away worried on how I was going to do it. I nearly gave up!!!

    Then one day John messaged me saying “Dude, I promise to leave you alone if you refuse this offer but we have a very exciting event happening in Bolton tomorrow night, Mark Colbourne a cyclist is coming speaking you need to hear him and some exciting new things are happening…”So I was definitely intrigued!! I went to the event, quite wary of what was about to happen. Hearing Mark Colbourne’s story inspired me in a way I never thought possible, he had my in tears and I couldn’t believe what I had heard. After hearing about the new products Juice Plus had brought out “Shape” I was now intrigued on where this business could take me. I was ready to really give it ago and give it my all after a little light bulb had been flicked on. I went home drew up some ideas and finally came up with something that would and did take over the UK by force.

    I took the Juice Plus Complete and put a simple tailored made nutrition plan behind each and every customer. The results I got from that was amazing. They spread like wild fire and with that drew people to be part of my team and to help me even more spread the message about good healthy weight loss and helping change peoples perception on how “diets” work and to live healthy.

    John then told me to draw up a vision board, which I shook off and never really took on board what he said. Something happened and my sub conscious made a decision to write the following: http://5adayeffect.tumblr.com/post/23288755615/wishlist

    I then one day reflected on the year after a few months of writing that blog and everything I ever wanted happened with out me thinking about it. I quickly rang John and told him and said I was on board with making up a vision board. I was achieving them so quickly I had to keep making more and more.

    My background is a simple one. Starting the business I was living with my mum and dad and working within the family business as a operations manager. It wasn’t very exciting and I spent the majority of the time asleep or twiddling my thumbs but after the countless number of jobs I had where I was never happy or successful, I was just happy to be working around my family who I trusted not to hurt me like the previous positions did. I was never on the best wage too I worked part time in a restaurant for extra money so I could live the lifestyle I wanted which was pretty much just to get by and have a little bit of a social life. The people I spent my time with weren’t the right people prior to Juice Plus, I wasn’t in the right relationships and I felt like I didn’t have any meaning to my life, I was pretty much just going with the flow.

    So knowing I could be someone and something in this business I put everything I had- my blood, sweat and tears in to it and worked all hours to get The Skinny Rules powered by Juice Plus up and running and known. It quickly duplicated and I had made SSC from being SDD in April 12 by Autumn 2012. It was an exciting time for me as I had finally reached a point where I believed I can reach to the top. So many others were following in my footsteps and I was excited to help their dreams come true too.

    Something unexpected happened all of a sudden- one of my vision boards had come true thanks to Juice Plus for making it happen for me and giving me the financial freedom to purchase my first property in Bolton a cute little restored cotton mill apartment. I finally had my own place!!!!

    October 2012 I messaged Chris about the opportunity being a personal trainer to get involved which was something I really wanted to happen for my business. To sweeten the deal offered a chance to come to Rome all paid for and really experience what Juice Plus had to offer and we became great friends. I was so thrilled had a fitness pro in my team!!!!

    In November 2012 myself and another team member had the incentive to go to Rome room and flight paid for… both excited we smashed the incentive and was on our way to Italy. Our budding little group hopped on a plane and little did we know we would all come back and be hugely successful!! I came home and had to make some important decisions in my life, which where the hardest and scariest thing to do but for once in my life I had to think about me and unfortunately me and my partner at the time went our separate ways. I had to step up as an adult and live solo in my new place but I was so excited!! I spent a few months working hard on my business and concentrating on me, I cheered my self up and bought a mini countryman. That was another one ticked off my wish list on my blog!!

    In this time, I had achieved an incentive set to me if I went to QNMD before Christmas I could go to the Long Beach Conference in California all paid for, again I smashed it and could wait for Spring!! It was just what my spirits needed. Towards end of December an unexpected person decided to appear in my life- Chris, the personal trainer seeking some business advice. Our friendship grew from there and started a relationship. I was so happy!!!!! Chris made my world complete and shared many adventures together in the spring.

    In April, we upped and left to go to the Long Beach conference where the month before had achieved NMD and Club 39… I was just utterly thrilled. Long beach was the time of our life!! We spent a few days in a luxury retreat in Huntington Beach Resort, being a club 39 member we was invited here. We then headed down to Long beach to the conference- going on the QE2 and speaking in front of 6,000 people was definitely the high light!!! Afterwards I achieved my dream of visiting Hollywood and see Los Angeles- it was truly amazing!

    We came back and my business exploded even more, my business was getting bigger and bigger. So me and Chris took some time out and headed to Dubai for a week (never thought a year a go I would be in Dubai). Here I made another mile stone in my life and got engaged!!!! I couldn’t believe it and was over the moon how Chris had chosen to spend the rest of his life with me. What a roller coaster 6 months. At this time I had gone from earning £800 a month to pretty much earning that a week. I was (still am) so happy I could be truly full filled in every way- my job, my relationship, my true friends and the support I had around me, even to this day.

    Pretty soon after that I made International Marketing Director ticking off another vision board entry. I had gone from not knowing who I was or where I was going- to having the most amazing life and its only getting better and better. And its only getting better because I focus on helping people get what they want. Its the greatest gift you can give!! If you was given this opportunity to live how YOU WANTED TO LIVE what would you say?

    I made small decisions over the course of 18months to make my life better and happier and what this business brings to you is people. People who care about you and its no thanks to the people I have around me who have made me who I am today… Chris of course, my brothers Rick & Heath, John my mentor, Simon the UK director, Side line buddies, my parents Kath and Alan, my second dad Alex, my friends they know who they are and most of all my team for sticking by me.

    Big Love,
    Katie Olivia

  5. Candace Corson says

    I learned about Juice Plus+ from a friend. It made sense to me because I was looking for better nutrition for my children. Her health had deteriorated due to a toxic change in their food intake from vending machines in our schools. My husband (George Knowles, M.D) and I decided to include Juice Plus+ in our family’s grocery money because it made sense to us. As doctors, we’ve embraced and taught the power of healing through plant-based nutrition. Because Juice Plus is safe, remarkably effective and thoroughly documented, we felt the ethical responsibility to share it. We believe we can make a bigger difference in people’s health by sharing Juice Plus+ than we can by seeing patients in an office. The business was a great fit because of my professional goals to make a difference in transforming how our nation (and the world) feeds the current and coming generations.
    Dr. Candace Corson, National Marketing Director & 100 Club Member! Also a 7 time Elton Award nominee and 2011 Elton Award 39 Club Member of the Year!
    Professional Background:
    Family & Integrative Medicine
    Served in the United States Public Health Service’s National Health Service Corps
    National Health Educator & Speaker
    Yale College, BA Summa Cum Laude
    Yale University School of Medicine, M.D. 1976
    University of Rochester, Family Medicine Residency

  6. Alison Hamlin-Hughes says

    A few years ago I developed/manifested (however you want to look at it) Oseoarthritis in my fingers and wrists. Being a Creative Artist, as you can imagine, it made it impossible for me to carry on with my art, as I could not even pick coins up out of my purse, never mind hold a knife to create something, I had to wear splints on my wrists to stop them moving as it was so painful, and I had to put my hands in a paraffin wax bath each night. The Occupational Therapist told me that they would eventually fuse my finger joints together SHOCK HORROR!! The doctors words were “it can only get worse.” I felt like my creative life was over…. I had a vision board at home, and on it was a picture of a black Mercedes SLK, and underneath that was a picture of a hand with long slender fingers (no inflamed joints lol) After a while, I was invited to a radio station to talk about Crystal Healing and things to promote a local Mind Body Spirit fair. As I arrived in the car park, I spotted one of these black Mercedes like on my vision board, once inside the studio, I met a lady who asked me about my diet, we spoke briefly about green smoothies and then she told me that she had 26 fruits veggies & berries in 6 capsules everyday. I was amazed!! After the radio show, I went back out to my car, and the black Mercedes was just pulling away… guess who was driving…THAT LADY who told me about those Juice Plus capsules. For the next couple of days, I could not stop thinking about these capsules. I wondered how do they get that much nutrition from 26 fruits/veggies/berries in capsules…I was racking my brain. THEN at the Mind Body Spirit fair the following weekend, the stand next to mine was….you guessed it….Juice Plus, with the lovely Lynda Clarke, we chatted all day and decided I wanted to try it. I learned from Lynda that the lady with the black Mercedes was actually NMD Susie Mitchell!!! So I started taking the capsules, and within a couple of weeks I was noticing the difference in my skin & how I felt, my energy levels were booming. After 3 months, I no longer had inflamed joints, I didn’t need my wrist splints, and my hands where almost pain free…how amazing!!! Nobody had ever mentioned to me about the effects of my diet on the arthritis… I found I had the use of my hands back so I could get back to my creative world. So mine is story full of synchronicities, the black Mercedes & the slender hand on my vision board where connected by Susie Mitchell, who is now my friend & my mentor (Vision Boards are SO important) So here I am , able to create beautiful work of art again, thanks to Juice Plus! I love the third party research on how JP+ reduces Systematic Inflammation: http://teamjp.net/health/inflammation.shtml

  7. Griselda Cann Mussett says

    I have recently (and to me, weirdly) been experiencing some arthritis – very unwelcome, but it may be the side-effect of tamoxifen or some other estrogen suppressing medication. Anyway, I reckon this is basically inflammation and doubled up my Juice Plus. The symptoms are definitely reduced each day I do this, and they get worse if I miss my JP or only have the standard no of capsules. This is not a cure, or reaching the real cause of this arthritis, but it is definitely helping with pain, stiffness and anxiety.

