WOMAN of ACTION – Eve Ensler launches her NEW WEBSITE!

Let the Movement Speak – Share Your V-Day Stories

WOMAN of ACTION – Eve Ensler is Taking her Action to the next level !!! RISE

Her own words to all of her followers:

As a V-activist and supporter, you’ve helped V-Day become an unstoppable global force. You’ve organized, you’ve attended, you’ve rallied, and you’ve inspired. YOU are the face of this movement, and now is the time to show the world what revolution looks like!

Send us your V-Day experiences, whether you were in the audience or on stage, a part of the crew or a passerby, we want to hear how V-Day impacted you. Share your V-Day V-Season stories and images and connect with your fellow activists in over 140 countries worldwide!

Through our collective strength, we’ve had a powerful impact on the media, but a news story can’t capture the electricity of the V-Day experience. Only you can do that. The world needs to see what the passion and energy of dynamic V-Day activists looks like – as you show them, they will RISE with us to make the earth move on 2.14.13.

One line, one story, one moment – sometimes that’s all it takes to inspire billions to rise up.


Eve Ensler Launches NEW website! www.eveensler.org

Eve just launched her personal website, www.eveensler.org!

Designed by the visionary Frank Viva and the brilliant team at Viva and Co., the site will bring all of Eve’s work together. It will serve as a home base for her creative works along with a comprehensive archive of her extensive articles, essays, books, plays, films, documentaries, and speeches, as well as up to the moment information on her activities.

CHECK it out here


Jeffrey Gettleman Awarded Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting!

New York Times East Africa bureau chief Jeffrey Gettleman was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting for his “vivid reports, often at personal peril, on famine and conflict in East Africa, a neglected but increasingly strategic part of the world.”


V-Day has worked with Jeffrey in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 2007. He has reported extensively on the violence facing women and girls in Eastern DRC, and the work being done on the ground and at City of Joy to end the violence. V-Day is so proud of the work that he has done and this new recognition that he so rightfully deserves!



Check out some of Jeffrey’s past articles on the women of Congo and City of Joy!

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