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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this young future leader that has Taken Action through her talents in the world of art.

Having experienced a Calling to help others, this Celebrated Woman has created her own line of jewellery from which she offers proceeds to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Her message to the Women of our World is:

Turn over a new leaf and get the ball rolling again.”

Celebrate this generous life with us, here today!



Alissa Harway


I grew up in Westwood and went to Warner Avenue with some great and now successful kids. As a child I was always creative and imagining things. I used to put on different outfits and pretend to be different princess. My favorite Disney moves growing up were Beauty and Beast and Little Mermaid. I would them over, and over again. I was always creating new things with my mother. We would have crafts days and make all kind of cool items.

Making jewelry since I was 12. Always wanted to open my own store on Melrose Ave., Los Angeles.

” Dream as a kid.”

I had a ring making class as my prefered activity class at Paul Revere when I was 12. That’s when I started designing jewelry pieces. Selling jewelry when I was 14. Graduated from TOHS. Started college at UC Davis, then received my BA in Communication Health Emphasis at CSU Channel Islands.

When I was 12, I took a PAC class (preferred activity class) at Paul Revere and I got hooked on jewelry and been making it ever since. Because of tough times, I wanted to empower women and create a line called Leaf for Change, which are real leaves dipped and painted in different metals.

I want my leaves to empower women and men to make them feel and KNOW they can make a difference.


A great quote I love is …


“Continuous effort, not intelligence or strength, is the key to unlocking our potential.”

-Winston Churchill

Jewelry to change a Culture!

A better you, a stronger you, a more fabulous you!



Turn over a new leaf and get the ball rolling again.


I hope my necklaces and earrings can create a symbol of hope and faith and show you can do anything you put your mind to.

EMPOWERED and On Top of the World!

Leaf for Change is all about turning over a new leaf. Creating a better you. Be the best you can be and live your life to the fullest. All natural leaves painted and dipped in 24 k gold, silver, copper, irredescent, and gun metal.


For more information or details please message me directly, Alissa Harway either with a private Facebook message, or email at [email protected]

25% of Proceeds will go to Make a Wish Foundation:).

Link on Facebook is www.facebook.com/leaf.for.change


A Celebration of Women™


sends our blessings to this future leader among women.



Brava Alissa!



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