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is inspired to Celebrate the Life of one of our Youngest Women taking action in this world, and listed in Canada’s
Cheryll has been active since she was 16 years old, working for the dignity and freedom of others girls and children, in general.

This Gal is a True Spirit of Woman that Cares…..


Cheryl Perera

Cheryl Perera began speaking about the horrors of child sexual exploitation and sexual tourism in high school at the age of 16, after reading about it for a school project. Soon after, she traveled to Sri Lanka, where she went undercover as a decoy in a sting to nab a pedophile. There, she was able to talk to the children themselves, hear their stories. When she asked them how she could help, they responded, “Tell my story.”

Upon her return, she vowed to do just that.

She mobilized the Canadian Travel and Tourism Industry to get involved in the fight against Child Sex Tourism, and she started OneChild Network and Support Systems Inc., an organization created and run by young people dedicated to ending the commercial sexual exploitation of children around the world. They made an in-flight video for Air Canada that warns all outbound international passengers against child sexual tourism. This video is seen by over 400,000 people a month.

OneChild also sent a team to the Philippines to investigate the child sex trade. Working with other agencies, the team members went undercover to assist in the making of a documentary about the child sex trade.

They are currently working alongside a local group in the Philippines to help build a rehabilitation center for rescued children. * Survivors above.

Awaken and Inspire to take Action…is her Goal.

Children are Victims, Helpless Victims

Cheryl’s passion and inspiration have touched more than 20,000 young people as she’s traveled the world,

speaking out for the protection of children.

The problem of child sexual exploitation is world-wide, and if young people around the globe, working with the model Cheryl created with OneChild, get involved in working to end child sex trafficking and tourism, they can make a difference. In 2007, at the age of 21, Cheryl was named a BRICK Award Winner in the category of Global Impact.

OneChild (or “One Child”) is a Canadian-based, non-governmental organization which seeks to eliminate the commercial sexual exploitation of children abroad.

…..this is one NGO that You want to Support…..

OneChild was created and driven by youth and children who play an active role in fighting the commercial sexual exploitation of children around the world. OneChild was established as a registered, non-profit organization in July 2005.

The Founder and President of OneChild, Cheryl Perera, is an accomplished children’s rights activist.

She has been recognized as one of “Canada’s Top 20 Under 20“, and received the 2005 Impact Entrepreneur of the Year award.

She was recognized by the Sri Lankan Government with the offer of a permanent placement at the Presidential Secretariat to serve as the President’s Nominee on Child Protection at the age of 17.

GORDON FOUNDATION SAYS: www.gordonfn.org/…/CPerera.htm

Perera was named a

BRICK Award Winner in 2007.


A Celebration of Women

salutes this insatiable force for her

Heart of a Lamb and Strength of a Lion!

Brava, Cheryl!

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