  8. Kandi Broyles says

    Thanks for your kind words Jettie! Yes we married one year ago (5-11-12 on Ko’Olina Beach) and there are photos after our vows if you want to see? http://vimeo.com/42384862

  9. Laura,
    What an inspiration you are to so many of us survivors!!!
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer the first time at age 27. That was THIRTY-TWO years ago. Juice Plus+ is my “piece of mind” regimen and I will never not take my JP+!
    Keep on educating people who want to improve their lives, you are making a difference!
    Hugs and prayers to you!
    Keep beating cancer!

  10. Laura, you are inspiring. To have gone through what you did at such a very young age and to come past it with such a beautiful attitude is more than amazing. I have gotten to ‘know you’ through FB posts the past few months and now directed to this link and get to see a much deeper side of you. I look forward to getting to meet you. Have you had the wedding yet? What a wonderful, fun time planning a wedding and getting married is. All the best to you, Jettie

  11. Tonya Jolly says

    . A nurse friend of mine from MD Anderson recommended it to me when a friend of mine was going through radiation. During that time it was 4 of the fruit in the morning and 4 of the vegetables in the evening… I have no doubt that it helped tremendously .. It has been close to 15 years now, and so far all is well !

  12. Kandi Broyles says

    My name is Kandi, I am a Juice Plus customer and most recently a distributor.
    My story starts at the age of 15; I developed severe joint pain and fatigue along with minor other symptoms and the doctor diagnosed depression but I disagreed and refused meds so had to suffered through. Then at the age of 21, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl who though born at 38 weeks was only 5 lbs and had a kidney problem. Soon after her birth my joint pain rendered me useless. I could not pick her up, or get in the floor with her, and the fatigue was the worst it had ever been and not to mention my naturally tan beautiful skin had become pale and pastie (I am Native Descent and the darkest of my siblings). Yet again the doctor said depression and just being a new mom and again I said NO, something is wrong! Shortly after my daughter’s first birthday I finally put all my symptoms together and realized they sounded exactly like my grandma so I contacted her rheumatologist. I was seen a week later and a week after that I had a diagnoses, Lupus! With the relief of knowing I was right and something was wrong with me came the long battle to get it under control and the dangerous meds, though they helped never really made me feel 100%. My husband and I wanted 1 more child so we started trying and at the age of 24 was told I would be unable to maintain a pregnancy due to the lupus, although devastated I saw my daughter as my miracle and continued managing my lupus as best I could.
    In the spring before my 25th birthday I was introduced to Juice Plus and figured it was worth a shot at this point nothing could make me feel worse. Within a month my Lupus was in full remission and I felt better then I had since I was a teenager, I even stopped taking my Lupus meds. My skin was back to its bronze glow and everyone commented on the difference. My daughter’s kidneys are 100% as well.
    The biggest surprise came in December when I discovered I was pregnant, I did not get my hopes up but doubled up on my juice plus instead of taking prenatal and in September of 2012 at 38 weeks gave birth to a healthy 7 lbs 5 oz baby girl! She is perfect in every way and the doctor and nurses were amazed that her cord and placenta were the largest they had ever seen. Now 6 months later I have had 1 flare only and still med free and going full breast feeding without any health issues I had with my first! Another surprise came when I awoke from having my tubal ligation surgery. The doctor informed me I had had severe endometriosis but there was no sign except extreme scarring that should have rendered me infertile.
    I thank Juice Plus and God everyday for my health, my daughter’s health, and my baby girl who should not be here! Juice Plus really did change my life!

  13. I was told I would be unable to conceive again and after starting juice plus became pregnant, prenatals make me incredibly sick so instead I took double JP. In sept I gave birth to a extremely healthy baby girl whose cord and placenta were the largest and healthiest the dr and nurses had ever seen and born at the exact same gestational week as her older sister (38) she was 2 lbs heavier at 7.5 over her sister tiny 5lbs. I’m going 6 months strong breast feeding still taking double and baby girl is in the 56% weight over big sisters 23% but same in height

  14. I was exclusively breastfeeding my daughter, she was 3 months old when I started taking Juice Plus. Prior to, she had some dry patches on her skin… after taking JP those patches went away and her skin got super soft. It was the main change in my life that then led me to make better food choices that improved things even more for both of us. Nutrition is so important, it is our life!

  15. SueAnn Schall Vice says

    Juice PLUS+ has literally turned my health around in the last six months. I have had fibromyalgia for many years and it had continued to become increasingly difficult for me to complete every day tasks much less move without a great deal of effort and pain to the point that my hair hurt and my children could not touch me. I was consuming massive amounts of prescription medicine just to be able to get out of bed and function somewhat~that was on a good day. I was to the point that my health care team was prescribing medicine and the pharmacist was asking me to carefully research if the benefits would outweigh the side effects and the long term effects because these medications were pretty powerful. I spent many hours researching alternative treatments as well~ I was desperate for anything that would help the littlest bit. I was skeptical, but desperate, and started taking JP the end of July/first of August last year. For the first 2 – 3 months, I was not as diligent as I should have been about making sure I took it. In fact, truth be told, I almost stopped taking it because of the additional detox symptoms I was experiencing and because, as Susan Cathcart mentioned with her client, I didn’t think I was experiencing that much of a change or at least one that I could measure on a regular basis. People with chronic pain and disease tend to operate on a much shorter time frame and tolerance level for how long we are willing to give something a try before we decide it is not working—possibly because we are in a constant state of not feeling good…(sick and tired of being SO sick and tired) the lines begin to blur about when the last time was and how it feels to actually feel good. Thankfully Aundria Votaw Kirchhoff introduced me to another JP rep who had fibromyalgia and was having great success with taking an increased dosage of JP as well as doing some other things such as making sure she was drinking enough water every day, changing some things in her diet, etc…Jake Derr has been invaluable for providing me with nutritional information and health information and correlating the connection between diet, nutrition, and health and disease in a way that I can understand. I do spend more money on JP because my monthly supply does not last me 30 days. However, I am happy to report that I am completely free of any costs for prescription medicines and regular doctor visits. Today, I do not take ANY prescription medicines and I am able to walk about 2 miles a day. Sure, I am a little short of breath, but that is only because I am out of shape. I have made many other changes that have contributed to my change in health as well such as keeping track of the amount of water I drink, trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, less grains (been experimenting with gluten free a little), incorporating more almond milk and less cow’s milk, and focusing on positive surroundings, an attitude of gratefulness, and the power of laughter. I am sure all of these things continue to work together in my journey of health, however, the ONE THING that has remained consistent, especially these last 3 months has been my intake of JP. The only regret I have is that I wish I would have known about it sooner and not been so skeptical about the connection between diet/nutrition and disease. Of course, even I know that JP is not a “miracle cure” however, these “fruits and vegetables” gave me something far more important and priceless than that….they gave me back my life! ~SueAnn Schall Vice

  16. Hello, I’m adding a little something about giving Juice Plus+ to your babies and toddlers. First of all, it is just whole food fruits and veggies, which are completely safe for everyone from zero til death. I opened the capsules and put the powder in food or whatever else was going in. Such a great support for the growing immune system. You can just do half a cap at each feeding. You can never get enough of these nutrients. The body will just eliminate what is not needed. You will see a difference at that end too.

