VERONICA – The Decision To Be Here

A New Message From VERONICA

The Decision To Be Here

“The physical environment is one of great density. To create the solid moments great attention is paid to the intensity necessary to create it all.

It is often not a comfortable place for those with a finer vibration. Many feel out of place in such a wild territory such as physical. Wondering in fact, why they would make such a decision to be here at all.

In the eternal energy there are times where more evolved healing energies are called upon to be of service. Incarnating in a reality where their higher vibration can help balance the density is the primary reason.

It is a time of great movement in the linear, so there is an abundant amount of souls who have made the decision to be here.

Once in the form, however, there can be an occurrence of the dramatic that can cause complete memory to escape those who have volunteered. Knowing on some level they need to be here, but for what, remains a big question.

To find the answer, attempt to settle quietly into your energy. Block out the chitter chatter of the day and remember why.

Balancing energy in this environment is a big endeavor. There are a lot of energies like yourself that are awakening to their purpose.

Lending your ability to balance energy is a huge undertaking, but you would not have come here without the desire to do it.

Focus. Meditate. Be one with your soulful energy.

It is what you came here for.

The physical reality will rebound positively with your endeavors. Yes. Your energy is important. Align. Send the healing. It is your purpose this time around.”



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