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is pleased to introduce to the Women of Our World an Amazing Woman, of Washington D.C., born July 15 that has veered her Mission into the life of “social media” and has chosen to work with others in this very critical new paradigm of communications and informations.



Jennifer Abernethy

Jennifer opens her communication with A Celebration of Women saying:

This is an exciting time for me as my bookThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketingwas just released last year! You will see me writing a lot about social media, success and sales tips.”


America’s Sales Stylist(TM) and

Author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing.
(Penguin/April 2010)

National Book Launch Party

at USA TODAY World Headquarters!


JENNIFER today is a Social Media speaker and Trainer, Sales Expert

24 years Award Winning Sales Expert

can take your business

to levels you never dreamed possible….

To keep up with me and to get the latest sales and social media trends,

sign up for the Award Winning Ultra Hip Ezine at: www.thesaleslounge.com

THE Sales Lounge™ started as a dream in 2004 when I returned home from a corporate sales meeting absolutely uninspired. The Sales Management team was unprepared, rushed and focused on their own agenda instead of on their most valuable assets…their employees and customers.
After 22 years in corporate sales, I was tired of attending meetings that were uninspiring and didn’t spark my imagination of what was possible.

“Sales Development and Performance Coaching doesn’t need to be boring and cookie cutter and stressful…it needs to be fun, interesting and unique…just as the individuals are in each class. “

THE Sales Lounge™ offers an engaging and comfortable methodology to get people motivated and inspired to want to achieve and exceed their personal and professional goals instead of solely forcing them to conform to the goals and style of someone else.

Clients tell us they love our fresh approach and are happy that we work on their own sales style not making them do something they are not comfortable with.” They truly enjoy seeing their dreams and goals come to life in the classes and coaching sessions.

“If every company could inspire their employees to see that their corporate vision can align with the dreams of each individual working for them – now that would be motivating!” – Jennifer E. Abernethy

Always looking for strategic partnerships and speaking opportunities on

‘Social Media for Business Growth & Networking’.

Call: THE Sales Lounge: 571-223-3887

Parent/Teen Lounge:

THE Sales Lounge™ has some incredible motivational and leadership content for teens.

It’s a program called… Rising Stars!

It’s our way of working with today’s youth in creating
Success Leaders and Positive Entrepreneurs for tomorrow.

Twitter @SalesLounge

Jennifer does have a Personal PassionNatalie Abernethy!

Jennifer has one of her own Rising Stars!

Created and designed by talented teen artist/designer.

Teens and Adults alike will enjoy this creative T-shirt.
Can be customized with color and placement of design.
Only $14.99 to order:

ORDER: natalieabernethy@yahoo.com

Jennifer in 2012 – the Book Tour launches wiht a Bang!!!

‘Still so excited the book party was a resounding success! So jazzed it made it to a TRENDING TOPIC on Twitter! A big thank you to all my lounge speakers, audience guests and team members..it takes a village to pull this off! ‘ ~ says Jennifer on her FB Social Media page.

A Celebration of Women™

sends Jennifer all the Blessings in the World and supports her Phenomenal Achievements not only helping WOMEN to build business; inspiring YOUNG TEENS, contributing to the Future Society of Our World.

Brava, Jennifer!

A Celebration of Women

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