    If they are eating chunky foods, just use the chews and cut them up, if necessary. My 10 and 11 year old boys have never had an antibiotic and rarely get sick of any kind. I find this priceless!!

  17. So my new OBGYN got the lab results in from my initial Ohio screening and he said it was perfect! I am a woman who has had low iron, abnormal paps during pregnancy, etc.. but everything was PERFECT. So I said to him, oh it’s the JuicePlus+ and he said, yes it is! And I said, you know about JuicePlus+ and he said he’s been using JuicePlus+ for years and swears by it.

    I KNOW THAT JP+ HAS BEEN RESEARCHED AND RECOMMENDED BY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS ALL ACROSS THE WORLD, BUT MY OBGYN?! How coooool! He even said to me that to be honest you wouldn’t even need a prenatal… they don’t do much in the scope of things because they are synthetic. He’s also a distributer!

    If I didn’t have another reason to love this guy even more (because he delivered my first child and I trust him a lot), he’s also a JuicePlus+ distributer. A distributer!! Yes, that means he believes in JuicePlus+ enough to sell it to people he knows. LIKE ME!

  18. I began JuicePLUS+ in Dec of 2006 to replace isolated vitamins never realizing what consistent nutrition would do for me. I was taking several prescriptions for heart and digestive issues but was medicine free in 2 years of beginning JuicePLUS+ as my health improved. I am still overweight but am eating better and working toward losing in the upcoming months…..

  19. “WOO HOO!!!! Just had the greatest news!!! I have had asthma since I was a child. I have been on Advair and albuterol for years. I have been taking Juice Plus+ for one year. I stopped the Advair and albuterol around May. Just went to my asthma doctor and had an A+ on my lung function test!!!
    “Jodi Swirczek, Health & Wellness Coach with Juice Plus+

  20. Mary Lynn Garlock Poe says

    I first heard about JP from my sister when I was dealing with an autoimmune disorder. I was looking for a way to get healthier. I went the prednisone route and knew I didn’t want to do that long term. I then went to a homeopathic doctor who put me on $300 a month of vitamins. I did that for three years and ended up in ICU with an enlarged heart, spleen and fluid on my lungs. My general practioner thinks I had a toxic reaction to all those vitamins in my body. That’s when I was open to learning more about the relationship between nutrition and disease. It’s not a quick fix and it’s not a miracle drug…it’s fruits and veggies. But it helped to fill in the gap between what I should be eating and I what I was eating. In a year’s time my blood was normal and I was symptom free. It certainly has been the simplest way I’ve been able to make the biggest difference in my health. I never miss a day! All four of my kids and my husband and myself have been on JP+ 12 years now. Best decision I ever made.

  21. Tom Corson-Knowles says

    Wow! I’ve been looking back on my life today and it seems like another lifetime ago when I used to have horrible acne, chronic bronchitis and Osgood-Schlatter disease and was taking a new antibiotic almost every month. After just a few months of taking Juice Plus+, it all cleared up and I’ve been off all medications now for over a decade! I’ve been taking Juice Plus+ for over 12 years and I wouldn’t want to go a single day without it! For those of you who don’t know what Juice Plus+ is, it’s basically 26 fresh, raw, vine-ripened fruits, vegetables, and berries that are juiced and dehydrated into powder. The produce powders are then put into capsules or vegan gummies for easy daily consumption. Today Juice Plus+ has been on the market for over 19 years and there are over 24 published clinical studies showing that it helps improve human health and physiology. I am so grateful!

  22. Elizabeth Washington says

    An amazing story of survival against all odds.. Stay strong my friend. Thank so much for sharing ((hugs)))

  23. Genave Haugen says

    I am still taking two red fruit capsules of Juice Plus+ and then few hours or later in the day two green vegetable capsules I definitely feel it doing something in my body. I have also changed my diet and my lifestyle. I’m on day 10 of this life change and sticking to it!!! Thank you Laura — whether you know it or not — you are a big part of this spring into a new lifestyle…not just by promoting JuicePlus+ but also your postings, your inspring words/advice, your STORY, you as a person are truly inspiring even via Facebook! I’m sure im not he first person to tell you that! Have a good day and be in touch!

  24. Laurie Young Anderson says

    Thank you for sharing your story Laura! I can so relate to the emotional “darkness” that surrounds chemotherapy. It’s a palpable thing. I am so sorry about the awful physical side effects you suffered. I am blessed that my holistic and nutritional support during chemo prevented many of those for me. I rejoice that your faith is now in the Lord! I pray that you continue to be healthy, and cancer will fade to a memory. One that has changed you, yes, but not beaten you! I heard once, and I believe it’s true “I wouldn’t wish cancer on anyone… but i would wish the experience on everyone.” There is an amazing refining that goes on in the process of the cancer journey. I know God in a way I never would have apart from this, and for that I am grateful! I look forward to meeting you!

  25. You are truly an inspiration, Laura. I always look forward to your new posts on FB. Juice Plus+ has been a life-saver for me and I will tell you why:

    I have had Crohn’s disease for nearly 35 years. I have been in and out of hospitals, on and off medications and having to know where the restrooms are at all times when going out in public. I wasn’t able to eat many great vegetables because they would trigger the Crohn’s and make me miserable. Even though I absolutely love to eat healthy, with the seeds in whole grain products, fresh fruits and the fibers in the vegetables, it was almost impossible to eat without living on the bathroom floor through the night. For years, I would limit myself to 1 salad a week that I would SO enjoy and then cook the heck out of every other vegetable to allow them to pass easily. It wasn’t until a relentless friend of mind wouldn’t let up until I attended a wellness gathering almost 2 years ago. There I heard Dr. Mike Ewald and Wendy Erdman. Even though it all made sense, I was reluctant, but decided I would try Juice Plus+. if for nothing else … to shut my friend up!

    Little did I know that within a month my body was already making changes. Within 3 months I was screaming with delight – I was having normal bowel movements & that might sound funny to some, but when you are use to not having the normal – THIS IS HUGE. I am now eating tons of whole grains, fruits and vegetables which my body is craving AND I am off ALL medication. I”m truly in amazment how my body has changed – I haven’t had soda (pop) or sugary drinks in over a year – I love the taste of water now. This boggles my mind – I tell people I just can’t explain it. I do know now though that with all the research how powerful eating fruits and vegetables are, it’s a no-brainer that Juice Plus+ IS the next best thing.

    Keep the great posts coming, Laura and I just hope one day I’ll be able to meet you in person with a big hug 🙂

  26. Matt Mosby says

    I never go without taking my Juice Plus. 30 years in the vitamin biz and I have not seen a better formula. In my opinion, not taking my Juice Plus could be compared to walking through the Fukushima Nuclear Plant wearing flip flops and a pair of shorts. 😉

  27. KMElizabeth says

    Laura, After reading your story and watching the videos, I can see why you’re so passionate about health, physical activity and nutrition. You’re an inspiration for many and so glad that you chose to share your story. Best of all, you’re doing well and are healthy and beautiful. My mother has leukemia and I had a pre cancerous condition at one time, however, I presently have something that is being watched for any changes and pray doesn’t turn into cancer. I know with what you’ve shared and other medical reports I’ve read have made me want to take better care of myself, my mother and son. I truly believe fresh fruits and vegetables in their most natural form are best for our bodies and if diligent with a more plant based diet, one can improve health, reverse certain medical conditions ie heart disease, diabetes,etc. The difficult part is maintaining this lifestyle one might say, however, after all you’ve presented here and what I’ve read and heard about this past year, your generosity with sharing so much of yourself and the health benefits of all the aspects mentioned in the video are without a doubt the way to live. and not wait for something to go wrong before doing so. Unfortunately doesn’t always work that way, but getting the knowledge and resources out to the public is the best anyone can do. God Bless You Laura, wish you the best of health to last a lifetime. You’ve inspired me and can’t wait to become more pro active in the choices I make so I too can become healthier and get my life back and be able to do the things I used to do. Won’t go into my medical problems here, however, will tell you that getting back to nature both physically and nutritionally should be my saving grace at this point in my life, then it’s up to me to maintain so I too can have a healthier life and one day write my success story too. Biggest of hugs to you {{{LAURA}}} Elizabeth

  28. Kerri Mackenzie says

    Your story touched my heart, Laura. It reminded me of the strength that lies deep inside us all. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience… you’re truly an inspiration! Be well, my friend.

