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Disorder- Cycles-Time Travel

The Age of the Sun is an cycle that represents who we really are. It appears that present time is backward and separated but in truth it is not. Many souls deliberately choose to live in disorder to bring forth a greater order…the greater order being disorder. This sounds strange at first reading but it is truth. All came forth out of disorder and gradually moves in a backward direction, another reality, which is referred to as order. What I am expressing may contradict how you interpret order. Order as we think of it in matter can be the opposite of what it actually is.

I will try and clarify my understanding. That which is free flowing appears to be disorder but when it is categorized, organized it becomes order. I understand creation to actually be quite different that commonly perceived. Take time and study the stars at night. Is there truly an order to creation or does it simply appear as if there is? Perhaps, each is doing its own ‘thing’, so to speak, but taken as a whole…appears to be orderly.

Looking at this from another perspective…when we walk through the woods is everything orderly? No. If we walk through a manicured English garden, it is. Now, if everything that is natural in its original state becomes organized through individual thought and action, then we have taken disorder and created order. I know this may sound strange but in truth, we have removed the natural state.

Now taking this a step forward, look at not only nature but also your own life. If you organize everything, categorize it, it is very likely you may lose the purity or the essence of it. Yes, most of us like to be organized but organization from a human perspective does not necessarily mean free flowing energy nor does it mean that it is a genuine creation. Now that I have confused you more, why not understand and think of yourself as a light, a being, a spirit essence who has chosen to exist in order to find out how you can return to a natural state of disorder?

Disorder does not imply war, negativity or any corrupted thought or action. It implies the natural state of being open, free and recognizing the oneness of all nature and all creative manifestations regardless of vibration or appearance. Disorder is not a material creation from the highest perspective that a human can manufacture but a creation that is free and embraces All as part of its beingness. Artists usually understand what I am attempting to express.

The Age of the Sun is gradually returning. The Age involves a breaking up of the order that humans created and judge as normal and allowing room for the disorder of the natural beauty and magic of light and sublime energy of love to come forth in all its power and glory. For that to happen where we are actually one with Nature and all life, the order that has worked against humanity must be replaced with a disorder similar to the example of the stars or the natural state of a wooded area.

There is no real time and space…only the present state of disorder hidden behind the order which the majority has forgotten. So…do not fear the upheavals of Nature. She is restoring Her body to disorder…a natural state. The Age of the Sun happens when we become artists at living. An artist at living resonates to the natural and not the artificial. An artist at living embraces variety and differences because she/he intuitively understands that everything is already one although it appears not to be.

When more of us grasp the thought that we are all stars appearing as dust blown this way and that on earth, we will rejoice and embrace diversity. This diversity includes a past, a present and a future that is all one and the same. The sameness is another way of describing cycles or loops of consciousness and appearance that are ongoing. Finite mind cannot describe God, the Infinite. It is impossible! To understand what I am writing, it must be felt. Try not to bring order into my words.

Everything simply is and will continue to be. Each of us is playing a role over and over again until we tire of the process. It is our choice. Those of us who are in the ‘arts’ sometime have a better understanding of the ongoing drama that consists of loops and spirals. There is nothing to be concerned about because we have done this before and will very likely do it again. This is one of the reasons why we can ‘visit’ the past and travel into future possibilities. Everything exists simultaneously.

There are those of us through the expansiveness of the mind, soul and subtle bodies travel back and forth through what we commonly refer to as space and time. What about the physical body as we know it? Once we become familiar with the science of Light and how we can manipulate matter, more of us will tangibly accomplish this controversial possibility. It may sound extreme but to those who already know how to manipulate matter, it is accepted as a reality available for our use. As an example, there exist healers who have the ability to place their own physical hand through flesh, bones, muscles and so forth of a body and remove and make the necessary corrections. Just because a person has not had an experience of this amazing feat does not mean the reality of it does not already exist.

The Age of the Sun has been experienced before. It is a way of demonstrating more of the reality of Nature as She speaks to us. During the Age of the Sun, a greater burst of radiant Light is available to the masses and not just to the few. It is a welcomed time period when we have the freedom to blossom, shine and connect in a way that has been sorely missing during the long experience of the cycle of darkness. Souls are struggling in an attempt to move out of the cycle of the night into the cycle of the day, the Age of the Sun.


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