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JOURNEY into Your Divine Self


It is my divine pleasure and highest honor to be of service, offering assistance on your inner journey into the depths of your Soul. A place deep within the Core of Your Being where only Truth resides and functioning from your Higher Self — Divine Consciousness — I AM Presence at all times becomes your highest and only choice.

A sacred space where the remembrance of who you are echoes and beckons you to step forward and embrace your real Self — a God/Goddess Incarnate, Fully Integrated, Actualized, Enlightened Being with the power, will and love to manifest and create with effortless ease all that is your divine birthright; joy, peace, prosperity, limitless abundance, radiant perfect health, Divine consciousness, unconditional love for Self and others, light and truth!!! The company of heaven, the kingdom of God/Goddess & your I AM Presence await your “Presence“.

One’s willingness to heal all separative thoughts and thinking, to integrate all three minds (sub-conscious, conscious and super-conscious) and to integrate and merge all four(+) bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, etc.) will lead you to becoming a liberated being. The key to understanding is to practice aligning your mind, heart, ears and eyes with that of Divine Consciousness, remaining in the Presence, freeing yourSelf from all negative ego, and consciously choosing to sustain truth, love and positivity at all times.

Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants are in the process of cleansing and removing the old paradigm, which was primarily based upon fear-based patterns of lack, limitation, and misuse of power, etc. The old paradigm is now being replaced with a new paradigm, one which resonates within the frequencies of “knowing” within Divine Consciousness that we are Limitless Beings, created by the Divine, capable of creating and manifesting our highest choices for the good of the whole. We are transitioning through continuous cycles of transformation; repatterning and reformatting within all levels. What used to take us two to five years to repattern and reformat, now takes us just a day or two, perhaps as little as a few hours.

We are in constant states of integration and perpetual rebirth. Trusting in the enfoldment of the Divine Plan and surrendering, while simultaneously entering “the void” and moving into a place of “still point“, will allow gentle integration and synthesis of recalibrating and shifting through these massive influxes of energy. Know… we will all arrive at the blissful destination of reunion with The Divine. The veils are thinning….we are merging with the Divine….merging into ONENESS.

“Reconnect to the core of your Being, unlock your Soul’s potential and step across the threshold to the knowledge of your eternalness….”


Self Love Meditation is a winner!

I have shed some tears each time I have listened to it. It’s now rapidly become my favorite meditation due to its hugely healing effect, and it’s heart centered basis. It has helped me step forward into my Divine Essence, healing and releasing any wounds from the past and allowing me to feel expanded and confident in a loving way. I have noticed that I am feeling much more open hearted around both friends and clients and limiting thoughts don’t stand a chance against the awareness it creates. It’s a wonderful healing tool for the planet, what we ALL need to make us more whole. I just want to share my heart all the time!

Many thanks, Jafree…it really is healing my mind and affecting my energy


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