  29. Andrea Sivertsen says

    Laura, Thank you for adding me as your facebook friend and for sharing your story with me! You are truly a remarkable lady and I look forward to getting to know you and becoming better acquainted. Make it a great day! xoxox A;)

  30. Matt Mosby says

    I never go without taking my Juice Plus. 30 years in the vitamin biz and I have not seen a better formula.

  31. Griselda Cann Mussett says

    It’s amazing how many people (including me at first) believe they are eating enough fruits and veggies, but when I tried JuicePlus+ it was a revelation. I had NOT been eating enough. The capsules made a profound difference in my health, energy, appearance, sleep & immunity. Extraordinary.

  32. 15 hours ago
    Jim Elliott

    I just started my 16th year post Quadruple bypass surgery and I am better now than I have been in 30 years. Just turned 70 in September! Isn’t Juice Plus wonderful?

    Someone I was talking to about Juice Plus not long ago asked me, “What differences have there been in your life since you started taking Juice Plus?” My reply was, “Only one, I am still on this side of the grass!” She became a customer that day.

  33. I was introduced to Juice Plus+ almost 19 years ago and it made sense to me because I knew I wasn’t eating enough fruits and vegetables and neither was my husband or my four children. We will never stop eating Juice Plus+ because the health benefit are so great, I haven’t seen a medical doctor since I gave birth to my youngest son and he will be 21 years old in the spring, more importantly from a 50+ year old woman perspective, I love that Juice Plus+ keeps me young.

    I decided to get more serious about the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise Opportunity when I left my job as a Family Counselor/Behaviour Specialist a few year ago, out of frustration that “we medicate our children without ever talking about what they are eating and drinking.”
    The personal development over the years has been a blessing and I am thankful for the JP+ VF opportunity!!

  34. Demi Augustine says

    Did I tell you that since taking Juice Plus now it will be TWO years since I’ve caught a cold or flu!

  35. Laura,
    You are such a beautiful young woman! I can’t imagine the fear and pain you experienced! I’m happy for you to stand out and tell others how best to help those suffering like you did. And I’m glad you made the movie so we can hear it in your words!

  36. Laura, you look so healthy and happy. You’ve met the beast, beat it down, and now share with others on how to reclaim their health and live the good life. You told me you were ‘t a writer by trade, but you have a way with words. Guess it helps if it’s coming from the heart, right?

    Well, taking you up on your invitation to share my site with your followers. It’s http://www.1UpOnCancer.com. I only do the positive, like you! Lots on ways we can take care of ourselves, backed by research, organizations doing awesome things for survivors, a Freebies and Discounts for Cancer Patients page, etc. Hope you visit. 🙂


  37. Beautiful blog Laura. The ups and downs are so frequently experienced by many but you have the ability to put words where feelings are. Well done to you and best wishes for a continuing good health.
    Anna 🙂

  38. Please take a look at my friend’s site here. I do not work for every organic company out there, nor do I work for JP, I just support good REAL food supplement companies such as this one. So if you are unable to get your daily real greens and veggies and fruits, then take a look at these real organic food additions. 🙂

  39. It is much cheaper to prevent than it is to treat disease and Don and I always say that we do not know how many thousands of dollars Juice Plus+ has saved us since we added it to our diets in 1997. We need to continue to share with people so more and more people don’t have to go through what you ladies have gone through!

  40. My Dear Friend Laura,

    I am so thankful everyday to call you my friend! I am a firm believer people’s paths cross for a reason and truly God brought us together! Your open and honest approach on life is beyond words. Your spirit goes without saying and surpasses many. People around the world have been touched and are touched by you. The first day I saw your Facebook Page I knew what an incredible person you are! It is so sad that in a world as great as ours, we are still faced with horrible diseases like Cancer, HIV, PML and countless others .Together by sharing our stories on a global scale, perhaps we can educate the people of our world so that they will have a better understanding. Sadly, we both have lost two very important people in our lives! My daughter Courtney died two years ago of PML and your dear mother past away 2 years ago of bowel cancer. Many lives will still be lost not only to these horrible diseases until one day, hopefully a cure will be found. It is my belief that our combination of faith and the blending of of our voices crying out for much needed awareness will indeed make a difference and our world a better place! Thank you for all that you have done my friend and your continued support you have shown my family. Laura Farago_A true Woman of Action in every since of the word!.

  41. nice post. thanks.

  42. Dear Laura, I think that a lot of your cure was helped by your youth, previous good health and fabulous medical treatment. I am dying of my cancer and it is because I am old and have been unhealthy for five undiagnosed years and poverty controls my treatments. I am so glad that you will live longer and better now. Young people should always win this battle.
    One diet, one pill, one infusion, one anything is not the answer, not yet. It is a total lifestyle change and with pollution all pervasive, it is a half successful fight, because who can fight the air and water and particulates on the foods………..?? Who can fight grinding medical poverty and helplessness?

    Live long and prosper, dear, long and have many children or do great things with your extra added hours.
    Sincerest best wishes, Abuelita April

  43. I am so glad you enjoying what you read and appreciated the health information! If you would like to recieve quarterly Prevention Plus Health Newsletters, feel free to email me at laurafarago@yahoo.com and check out my other site: https://acelebrationofwomen.org/?p=49332

  44. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn anything like this before. So nice to search out somebody with some original ideas on this subject. realy thanks for beginning this up. this website is something that is wanted on the internet, someone with a little bit originality. helpful job for bringing one thing new to the internet!

  45. Hgey Laura! This is a great website! I think this is the one where I can share my story…

    Health has been a big part of my life most of my life. I am 30 years old right now (May 2011) and I have had open heart surgery 3 times. The 1st time I had open – heart surgery I was 4 1/2. It’s a little complex to type all out here, but I was in and out of the hospital in a couple weeks. After that I have always gone to yearly check-ups to monitor my heart. Over time my cardiologist noticed that my aorta valve (the Main pump in the human body) was getting progressively wider. They hoped that because I was so young it would heal itself and not need to be operated on… Well time went on and I lived an average life. Then one morning when I was 16 I ended up having to have my 2nd surgery. During my 2nd open – heart surgery the doctors withheld oxygen from my brain, causing me to suffer several strokes and seizures… After that I was in a coma. My family was told I would never wake up. IF I did I would do nothing… Not talk, walk, see… Nothing but lay there. The doctors tried to get my family to pull the plug. This was After I died, also after my right lung collapsed… After they “lost” me and told my mom to contact family members bc I was gone. My mom fell to the floor and prayed her heart out. Not long after that a nurse came back in the rm saying Never mind! We got her intibated and her eyes are reacting! She’s still in a coma, but she’s alive!!!

    A while after that they weened me off the machines and my mom was praying next to my bed, asking God to Please let her hear her baby talk again. I replied to her He talks to me. She asked WHO talks to you Heather?! I said God does. My mom said she flipped out! She went running into the nurses station saying God talks to my baby! God talks to my baby! Over and over. She said they thought she was having a break down… Lost it,,, Cracked… Until the nurse that was in the rm with us when I said it came in the rm and said, She did say that..

    So after that I had to go to rehab to relearn how to do EVERYTHING other then talk. I could not move my left side at all for weeks. I went from being Completely independent to Totally Dependent.

    I am so very grateful to be able to tell you that I can move my left side, I got rid of the wheelchair, and now I get around quite well. I still walk with a walker which I’m trying to get rid of. And I’m in tip top shape as far as my health goes! 🙂

    Oh my 3rd surgery was in 2007 and I was in and out of the hospital in less then one week. I attribute that to God and my health being so good. 🙂

    I started taking Juice Plus+ a couple months ago and I thing it’s fantastic! I already take good care of myself and I’m in school to earn my certification in Holistic Health. So I know a lot more then the average person about health and nutrition. Juice Plus+ passes My test and I’m happy to recommend it to family, friends, AND clients! 🙂

  46. Juice plus+ is indeed Great! I’m happy to have found it and Extremely happy to take it As well as endorse it. I am VERY PICKY/CHOOSY about ANYthing I put in my body! The fact that JP passed My test says A LOT! I want to share it with Everyone!

