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….did you know that yoga is actually an ancient African Philosophy for attaining the highest goal of spirituality, supreme wisdom and practicing certain disciplines including posture manipulations of life force, etc. etc.

According to the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, yoga began not in India but in Egypt.

I’ve always been fascinated with Egypt. As a young woman used to do oil paintings depicting Egyptian scenes. Have offered workshops featuring the energy of ancient Egypt.
Once had a woman walk into one of the Egyptian workshops and she became very excited. She said, ‘you have created the same energy as the Great Pyramid of Giza’. She mentioned that she had been there and the atmosphere that I created even smelled like inside the Pyramid.
Years back I became acquainted with an Egyptian school in FL and purchased many of the books of the founder Sebai Muata Ashby. As a result, practiced ‘Egyptian Yoga’.
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