Dedication to Divine Timing – WOMEN in RECOVERY

Restore me to balance

in body, mind and spirit.

Remove everything from my consciousness and body that is not in perfect alignment with your loving plan for me. I give my full permission and cooperation to all healing forces of Divine Love and ask God to lift all of my burden. ‘Everything happens for a reason’ and everything has its divine time.

Life is made up of one long path of synchronicity and its events …

A divine event is a spiritual stepping stone that has been purposely put on your path, chosen by God, Spirit and your Higher self before an incarnation. One event must happen before you can go to the next level in your life. Divine events can be anything from job changes and residential moves to relationship break-ups. For example: You catch your lover cheating and you break up. A few months later, you meet someone new and you end up spending the rest of your life with him or her. The BREAK-UP was the divine event.

In effort to back up “everything happens for a reason, ” you wouldn’t have met the LPO had you stayed with the cheating TSC; and on the flip side, just because your physical self wants to have a Lifelong Partnership with someone, doesn’t mean God, Spirit and your Higher self will agree. The divine event with a situation like that would be the LESSON your physical self is supposed to learn in order to progress to the next level on the path.

Some of them are:

  • PLC’s (Past Life Connections)

  • SMC’s (Soul Mate Connections)

  • LPO’s (Lifelong Partnership Option)

  • TSC’s (Teacher-Student Connections)

The only reason asking for divine timing, is to give everything up to God and Spirit 100%.

Most people’s lives have some divine timing for specific events that will occur in their future, but there are people whose lives consist ONLY of divine timing. Every person you have some type of relationship with in this lifetime can have a specific reason for that connection.

You can always ask for divine timing …

When you do ask, though, you’re letting God and Spirit know that you TRUST them 100% and will consistently let go of your situation. Just a warning though, if you are not consistent, you will have a heavy emotional price to pay, meaning insanity can be the experience of flipping on this decision.

Once Spirit has been given a duty through your request; it is never to be taken back….. get it?

It will help keep you from the dwell mode and release a lot of the pressure you’re bestowing upon yourself regarding the situation. If you ask for divine timing and you constantly challenge it, you’re just going to be a bigger mess than you were before. If you have control issues, obviously you won’t be successful in working with Spirit, regardless of what you ask for.

Self-will can drive one insane as anyone in recovery knows: “… doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result is the definition of INSANITY”. Once a situation has been turned over to your Higher Power, you must let the chips fall, go with the flow, step aside and watch, let go and let God. If you choose to take back this request, you will only experience more emotional frustration, as hopping from one Path to the other is not an easy or perhaps even possible event in a spiritual life.

A great tool of dedication to learning balance in this life of spirit is to begin your day with this tiny prayer:

‘I trust God and Spirit completely with my Path today.’

Take Action!

A Celebration of Women’s very own spiritual teacher, SHIRLEE HALL:

Guided Space Meditation to Feel God’s Love,

developing Trust to Let Go…

Space meditation helps you get closer to enlightenment by practicing enlightenment like qualities. For example, you experience God’s love, recognition of perfection, appreciation, quiet amazement, beauty, and others.
You’ve probably read descriptions of enlightenment experiences. You can pave the way by going directly for the experiences. Although this might be a bit like treating effects rather than the cause, it’s a major step in the right direction. It points the way by helping you feel Divine qualities. It relaxes you and helps you feel really good.
As defined here, space meditation involves keeping your eyes open, softening your focus, and being aware of the space around you. Then you imagine the space, and everything in it, as being filled with some Divine Quality.
This helps you dip your toe into a feeling of enlightenment. With repeated practice this experience can become stronger and longer lasting. This also helps you calm your thinking. It helps you extract yourself from problems. It helps you disidentify with the body.
We tend to get into self-doubt if we’re expected to simply enter some specific state. We might think we can’t do it yet. That’s why these meditations invite you to use your imagination. For example, imagine that the space is filled with God’s love. You don’t have to question yourself about whether or not it’s actually happening.

After all, you’re just using your imagination.


The process we use here is totally different from the space meditation where you’re supposed to focus on the space, or gap, between thoughts. That is humanly impossible and could invite someone to invalidate themselves or their abilities.
The recorded meditations help you repeatedly return your focus to the process. With practice you can be in this state all the time. When you’re new to these exercises, please do not do them while driving. If the first space meditations are well received, there will be more recordings dealing with specific aspects of life.
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