  47. Soooooooooooo GRATEFUL for Juice Plus! something I first learned of and had been interested in for the last four years actually… Its a capsule that contains nothing other then 17 different fruits and veggies! It sounds crazy but the science behind it is ingenious and I have been able to watch it do amazing things through people that I know and trust in health issues, who take it and first showed it to me! Its amazing… I have been learning a LOT about health as it interests me to no end…I love Herbal remedies and essential oils and have been learning this year more then ever the VITAL importance, healing power of what God made for us just in simple FRUITS AND VEGGIES.. I am amazed…Because of what I have been learning, I started juicing…I love juicing…but its super pricey and hard to FIND good fruits and veggies that are not pesticide treated and whatnot… I had forgotten about juice plus that I had looked into so much a few years ago, but had decided NOT KNOWING what I know now, that it was just not a possible thing for us to do financially at that time. Knowing what we do now I am sure that my husband and I might have done about anything to make it possible, but back then my Husband was in Grad school ect..lol..Many can relate to those days I’m sure! Any way.. There is endless research on this product that has been around and studied on so many different levels and in my eyes its an amazing solution to juicing…now I can just juice for fun instead of all the mess and clean up everyday of the many things I juice and wish I could find to juice, but is not available that can’t even compare to the amounts of vital nutrients I can get taking juice plus each and every day. You can see in Laura’s awesome pics above all the veggies and fruits! You can not buy even one or two Organic fruits or veggies for the cost of JP daily, yet alone ALL OF THOSE EVERY DAY!!!! TO ME…its just a no brainer! What could be more important to budget in, no matter what our lifes situation! I give our 10 month old the Childrens gummy Juice Plus broken up for her and she loves it! I feel sooooo good about giving her Juice Plus, to me it is the next best thing to my own breast Milk….HOW do you put a price on something like this? Its a great deal for SOOO MUCH!!!!!!! WOW! We are grateful for Juice Plus and the friends I have shared it with that have seen amazing changes and healing in their lives from Juice Plus! Could go on and on…JUICE PLUS IS A MUST FOR MY FAMILY!!!!!! ESSENTIAL FOR OUR HO– USEHOLD! =)

  48. Thanks so much for the kind words! What is your cousins name so I can thank her? Are you and I Facebook friends?

  49. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  50. At 29, I felt as though I were 90. Nearly every joint in my body was causing me severe pain. I was constantly running a low-grade fever and had incredible fatigue. In bed two or more days a week, I had little quality of life, and the fear of my health becoming worse filled my mind and dominated my behavior. I started taking handful’s of vitamins each day, but that did not help. During that miserable year of pain, I was on several anti-inflammatory drugs and was seeing a combination of seven different medical professionals seeking diagnosis and treatment. That list included my family physician, an internist, two orthopedics, a rheumatologist, a physical therapist, massage therapist, and a biofeedback consultant. My medical bills skyrocketed, despite excellent health insurance.
    After ruling out cancer and Crohn’s disease, the diagnosis finally came as fibromyalgia and Lupus lupus, both of which are autoimmune diseases. I never expected to be seriously ill while so young and became very depressed about my future. Then by chance, I was introduced to Juice Plus+ in May of 1998.

    After six weeks of being on Juice Plus+, I began to notice a reduction in joint pain, but I was not sure if improved weather was a factor. Then I began to notice other positive changes like decreased swelling in my ankles and legs, improved regularity, and no stomach trouble of any kind. At two months, I became aware of a considerable reduction in joint pain, improved circulation, increased energy, improved sleeping patterns, and a decrease in allergies that were affecting my eyes. At three months, I had better color in my skin and less of a tendency to bruise. I also discovered that I was no longer anemic after reviewing my blood test results. (Note: March 1998 – 11.3 hematocrit// July 1998 – 12.3 hematocrit) Finally four month later and to my surprise, I was off all my medications. My joint pain had reduced by 70%, and I experienced even more of an increase in energy and feeling of well being.

    For the first time in years, I had gained some control over my debilitating symptoms. After further reading on nutrition and my condition, I made another discovery, that reducing my intake of sugar, white flour, caffeine, fatty, fried, and processed foods could reduce symptoms as well. With Juice Plus+ and the application of new dietary knowledge, I was well on my way to becoming healthy again. Before Juice Plus+, it was scary for me to think of living with a lifetime of severe joint pain and fatigue. It is my belief now that my health problems began in high school, probably even earlier, when I began to consume the typical American diet of processed food and soft drinks. From my own experience and research, I now stress to others the importance of a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, the benefits of Juice Plus+, and an adequate amount of daily water intake.

    Now, nearly 13 years later, I take no drugs and have had no surgery – despite having Lupus, fibromyalgia, and 5 busted discs in my neck and back from being rear-ended in 2 car accidents. On January 6th, 2011, I also got a super health report back from my rheumatologist. For the 1st time in 20 yrs, my DNA blood test for Lupus SLE came back negative. The ANA blood test is still positive though…but super low (15). What does this mean? I still have Lupus SLE, but it is at the lowest level of activity in the last 20 yrs, when I was 1st diagnosed at the age of 23. Dr. Scott Zashin, my rheumatologist, was so impressed that he wants me to keep in touch with him on a regular basis via email to let him know what I’m doing to improve my health, INCLUDING Juice Plus+. In addition, my cholesterol total was 155 (perfect) with HDL at 52 and LDL at 88. Triglycerides at 74. Weight 138 lbs for 5’9″. He was also impressed with that. Not bad for nearly 43. 😉

    On December 5th, 2010, I also ran my first half marathon (White Rock) and in 32 degree weather to boot! This is something I never thought I could do in a million years. On that day, I also received my very first running medal! I cannot tell you how good that accomplishment felt, especially when you consider that it was painful for me to even walk when I was 27. On April 10th, I will run my 5th half marathon…and plan to run 15 or 16 marathons this year.

    Literally, Juice Plus+ has changed my life and my perspective on health. I do not believe that being ill and continually using some form of medication is a normal lifestyle. It is my belief that Juice Plus+ will be key to preventative health care in the future as doctors become aware of how powerful the results of Juice Plus+ are in building and protecting the immune system.

    Live Life to THE PLUS!
    Claudine Nicholas

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  54. dawny carrasco says

    I take my JP DAILY. i WOULODNT GO A DAY WEITH OUT IT. My daughter loves it as well. I have not been sick once this whole winter. Not even a cold
    so Im a believer in this product and recommened it to anyone interested in being proactive with their own health. Thank Laura

  55. story time for ya!

    today i told one of my professors you are coming to the oral cancer walk…she said “oh ya i know juice plus i take juice plus everyday” and then she told me a story of a patient who refused to floss and said to not even bother with the correct instructions on how to do so…she said that each time he came in his mou…

  56. Utahna A. says

    As a fellow cancer survivor, I believe in the power of Juice Plus. Laura, here is the “testimonial” you asked me to share. I hope it can help someone else, too.

    “As I told you before, since I can’t take a pill to prevent my cancer from returning, I take peace of mind knowing that by taking Juice Plus I am doing something good for my cells to strengthen them and hopefully make my cells healthy so they don’t become weakened and diseased again. Maybe that sounds kind of lame or hokey, but it helps me mentally AND I have the proof that I can make it through my crazy days and have the energy and stamina to keep going!”

  57. An inspirational story and one that I can relate to. A wonderful way you are working to help and inspire others in a positive manner.


  58. Lori Skrine says

    OMG, What an AMAZING story Laura!!! I BElieve things in our life happen for a reason ~ to learn, share and inspire. You have share all three with me and all your lovely supporting family and friends. Thank you so much Laura ~ you are a Gift from God and Bless your BEautiful soul! Thank you for your ONEderFULL friendship ~ God Bless you sweetheart!

    All my Love

    Lori xoxo

  59. I love how you have turned something bad into something good. I believe in Romans 8:28…and my love for God has kept me going through all the worst times. Thank you for this information and I look forward to learning more.

    I’m so glad you have such an amazing story to tell, and that you are an overcomer.

    I need to come back and read more. Thank you for sending me this link. Wishing you well in all that you do. xoxo

  60. think this does make you think of how little myself and other dont do.if we all had a haert like your am sure be a diffrent place.well done and respect to you

  61. After Speaking with Laura and reading the studies, and knowing I need more Fruit & Veggies in my diet, I believe there is not a more effective way to bridge the gap then Juice+. I read a lot of studies from many different companies. I’ve been on the Orchard & Garden Blend for 2 months, I love the convenience, the science, and the naturally occurring nutrients…..and the price…..and kids are Free…..and the company is Rock Solid…….And Laura Farago is awesome, I am so thankful for her friendship, passion and dedication……….

  62. sue berthier says

    I just stumbled on your site thru a mutual friend on facebook . I recently had a skull xray which was neg but there is a visible area that I could identify as well as the neurosurgeon who now wants me to have a ct scan to define course of treatment as surgery might be indicated as well. I am just beginning this journey . I have a strong faith in the Lord God. The specialist labeled it as a bone tumor on the left aspect of the frontal area. I can feel a small bump which grew from nothing .I have not tried juice plus but want to find out more!

  63. Ellen Silvia says

    I have been taking Juice Plus for 5 wks. & it has proved to have given me a great deal of relief from my Fibromyalgia & extensive nerve damage. It’s really too soon to tell, but, I have been having less pain, been able to do more & am sleeping much better. I take medication for sleep, but, have already cut it down by 1/3. I have had a very severe case of fibro for 25+ yrs. & have tried all kinds of supplements & nothing. Juice Plus is working! Is it the cure all – no, but, it is definitely an improvement.
    I woud love to hear from anyone who has fibro & is taking Juice Plus. Laura is a wonderful person. She stuck with me for over a year (at least) while I kept saying “no” or “later” or “not now”. I appreciate her patience & her kindness so much!

  64. Joanna Giangardella says

    Hi Laura, people come into your life for a reason, some to inspire us, lead us in the right direction, or open our hearts and minds to possibilities we never knew excisted. You are one of those that has reached out to me, and I am blessed for it. Cancer is a dark and lonely disease, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer three years ago, I never thought that I would come down with cancer, it just does not run in my family, it was extreamly aggressive, I went from working and not feeling sick in any way to a wheel chair and heavy narcotics in 4 weeks. MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT are key componets to overcoming this dreaded disease. MIND, you have to stay positive and laugh and not giving in to the dark matter. BODY, no matter what the doctors say about indulging on whatever you want, DONT, take your JUICE PLUS, (I took three times the recommended amount as well as 2 of their shakes a day all through chemo), cut out processed foods, or anything with mold or preservatives. SPIRIT, have faith that God will hold your hand and give you strength, reach out to those who are in need of your experience and giving spirit. I want to shout from the tallest building and together our voices will be stronger and heard from distant places (I am reaching out right now to a young man with testicular cancer in Greece). Our world is better because they have you who can inspire young people to look to prevention as a key to a healthier life, BLESS YOU, your support group, parents and Juice Plus family and all the ones you have not met yet, but will be drawn to you because of your bright spirit, I consider myself one of the luckey ones. lots of hugs, Joanna

  65. Heather valadez says

    Thank you so much for sharingbyour story Laura. I too found out about you on Facebook. I admire how positive you are and your strength. I appreciate you letting us see the real you. Reading this makes me feel like there is nothing that can stop me. I am truly inspired to live life to it’s fullest :).

  66. Hello Laura,

    Your story touched me so much. I lost my little sister to stage four colon cancer five years ago. It was the hardest loss I have ever experienced. We fought the cancer with her for over two years. I watched her go through the chemo, and the sickness, and the doubts. The pain for me was unbearable. I just wanted to take her place instead. She would always tell me that she just wished she could have her life back. The cancer took everything she had, but in the end, we lost her. I am so ecstatic to know that you have beat cancer. Thank you for sharing your story. This will help thousands of people and their families who have gone through it. Cancer does not just effect the person who has it, it effects the whole family.

  67. GOD Bless you, Laura, for having persevered the health ordeal! You are a champion for God as you share your story and encourage others to care for their health, what they eat, and how they live. May your life shine amongst with whom you participate with and where ever you go may God make your face shine!!!
    You are my hero, as well. Thank you for sharing your story!
    Trisha Smith
    Author of Holiday in Hell

  68. Laura, you are truly an inspiration to us all. Having known you now for several years, I can only say that you have conquered the greatest thing there is and that is fear.
    You are always an upbeat and positive influence on my life. Your story gives hope to all who may be going through some tough times. Your story about JUICE PLUS is amazing. Like you, my wife, Diane, and I have discovered much better health after starting on JUICE PLUS. We, along with my 87 year old mother, have not had a cold or flu in over four years. I eat many more vegetables now and actually like them. We have seen the positive outcome of adding more fruits and veggies to our diet.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us.
    Dennis & Diane Cline

  69. BRAVO Laura – what an inspiration. I simply can’t imagine going through what you did – and at such a young age, too!

    Although I bet that’s put you worlds above everyone else your age as to your appreciation for life
    and your deep connection to who you are and your purpose.

    Bless you for sharing this and wishing you a continued healthy, happy and successful journey,


  70. Kristan Lee Hill Love says

    Laura I find your life and spirit to be absolutely inspiring,I feel more than pleased and honored and privileged to be your friend.Your enthusiasm to good health is contagious Thank You for introducing me to JP and Dr Sears. Cancer is a scruge to all humans and your courage to put your own suffering out to help others and lend support so freely is really a Blessing .
    Sadly I lost 3 very special humans to Breast Cancer that turned to Bone Mets each time,my Mother was one of these heroic humans and in their profound losses I have been only buoyed by individuals who remain and are survivors such as your Good self and Maggie.
    Keep educating, keep inspiring, Keep Fighting Always. I know you will !!! You go Girl , Your a Cancer Vixen slash Angel helping others be guided to Good Health and Good Mind. Amen. Kristan Hill- Love ,,,,,,,,,,, Many Blessings and Continued love and Health over Wealth always!!

  71. Laura,
    Your story is so courageous and bravely told! You are truly an inspiration to Women everywhere! As I continue my own personal quest to,” Raise Worldwide Awareness of PML”, after losing my daughter Courtney last year to this horrible disease, please know, I will also carry your story with me and share it with the world!

  72. Laura’s story of courage and will is truly both heartfelt and inspiring, and the impact she has had on the lives of others is one of her many gifts to the rest of us. Among many other wonderful things, Laura introduced me to Juice Plus, and I can honestly say it has changed both my life and my way of life, as it has done for countless many others. As someone who spends upwards of 15 hours per week at the gym, I used to spend hundreds of dollars each month on supplements such as antioxidants, chelated minerals, proflavanol and other similar products. I first began taking Juice Plus along with these other products, and now I just take Juice Plus because it is all that I need and provides outstanding antioxidant protection. Before taking Juice Plus, despite the other products that I took and my overall care for my body, I would regularly contract strep throat once or twice a year and require prescription medicine to remedy the problem. In the nine-plus years I have been taking Juice Plus, I have not contracted strep throat ONCE, which by now I consider a minor medical miracle that I have attributed to the power of Juice Plus, since it was an annual occurrence before Juice Plus, even with the other products I took and the attention that I gave to my health. Juice Plus has helped keep me both healthy and happy since I began taking it, and I’m sure that people from all walks of life would take it if they knew what it could do for their bodies and what it would mean for their health.

  73. WOW what an amazing story! Your courage is inspiring, and your faith is refreshing. I lost a family member to cancer, but my grandmother is a 10year breast cancer survivor. We women are beautiful, amazing creatures and are strong enough to handle anything (AND do it with grace!) Blessings.

  74. Colleen McCoy says

    I only wish I would have known about this back a few years ago when both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. Always, though, there is preventative for those of us who have never actually had cancer but run a high risk. I wouldn’t mind trying these supplements and health aids.

  75. Jennifer Phipps says

    Laura~ You are such an inspiration to me! I am so incredibly happy that you have come into my life! I wanted to share my video here for you! I hope it gives hope to those who are dealing with the same thing. Much Love to you my friend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiiQczONHPs

  76. I would never give up my cancer experience for anything. Why? It allowed me to experience the truth about Life. On this earth, we have but limited time to fulfill the Purpose we were created for. All that I have in the material world to give is my thoughts and actions. All the other “things” are temporary. Love is lasting and forever. And that’s all we really need anyway.

  77. Anastazia says

    I’m moved by your testimony, & am thankful that you have the Lord Jesus in your life, & that you’ve discovered the power of nutrition to restore your health.
    I do believe, though, that in this world we live in, just supplements (even whole food supplements) are not enough anymore…
    …it’s not just what we eat (a whole food diet, as raw & organic as possible) but also what we DON’T eat (meat & dairy, suagr & processed foods) that make a HUGE difference in out future health!

    I, too, had cancer…(inflammatory breast cancer, the aggressive, most deadly kind)…God miraculously healed me {through prayer} right before I was to undergo surgery, chemo, & radiation…then I began to study these things more in depth (the time to learn is NOT when we’re diagnosed, but BEFORE that ever happens!) & now know I wouldn’t go that route again (that I was pressured into & told I would die without!) if ever cancer reared it’s ugly head in my life again…

    …but it means taking FULL responsibility for my health, & taking time to educate myself, & eliminate things from my life that contribute to our body’s cells malfunctioning (which is what cancer really is, cells growing out of control…)

    Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment…most of our western lifestyle contributes to a very acidic condition that makes it easy for it to proliferate…
    The information is out there on the difference that nutrition & other lifestyle factors make, & juice plus is a GREAT place to start, for those who can’t/won’t do a high raw, organic diet…& perhaps even for those who do!

    The diet recommended by Hallelujah Acres is a great place to start, for those interested in more info…the founder overcame cancer, as many, many others have through changing the way they eat & live…they also sell a product called “Barley Max” that would be a great compliment to Juice Plus!
    I wish I could afford both, but in order to eat a raw organic vegan diet, supplements are currently a luxury for me…

    Anyways, God bless you in the work the Lord’s called you to do!
    May you serve Him all the days of your life, & spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ even MORE than the good news that we can take responsibility for & change our health! As the Bible says, “What does it profit a man (or woman) if they gain the whole world (even their health) but lose their soul?”

    Our life & times are in His hands, but we are called & able to be overcomers, & not be overcome….(no matter what the outcome!)

    This is what I see He’s given to you in your perseverance & testimony of LIFE!
    You are an overcomer!
    I’ll be keeping you (& those He sends you to!) in my prayers,

    ~Anastazia in Canada~

  78. I could give a testimony of myself and touch many hearts but I think that people need to understand that with the new health plan and things that the gov are doing,, “we are screwed”. People,,,,, be scared, be very scared and that’s not said to be funny. The death plan is real. The only way to keep health is to take care of our selves. It’s been proven many times that through the right vitamins our body can regenerate itself . Don’t be fooled by produce you find in the stores. It’s picked green and than colored by an oxygenating process. So how many vitamins do you think your getting. Even if you find something that might be close to JP Use it until you can get your JP. “GET HEALTHY”

  79. Mark Miller says

    Your story is one of tremendous fortitude, and perserverence. Your commitment to spreading the word miracles can and do happen. You are living proof. Your story is a great inspiration for everyone. It it is never too late for something good to happen. Hope and fear are two fo the greatest emotions one can experience, and when hope is gone, all we have left is fear. Rare is the family that escapes cancer. I am a heart survivor, and that too can leave emotional scars on the individual and the family. Facing recovery is a uphill battle. I took juice-plus, it helped provide the necessary vitamins and to help me recover physically from my ordeal. Hats off to you Laura, keep up the good work.

  80. The more fruits and vegetables I eat, the better. Thank goodness I have Juice Plus+ to fill in the gap between what I do eat and what I should eat.
    Currently I am going through multiple kidney stone removal, which, according to my doctor, is due to dehydration and poor diet. However, my current lab tests all came out beautifully, which puzzled the urologist. I explained to her that from 1985 – 1995, I was in construction trucking, working with men, and it wasn’t always easy to take a potty break, so I didn’t drink much water. Also, I was lucky to get a half an hour lunch, if I got any lunch break at all. Fast food was about the only option because of the time constraint and parking an 18-wheeler. Unfortunately, when and if I packed a lunch, my food choices, back then, were mostly convenience/packaged junk food, and maybe a piece of fruit.
    I told her a few years after I stopped trucking, I took up the hobby of riding a motorcycle. Once again I wasn’t drinking enough water, because I didn’t want to have to stop to pee frequently. A couple more years down the road, I began having a pain in my lower left side, which completely altered my life style. I suffered with it for three years, had every test known to man, and the doctors found nothing. It was my chiropractor who was finally able to help me. He worked on a small muscle in my left leg, between my knee and thigh, and after many educational exposures through JP+, I started drinking water consistently. I would usually not drink too much during my working day, then go home and play catch up. Once I began drinking water all through the day, my pain went away. It was miraculous! I feel I am living proof of how important water is.
    I then shared my JP+ journey with the urologist. Telling her about my introduction to JP+ about five years ago, and how JP+ reduced my sweet cravings, and how I began making healthier food choices, thus losing weight and gaining more energy. She said the lab results are definitely a reflection of my life-style changes.
    It is my hope that by sharing my experiences you will be encouraged to continue eating a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and take JP+. Sleep is very important too! I’m working on that. Ha!

  81. Laura! I am so PROUD of you and Happy for YOU! I am so happy that I found YOU! You’re truly an amazing woman with such an amazing spirit. I am honored to be your friend and team member.


    ~ Dani ~

  82. Paula Westling-Nordheim commented on your link:

    “Laura, I had no idea! You are so amazing woman.

    I love Juice Plus all that much more.

    God bless you”

  83. Claudine Nicholas commented ,

    “Laura, hats off to you! You are one brave woman!

    I also owe so much to JP+!

    At 27, I was told by my docs that I would end up on disability. I had been diagnosed with Lupus SLE, fibromyalgia, 5 busted discs in my neck and back and degenerative disc disease. At 27, it was painful for me to even walk.

    Now, at 42, I’m training for my first half marathon in Dec, doing 25 to 30 miles per week on the treadmill. I take no drugs and have had no surgery. These things just don’t stop me any more! I’m feeling great and have never been more excited about what lies ahead. “

  84. Hi Laura, I found you on face and began reading your story and followed you link here and I have to say amazing, you are an amazing person and you story is very inspiring and informative. I am very inspired by pray and put your Faith in the Lord because he answers all our prayers even when we think he does not hear us. He does not work on our schedule but the works and you are proof of that.

    I have requested your friendship on Facebook, I hope you accept.

    Thank you so much for your story.

  85. Dear Laura,

    I am so touched by your open and honest words! you have true spirit about you and I am encouraged by you. I saw your facebook page and wanted to find out more and was pleasantly warmed by your story. It is sad that we have to face obsticles like cancer in our lives, but these are the things that can make us stronger at times when we feel our weakest. Sadly my mother past away 2 years ago to bowel cancer and I have lost other family members to this horrible disease, but my faith lies with people like you who want to make a change and share their physical knowledge. thankyou for all that you have done Laura. You are such a strong and inspiring woman!

    Jess H (20yrs)
    Wales, Great Britain

  86. Karen Arnold says


    This is the second time I have read and looked at your amazing testimony!
    You…are something else! Bless you for helping others. You are also great to talk to!

    I know…you did a lot of studying up on Juice Plus before you started on it. Then found all the info pointing to excellent good health support.. Juice Plus is now your Ultimate Health Insurance Policy to keep what you fought tooth and nail for – the return of good health – intact.

    I have to say…I am seeing a difference already in taking Juice Plus. Just 3 weeks now…a constant flow of energy. That excites me to no end because…with the knowldege I have gathered through the years on cell health, “having energy” – feeling good and able to go through your day without wishing for a nap or the couch…means, my cells are absorbling the concentrated fruits and vegetables and doing what they should be doing.
    The last ten days have been a real test….(but a note first:) I have always been a die hard vitamin person and Juice Plus is not a vitamin – it is a whole food)….so when I started Juice Plus I dropped my vitamin regimin – a bit scary for me but wanted to see what this product would do. If I had energy – I knew the Juice Plus was being absorbed and picked up by my cells and all was good. That is exactly what you want! If none or little – then I would know that too.
    I was already seeing the energy after a week or so …then the test…had a lot of hard work outside to do. The ten days I have been working outside…in mid eighty heat and high humidity…..Yes I was tired at the end of the day (8-12 hrs outside would do it to most people)- but I was not whipped!!! as I should have been. Should I add I am also past my mid fifties? Can you imagine?

    My first exposure to Juice Plus was years ago from a spry little “older” gal in our church….she drove everywhere – shopping, meetings, grocery, short vacations, whatever and attended most functions at the church. She had a quick walk (didnt look like she hurt anywhere!) and a ready sweet smile on her face , a sparkle in her eyes and always something cute to say….and….she was nearing her mid 90’s! So I asked her one day…”Ruby…what is your secret to your energy and you also act as if you really feel good?” Two simple words with a smile…”Juice Plus!!”
    She had been taking Juice Plus for years! She died not long ago at 96 and …..it wasnt from cancer like 1 out of 3 today!
    Bottom line…make a leap of faith – like I FINALLY did….Juice Plus+ is VERY GOOD FOR YOU!
    Thanks Laura…. for all your great help and info!

  87. anyangawei raymond efanyah says

    Am happy to see the type of work you a doing . knowing that you a doing a lot about cancer , makes me feel happy . for I have a local drug that treats cancer and nervous problems.
    so keep on with the spirit

  88. Dear Laura: You are so strong and a beautiful spirit! You are blessed and a blessing to all. I feel your energetic spirit through the wires here and feel positive vibes calming me. Thank-you for posting on my wall. Cancer has indeed touched my life; as 1/3 people will die of this dreaded disease. But we do not fear cancer we fear never having had loved. Love is the healing balm, this I do believe, to cure the world of it’s many ills and unnaturalness.
    Yes, I am constantly trying to finding ways to cure cancer. I believe Cancer Has Been Beaten as I believe this thought projection helps to win the battle already won. It is a positive affirmation as per Dr. Wayne Dyer and others to cure once and for all this dreaded disease that will have no root in anything in me. I repuke this “false spirit of believing cancer defeats us. IT DOES NOT. I DEFEAT CANCER because I BELIEVE IT DOES NOT EXIST.
    Mind is powerful. It makes reality. I have no room in my life for disease or any ill effect whatever it may be. This is a positive reaffirmation that coats my being with love instead of the deadly fear hormone cortisol. Cortisol being a hormone from the adrenal gland that can cause cancer. So fear can cause cancer. So we dont fear Cancer. We don’t give it quarter; no room for cancer. It works. A postive reaffirmation has power over the physical plane of existence. I know this works!
    In; finding the hope and strength needed and gained fighting this non-life entity called cancer. We need to understand and find the strategy as to how we as extremely sensitive beings can conquer any and all fears that make us sick. We must feel and work through feelings. Sometimes it is more than feelings, but we can work through that too, because dna has been known to change with positive affirmations. (see the book “Excuses Begone” by Dr. Wayne Dyer.
    So as we are as mere human beings need to be proactive to win this war! We absolutely must be that way. And by this I mean we need to be more concerned with making sure our governments are doing their part to protect the individual, etc. We need to make sure that our environmental protection agencies are in fact working for the individual rights to a clean planet, etc. It is this fight that can make us strong; this belief we are doing something, anything to make a difference on this planet, Earth.
    The way pollution, chemicals, dna, disease, etc can attack the human in so many millions of ways; it is a wonder that there is anyone left on the planet.
    Cancer is the canary in the cage. It is a sign that we need to find out what is ailing us. It could be as simple as finding a centre; a place where there is peace; spiritual healing, or in science, a missing chemical or gene. There are many breakthroughs lately. I know this is happening; we are that close to saying it outloud it is amazing!
    We must collectively see that there will be a time when no more suffering will happen. We need to visualize it. As soon as we begin to have faith that there is a boundless love that exists within us, that we are compassionate human beings who’s soul purpose is to heal and have compassion on our fellow human beings.
    And we know that faith moves mountains.We have witnessed miracles happen; and this is what we expect. We expect and get miracles because we know they exist.
    We are overcomers of this physical world as we are all only visitors on this planet. We need to build up our soulful spirit and spread the love. Love is indeed the cure. For all life’s ills. It is the only constant in this universe. This I believe. Your Friend from Facebook, Jane Jones Canada ps please write again!

  89. Congratulations Laura for all of your accomplishments. Adrien Hines is my business partner and I saw your post on his fb. I would love to share in your journey . Have you gone to Tuscany yet? Love and Blessings~Lynn Clarke

  90. Your story and journey is an inspiration to all…

  91. Hi Laura, it is so good to connect with a fellow cancer survivor. Your story was such an inspiration to me. It portrayed such strength. You asked me how I connected with you? Through A Celebration of Women, too . Let me introduce myself.

  92. Carol Lang says

    Hi Laura, I am not sure how i found out about you. Lot’s of friends on facebook. Also, I meet a nice couple this past week. They had a booth at a auto show, I attended. My brother has prostate cancer, and have a girlfriend that just had a double mastetomy.

  93. Thanks Laura for sharing this with me and friends, I am very inspired by your story and the Faith you put in the Lord. In fact, the studies shows that people who pray live longer and happier lives than those who do no believe in God…..

    Blessings Laura and keep in touch.

  94. dawny carrasco says

    Laura.You are strong and Im so glad you made it through. My husband died from cancer so now I see why your so proactive with juice plus. I too became proactive with my health after his death in 99 . Keep up the good work and I still want to try it. Peace,love,Harmony Dawny Rochon Carrasco

  95. What an inspiring blog.
    You focussed on the positives, through the heartache I found it very uplifting.
    Thankyou for sharing this and allowing others to learn from you.
    Wishing you a very happy life. Best wishes.x

  96. Do not be afraid of cancer! To avoid destructive treatments like chemo in the future, please visit “curezone” and “cancer tutor” web sites (google) where you can learn natural health and of suppressed alternative therapies. Thank you

  97. Wow, Laura, very inspiring and informative. Your story is so inspiring. You have gone from Surviving to thriving and what you have to say will transform so many lives. Can’t wait to share this link with others who have lost their sense of appreciation for life. I can only say, wow.

  98. Your story brought back memories of 9 years ago. I had stage 3 cancer and around 3 months+ to live. I beat it! For more on my story, I have a paperback book coming out soon called Rise Above The Rat Race. It is a mental mindset that gets you through cancer and the recession – I beat both of them!!

  99. Laura,

    Thanks for sharing this amazing story! What a beautiful testament to faith and willpower!

    I’m so glad we connected and hope we remain so

    I’m currently recovering from cancer and have staqrted to develop a project aimed at creating more awareness and female empowerment for those that have battled cancer – I have a blog http://www.michelehallak.wordpress.com which explains it all in more depth. I hope you can have a look when you have time.

    Love it!


  100. Great Blog! Thanks for sharing your story.

    Let me know if you need any help.

    Gary J.Cooper
    We Coach Success

  101. Ed Howes says

    Hi Laura, Thank you for sharing your story with others. Sometimes hope can be the difference between life and death. I have come to the conclusion humanity is at war. A much quieter one than we are accustomed to but far more lethal because everyone who is not in power or working for those who are, are the targets of mass genocide. This genocide is being carried out by deliberate design by use of poison and malnutrition. While good nutritional products increase the survival chances of the targets, there is much more to learn and know to defend and I am sharing that information as well as I am able. They want to kill most of us and I believe they will. I posted an 83 minute video link on my Facebook wall an hour ago in hopes a few friends will learn what is going on, so they will be able to defend. I invite you to take a look.

  102. Laura, your story touches my heart each time I read it! I’m amazed at how God connects people in life and I’ll be forever grateful that He connected the two of us! You are such an inspiration to me and thousands of others! Thanks for sharing your story and allowing God to use you in making a difference for others. May our Father God continue to keep His hands on you and bless you indeed!

  103. would you be willing to call in your story to my dear friend who is running for woman of the year in Delray Beach, and just started her own radio station..She is doing fundraisers for Leukemia and needs people to call in and share their stories..yours sounds like it would be awesome..She is on the radio every wednesday 9-10 am..If show I will send you her radio station number and if you can share your story about your triumph and how you conquered your illness Iam sure this will touch so many..She is looking for people and woman like yourself that can share your story and your faith..I will email you the info..She is on tomorrow..you can facebook her too her name is Nicole Haboush..and you can tell her aunt t referred you..My name is Theresa Zisis and I would be honored if you can help Nicole out to raise money and just to share your story on the station..and about most importantly your faith..My email is charismastar1@aol.com ..again you can fb her tonight or me and let me know is you can share with her..she is out of FLorida..thanks and God bless..what a beautiful story you have to share..God bless..

  104. Great article and awesome how God is now using you to help others avoid or deal with a similar fate.

    God bless you!

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